Meet Our Volunteers

The people shown on this page are our volunteers and fosters. Without their dedication and the love that they provide to our animals, we would not be able to save the lives of these wonderful dogs.

Our Volunteers

Name: Ken

I fell in love with Gentle Giants several years ago. We have both a Great Pyrenees rescue named, Josie, and a Newfoundland male named Landy. It means a lot to me to be able to save one of such a loyal breed and know he's going to a good home.

Name: Debbi A.

Austin Area: I love Pyrs.

Name: Frank A

I am a long time Foster who takes in the hard to work with dogs that have special needs or training issues. I admit I foster fail a lot which is why I take only a special few dogs. Being retired I have the time to work with them on my ranch outside of Dime Box.

Name: Victoria A

I am a Houston Volunteer.

Name: Carol B

Austin Area: Mom of Yeti and Lovable Sam she helps where she can.

Name: Kaaren B

I help with processing applications, answering voice mails and doing house checks. We rescued our first Great Pyrenees, Stranger, about 40 years ago without knowing what breed he was; we only knew he was starving and needed our help. We were blessed to have him 7 years. We adopted our Toby from TGPR in 2009. Toby provided much comfort to patients at M.D. Anderson Hospital as a therapy dog. We rescued a Pyr Mix, Sadie, about 3 years ago. She is also a therapy dog; we are in training preparing to join a new Animal Assisted Therapy group in the Granbury area.

Name: Lisa Bond

Lisa is a foster in the Bryan/College station area. She has been active in Rescue for many years and presently is specializing in fostering dogs with medical needs who need a quiet place to recover and a watchful eye. Her dogs Chico and Calypto are always happy to have a new pal to visit.

Name: Jannie B.

Austin Area: As one of the people in the background helping with the paperwork side of things Jannie is invaluable to us.

Name: Theresa B

DFW Area: Volunteer and foster

Name: Theresa C

Austin Area: After adopting Muffin I was hooked. I work behind the scenes helping where I can.

Name: Didi C.

Foster in the Houston Area

Name: Lauri C

Houston Area: Once Levi came into my life I was hooked.

Name: Rhonda C.

Houston Volunteer

Name: Julie and Ray C

We foster in the DFW area.

Name: Debora Damaras

Houston Area: I help with the dog show and Meet and Greets.

Name: Rhonda D

Hi, I am a very active dog lover in the Dallas Area!

Name: Elaine D

DFW Area: I foster dogs over 3. My 10 year old pup isn't up to dealing with those yong'ns

Name: Theresa Dickson

Theresa is very active with TGPR. She is one of our best as she spends tireless hours answering emails and processing applications. She also is the proud Momma of two TGPR Alumni Sadie and Hondo.

Name: Mark Domingues

Mark runs our Katy Mills Meet and Greets every 2nd Sunday of the month. He is dedicated to helping people learn about Pyrs and finding them homes. Come out an meet him and some Pyrs.

Name: Evelyn D

After adopting Sandy from our local shelter and then Shelly( AKA Shining) from TGPR, how could I resist volunteering? You might also see me at one of the Austin Meet and Greets!

Name: Gavin

Houston Area: I took a break and now I am back.

Name: Kaitlin D.

Dallas Area: I am part of the LGD program. Training and evaluating Livestock Guarding Dogs

Name: Damian E.

I foster in the DFW area!

Name: Kathy E.

Hi, I foster for TGPR.

Name: Katie E

Austin Area: New to TGPR but not new to fostering.

Name: Janette F

Iowa Foster

Name: Conni Franck

Iowa Area: Conni may be in Iowa but she is one heck of a volunteer for all areas. Connie processes applications, answers emails, and voice mails. Want proof that we need help beyond just fostering, talk to Conni and she will tell you there is loads to be done.

Name: Yvonne Freed

Yvonne is the Houston Area Coordinator and a Board member. She spends tireless hours working to help dogs and the fosters she works with.

Name: Tonya F

Iowa Area: I am a puppy momma. I foster pups up to 1 year of age.

Name: Wendy Halbert

Wendy is on of our hard working volunteers who has spent a lot of time bringing TGPR and Pyrs to Iowa!

Name: Beth H

Dallas Area: I am one of the LGD (Livestock Guardian Dogs) evaluates and trainers.

Name: Glanda and Dan Herrin

El Paso Area: We do house checks and transports.

Name: Melissa H.

I foster in the San Antonio area

Name: Vicky J

Vicky is known are our puppy Momma. She specializes in fostering just puppies.

Name: Randy J.

Randy works the Katy Mills Meet and Greet the 2nd Sunday of every Month with his dog Aristotle.

Name: Vanessa J

Austin Area: Foster

Name: Dana K

Houston Area: I work from home so I have time to spend with my pups.

Name: Tobi K

I work with training and evaluating LGDs.

Name: Liza L.

I live in the San Anotonio Area. Who doesn't love Pyrs and want to help?

Name: Mike L.

HI! My name is Mike, and I have fostered dogs and cats for several years. I first got involved with rescue when I fostered a mother cat and 2 four week old kittens for a soldier who spent 11 months in Iraq. It was very difficult to give up the kittens once the soldier came home, but the experience so enriched my life that within a week I had volunteered at a local rescue as a foster. In February of 2007, I adopted my first Saint Bernard, an 8 week old puppy that I named Remy, and I fell in love with the breed. In the picture to the left, you can see Remy sitting in (on) my lap. I have also uploaded a picture of Remy as an 8-week old puppy, primarily because he is so much more photogenic than I am. In December, 2008, I adopted Sammy, my Great Pyrenees. That's him sitting in my chair just before I left for work. He's 180 lbs and just a pudgy. He needs to go to a doggy Fat Camp. He is a big sweet puppy and epitomizes everything that the Great Pyrenees breed is all about.

Name: Sandra L

HI. I am foster for the Houston Area

Name: Lin and Herb Lichtenberg

Lin and Herb have been married for eons. Their kids are grown, but the dog portion of the family keeps expanding! They have 4 Pyrenees girls from TGPR (Annie, Lacy,Schatzi,and Carlie), a Pit/boxer mix, and a Chow/Sharpei mix. All the dogs come from rescue situations. They like to joke that it's a good thing they are both nuts about animals! Lin is the secretary for the Board and the San Antonio Area Coordinator.

Name: Lutz Family

We are the Lutz family. Fostering is not new to us. We are an animal loving family and have always had at least a couple of dogs in our lives. We have fostered special needs cases for A Different Breed of Animal Rescue here in the Dallas area, and we have given 2 very special rescue dobermans a forever home. We have a busy house with 3 teenagers and currently 3 big dogs. There is lots of love to go around here! We are glad to be a part of such a great group of people who work to better the lives of these great dogs.

Name: Alex Marshall

Hi. I am new to fostering but my entire family is looking forward to getting involved.

Name: Julie Mattox

Hi I am a puppy foster in the Spring, TX area. I absolutely love dogs and they are my "kids". I adopted a Great Pyrenees (Dixie) in March of 2011 and then a Pyrenees/Shepherd mix puppy in December of 2011. I also have two Chihuahuas that are failed fosters from a few years ago. No more "permanent" room at the inn but we (my dogs and I) love to foster puppies!

Name: Don and Janet McGovern

Raising Boer Goats under the watchful eye of our wonderful Pyrs Quinton and Quigley on 11 acres in Poetry, Texas [8 mi. N of Terrell.] We have 5 additional rescue dogs: Larry a Terrier mix (M), Garth a Rhod.Ridgeback mix(M), Jake a Pointer mix(M), and Gus a Catahoola mix(M), Buddy Lab/pit (M).

Name: Jemmah

Jemmah is one of our hard working board members.

Name: Jessica M

San Antonio Area: I foster and help where I can.

Name: Laurie M

Austin Area: I help where I can when I can.

Name: Emily and Jacob M

San Antonio Area volunteer

Name: Cynthia Nesser

I have been saving animals since I was a child. I had never met a Great Pyrenees until I moved to Houston in 2001. Since then I have fostered so many pyrs. Great Pyrenees... a wonderful breed. I have Harry Snoodles Nesser. He is about 5 years old and a cancer survivor. My husband tolerates my fosters... but when he met Harry he knew he was a keeper. There is nothing like saving a Gentle Giant from death, mistreatment and neglect. Its the ultimate "fixeruper" for the pyr and for your soul. Its amazing how fast they improve with love, attention and proper treatment.

Name: Debbie N.

Austin Area volunteer! Pyrs! What's not to love?

Name: John Paonessa

Hi my wife and I are known as the puppy whisperers. Once upon a time, I was researching the GP breed, because of how big and fluffy they are, and came across TGPR. My wife and I decided to foster and volunteer. Not long after we started fostering, my fail came in the door. My foster failure is the famous Chloe Baby. I knew when she walked through the door that she had found her forever home and family with us. Chloe showed her appreciation by having her babies on our couch 3 days later. She was so skinny you couldn't even tell she was pregnant. I enjoy fostering mamas,their babies, and pregnant mamas. I love puppies! Part of the fun of fostering the puppies is, the puppy breath and kisses, but definitely not the stinky part! But when one leaves for their furever home, we can bring in another pup in need!

Name: Carol Paonessa

Hi I'm one half of the puppy whisperers duo. My hubby John is the other half. I love volunteering for the TGPR. I process applications for the DFW area home puppies ,adults and LGDs. I also foster mamas and their new babies as well mamas about to have their babies. We are suckers for puppies LOL ! Nothing better than puppy breath and kisses!! I love helping these beautiful gentle giants. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to help find these furbabies their forever homes and families to call their own.

Name: Shikha Parikh Singh

DFW Area: I do home checks, Meet and Greets, and am Mom to TGPR alum Wayne now known as BabyBear

Name: Becky Petrusky

Hello Everyone! Al & I have been involved with rescue for many years. After 10 years of planning, we have been blessed with the adoption of several Pyrs. You can't have the "yin" without a "yang" thus Starry Night the Newfoundland came to join us. During our younger years we dreamed of farm life but just not the right timing. Now that our kids are grown, this enables us to do parades, meet-and-greets and additional public rescue awareness events throughout the DFW metro. We all know rescue work is never done. We welcome anyone that wishes to do any kind of volunteer work whether it be for us or any of God's creatures, great and small. True, it is a tough day sometimes, but when you see the adopted dogs with their new families it just makes all those rough days a faint memory. If you want to volunteer with us, just fill out a volunteer application at Nice to have met you. See ya at the dog park! Have a Pyrfect Day today!

Name: Jan P

Austin Area: Cannot foster? Well Jan is one of our many hard working volunteers that works behind the scenes. She is a prime example of how you can help even if you are not able to foster a dog.

Name: Valerie P

I foster in the Katy area and love working with Pyrs.

Name: Savita

Savitha simply loves dogs. She and her husband own Fido's Home. As if that wasn't enough dogs for them they also foster.

Name: Julie R

San Antonio Area: I am a behind the scenes person that helps keep things running smoothly.

Name: Laura R

Laura is one of our go to people when it comes to transport. She is always on the go moving dogs from here to there!

Name: Deb and Chris Reynard

Hi I am Deb. I have rescued animals all my life. I once rescued a great dane in a grocery basket. I brought him home and he so badly scared my mother she went into labor. I love the pyr. I feel like I am drowning in the depth of their eyes and I have never felt so safe a when they are my guardians. I am a 7 time foster failure! I am a repeat offender! I fall in love and that is it. I esp love the seniors. There is a kindred spirit in seniors. They give so much in what ever time they spend with me. I wish I could fail a lot more but right now 6 is all I can fit on m big ole king bed! remember owning a pyr is like potato chips,,,,,,you can't eat just one!

Name: Karrilyn R

I help with fundraising

Name: Alan R.

Fostering, helping with social media and our newsletter, I found lots of ways to help TGPR.

Name: Nikki R. and Chris C.

Austin Area: We are excited to be fosters and look forward to being involved.

Name: Lesa Sandusky

1 Pyr is never enough!

Name: Elizabeth and Kyle S

We are fosters in the Austin area and so excited to be part of this group

Name: Susie

I am Susie. I am the Livestock Guardian Evaluator. I love helping Pyrs. They are sweet, loyal and take wonderful care of my goats. My first Pyr was Badger, then I adpted Bonnie and Clyde. They help me teach the new dogs what to do. Just because they are in the pasture doesn't mean they don't get love. I go out and lay in the pasture and pet them, give them treats and play with them. I appreciate that they stay up all night keeping coyotes at bay. Look at those faces, how could anyone resist the pyr face?

Name: Susan S

Hi, I am active in events as well as foster "mom" to two Pyrs at present. I have experience with Pyrs as livestock guardians as well as pets, and can't imagine life without one - or more - of these wonderful dogs.

Name: James and Brooke Smith

James has been fostering with his family since he was 10 years old. He and his wife are very active fostering and doing meet and greats.

Name: Stacy Smith

Hi! Back in the spring of 2003, I adopted my first dog, a Great Pyrenees/Siberian Husky mix named Samwise (like the hobbit). Before Sam, I didn't know what a Great Pyrenees was. Sam was my heart and soul. Sadly, he died in April of 2014 after a long battle with Addison's disease. Sam had a Siamese mix cat, Dobby (rhymes with Bobby), who was his bestie. Dobby and I are now fostering to honor Sam's memory. I love to run and go on long walks, yoga, pilates and hanging out with friends.

Name: Jenifer Soukop-Phillips

Jennifer is the Iowa area Coordinator and a dedicated foster. She has been instrumental in helping us expand into this area.

Name: Sarah S.

I am an LGD foster.

Name: Christi S.

San Antonio Volunteer: I foster puppies!!!

Name: Kathleen T.

DFW Area: I help answer voicemails and emails

Name: Shawn Marie

Hi I am in the San Antonio Area. I have few chickens and 2 Nubian doe goats at my place. I look forward to training dog to be with these animals.

Name: Shawn T

I love fostering! I'm in the Seguin Aarea!

Name: Rob T

Fostering saves lives

Name: Dirk

Volunteer and foster in the Dallas area

Name: Tommy T

Tommy specializes in evaluation and training of LGDs. Those who know him call him a Dog Whisper he is that good with dogs!

Name: Lisa Tucker and Family

Lisa and her family are very familar with Canine Rescue. They help with the Cocker Spaniels as well as the Great Pyrs. As you can see from their picture, their son gets right in there and loves on all the doggies. They live in the Grand Prairie, Texas area of the DFW Metro.

Name: Patti Watson

Hi, I am in New Mexico but am a behind the scenes volunteer. You don't have to live in Texas to be a help.

Name: Sherry Weidman

Sherry is a frequent volunteer at our Katy Meet and Greets the 3rd Saturday of every month. She is the mother of TGPR alumni Axel.

Name: Holly W

Holly works hard attending events and by managing a lot of the paperwork and behind the scenes things that keeps TGPR running smoothly. She is a treasure to us and the dogs.

Name: Susan W.

I help where I can.

Name: Patti W

San Antonio: I do dog transports, help with evaluations, fundraising, and answer voicemail. There is so much that you still can do if you cannot foster!

Name: Linda W.

I'm a behind the scenes person. I do a lot with helping TGPR with their photos, art design, and am part of the fundraising committee.