Adoption Application

This Questionnaire is necessary to determine your qualification as a prospective adoptive home for one of our dogs. Please complete the following questions in as much detail as possible so that we can quickly process your application.

Please note: Applications cannot be processed without all questions being answered completely. If you submit an application with missing information, there will be a delay in processing, It is our goal to find the best possible match for our dogs and their new families. By completing this application and providing a vet reference, you are giving Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue express authorization to contact and confirm vet care of your current animals.

Please Note: Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are required. You will not be able to submit your application until all marked questions are answered.


Application Type
I am applying to: *
Adopt a House Pet (a pet in my home)
Adopt a Livestock Guardian Dog (a dog who lives in my fields protecting my livestock)
Contact Information
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State: *
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Will a Spouse or Domestic Partner share the responsability of caring for your adopted dog? *
Do you currently own any pets or have you owned pets within the last 5 years? *
Personal References
Only One Reference can be a Family Member
Name * Address * Phone * Relationship *
Please tell us about all children that live in or are frequent visitors to your household.
Name Age Comments
Adoption Process
Are you willing to let us do a homecheck? * Yes           No
What is your date of birth? *
Please describe what characteristics you are looking for in a Great Pyrenees *
Household Information
I live in a(n) *
Do you have a fenced yard? * Yes           No
If yes, what type of fencing, what height?
How long have you lived at your current address? *
Is anyone in the household allergic to dogs? * Yes           No
Do you have children or do children frequently visit your home? * Yes           No
If yes, age range?
Are you open to adopting a mixed breed Pyr? *
Are you willing to travel to get your adopted pyr? * Yes           No
If you have reviewed our available dogs, please list the name(s) of the pyr(s) you may be interest in.
If renting, please provide contact information for Landlord
Care for Adopted Pyr
Hours a day your Pyr be left alone *
Where will your Pyr stay while you are away from home? *
Where will your Pyr sleep? *
Where will your Pyr stay while you are on vacation? *
What will you do with your Pyr if you move? *
What training method(s) will you use? *