Adoptable Dogs

Livestock Guardian Dogs

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Angel LGD

Hi all! My name is Angel, and Iím looking for my very own group that I can guard! If you havenít guessed it by now, Iím a 7 year-old Gen-u-ine Livestock Guard Dog, with the ďStay away, Iím working!Ē attitude. My previous owners gave me up, because they couldnít handle my barking. (A Pyr that barks? Preposterous!) Iím great at my job; my last one was with the same flock of goats and sheep for 4 years! All I was doing was taking care of business, like any good LGD would! I have a great smile, double dews, and have all my vetting. So letís add me to your group, so I can do what Iím happiest at doing: Guarding my charges! So if you think I would be just what you are looking for, just go to, and get that application in! Just tell Ďem ďAngel sent me!Ē Thanks!

Name: Apollo LGD

Apollo is a 14 month old energetic boy that is already showing great LGD promise! He loves his chickens and does well with goats. NO ducks or pigs for him though!! He will get along well with the rest of your pack and your barn cats. This boy likes to free range so LGD proof fencing is a must or he will disa-pyr!!! He is lightening fast. Nonetheless, Apollo is willing to please and has been very responsive to his foster. He will require an experienced LGD owner to help him adjust to his new home.

Name: Jackson LGD

Meet Jackson LGD. He is a great boy that loves being in the pasture. Currently he shares duty with Angel LGD and they make a great team. Jackson is a little shy at first but will warm up to you. Make no mistake though he is an LGD through and through. He is ready to be a guardian to your goats.

Name: Zeus LGD

Zeus and his brother Apollo came to us by way of the Houston AC. They are picked up accidentally on the ranch they grew up on by someone inexperienced with LGDs. Zeus bit the person who tried to manhandle him into a kennel!! After a 7 day hold, TGPR went and evaluated him. Zeus is an alpha dog and will need an experienced handler. Nevertheless he is very bonded with Apollo and takes his direction from his brother. HE is a good perimeter pyr that has quickly learned to patrol the property with Apollo and the foster's other pyrs. He is learning to stay away from the ducks, he has no issues with Chickens. This dog will be a jewel once his fully trained and settled on the right property.