Adoptable Dogs

Bryan/College Station and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Aahz MacBuckle

On Medical Hold. Aahz (pronounced Oz) appears to be a gentle soul that has been through a lot in his 3 years having come from a hoarder situation. He is on hold while we fix his severe ear infections and get to know him better. This beautiful boy has party eye (one brown and one blue). His blue eye has a birth defect called "keyhole'. He can see out of that eye but it does give him a magical a mysterious look that is very unique.

Name: Pearl

Hello my name in Pearl, I came to TGPR after I was hit by a car and had my leg broken. My owner didnít really wanted me, so his neighbor talked him into giving me to TGPR so they could take care of me. TGPR has treated me like the Princess I always should be treated as. They fixed my leg, got my spayed, and treated my heartworms. I am a stunningly beautiful girl now and don't have even the slightest limp. You would never know I was injured looking at me. I am quiet. I rarely bark, and if I do it's not really that loud. A Princes never screams you know. Totally not dignified. I am particular about who my friends are. Some dogs can hang out with me, some just are not cool enough to be in my circle. (You want to act like a loon go someplace else and do that.) Though I do like to play with the dogs that are cool like m. I ignore cats. They are beneath my notice. I love to go for walks, sit outside in the breeze, and get lots of pets. I want someone who will adore me, give me lots of love, and will treat me like a priceless Princes I really am.