Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Brianna Pup
COMING SOON~ A darling 6-week old male Pyr (or Pyr mix) puppy who was found shivering in a ditch and eventually given to TGPR. This little boy is white with a badger face. Photos and more info in the next couple days! read more


Name: Cheddar
Cheddar is a young Pyr male who just celebrated his first birthday. He is mostly white, but has a caramel "mask" on one side of his face. Cheddar has just arrived at his foster home after coming to TGPR with a group of Pyrs taken from a hoarder by the authorities. We are amazed how very affectionate and well-mannered he is. He will now have fun adventures "at the Coast" as we get to know him better! read more


Name: Iceman
Poor Iceman has had a really hard time lately. According to the shelter intake notes, he was found in a ditch or field unresponsive. A good Samaritan took him home and tried to rehab him, but his medical needs exceeded their level of experience. He then found himself in a shelter, where no one else wanted to give him a shot either. Enter TGPR! This guy is SWEET. He's got the BEST face and huge, soft ears. He's good with kids and tolerated another dog getting aggressive with him. He is going to be on medical hold for a while, resting and getting healthy. Ice had a couple odd tumors in his rear area. They were surgically removed and tested positive for a cancer with a low (15%) possibility for reoccurrence. He is handling all of this with such a calm and gentle patience! read more


Name: Laddy
Laddy is an 8-9 month old Pyr and possible Lab mix. He has a short coat. He loves to play with toys and chase balls, even deflated soccer balls. He definitely loves to chew the tennis balls. He plays well with female dogs. He likes to go for walks and is very good on the leash. He has no food aggression or treat aggression, he has shared his treats with his foster sister an 11 month old Pyr and played with her throughout his stay. He loves to set his head on your lap to be loved on and likes his belly rubbed. This is a very sweet boy and does well with small children. He has not been cat tested as the Foster does not have cats. read more


Name: Lockhart Puppy
NEW! This male puppy was just a couple months old when it came to TGPR around Valentine's Day. The poor baby was found alone and suffering from mange. He is now getting the medicine that will cure him of that infection. We know that soon he will be fluffy and happy. For now, he is on medical hold. Watch his progress in the coming weeks! read more


Name: Sebastian
Sebastian is a 2 year old male Pyr mix who came to us in mid-January suffering from neglect, malnutrition, and skin damage from flea bites. The vet put him on several medications to strengthen his health, and what a difference it has made already! What a dear personality he has! He is such a puppy still, and wants to run and wrestle with the 13 year old Pyr girl at his foster house. Sebastian would LOVE to have a dog pal to play with. He probably needs to gain at least 15 pounds and will weigh about 95 pounds eventually. His coat is white, with golden highlights, so he may be a Pyr/Golden Retriever mix. He is housebroken and will actually hit the door handle to ask to go out. Look for more details as we get to know Sebastian better! read more


Name: Snuggles
New! SNUGGLES is such a love bug! He was found by a Good Samaritan near a convenience store. He was so badly matted that his coat had to be shaved. He was depressed, but so sweet. The vet estimates that he is three years old, and he is already neutered. His foster reports that he is starting to eat, and getting along with her Golden. More to come as we learn more about this smaller guy (65 lbs currently). read more


Name: Spirit Bear
Hi everyone, My name is Spirit. I am a big girl and very sweet. I like other dogs and cats. Of course I like other people too!! I am coming into TGPR as I bark too much and the neighbors are not happy campers. Mom said she has tried everything including a bark collar and I still bark. I know, I have to bark to let my owners know that there may be a strange person around. Sometimes I'm just bored, sometimes I just like to talk to the other dogs in the area. Apparently the neighbors do not appreciate my chatting with them though. Hey, what girl doesn't like to talk right? My Mom doesn't want to surrender me to TGPR, I wish I knew not to bark so much. I am staying with my Mom until I find a new home. This is really hard on her you know. But I am sure that some really nice person will take me in that lives were nobody will care if I like to chat. I am sure that together we can make Mom's heart less sad. ~ Paws! Spirit PS: I have a really long tongue! Spirit Bear would love to be out in the country somewhere where she could bark all day and nite and no one will hear her, she would still like to be able to come in when she wants read more

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