Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Mac (formerly Buckle)

ADOPTION PENDING (KW) Mac/Buckle came to TGPR from a hoarding seizure in Arizona in Nov. 2015. Mac is a large and very handsome boy with one blue eye and one brown eye! He has been living outside with his longtime foster who had planned to keep him. He has come back to us because she moved to a home with cats and he is not cat-friendly. He does beautifully with other dogs and also with new people, given time. He is very shy with strangers, but shows no aggression at all, even when frightened. He went for a long car ride today, and while terrified getting in the car at first, settled down beautifully once underway. More to come soon!

Name: Pandia

Pandia is a badger marked Pyr girl whose original family named her after the "bright and beautiful" daughter of the Greek god, Zeus. That name certainly fits this lovely 2 year old. Pandia seems to find joy in everything and she loves to swim! At her first home, she lived happily with her human family and a small group of goats. Her owners had to give her to another family because Pandia constantly chased horses at their new residence. Pandia's new family left her out on a huge ranch with only goats for company, thinking that all Pyrs are naturally livestock guardians. But she was lonely with the goats and kept coming back to the house. So that family realized she is a companion dog, not an LGD. The original owner put them in contact with us, and now Pandia is a TGPR girl! She already loves her South Texas foster family, especially since they have a place for her to swim and a dog to play with. She has been to the groomer too, and seems very pleased to leave life in the pasture behind!

Name: Parker

Parker (DOB 8/8/2016) is such a handsome BIG fuzzy boy, who is 8 months old. He is being fostered on a ranch with horses and lots of small breed rescue dogs. The horses surprised him at first, but he's getting used to them now. And he has a great time playing with the smaller dogs. His foster is giving him great experiences from hiking along the river to going to work with her. She says Parker is a lovable goof-ball who is eager to learn. She is working with him on his leash manners. Clearly Parker will make an awesome friend and fellow explorer! We don't think he will be a foster dog much longer. What do you think?

Name: Quincy

Hi! My name is Quincy, but I don't think that name suits me too well. I feel more like a Hank or even a Brad. The rescue ladies tell me I'm handsome and think I've got Golden Retriever in my background. But when you get down to it, I'm kind of a "dog's dog". I don't ask for too much. In my 3 years of life, I've had a chance to find out what I really like. I really like being with my family. I like staying busy by checking along the fence so I can keep my people safe. And there is so much to look at outside! I love kids, the human kind, that is! Goats and their babies seem like silly creatures. I lived with some for a couple days, but they had no interest in playing with me, even when I chased them. I also don't get cats or chickens. They just don't know how to wrestle properly! I would love to have a human pal and maybe another cool dog to hike with and then just hang out. Does that sound neat to you? If so, great! Let's make a date to meet!