Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Bear Bear
(medical hold) My name is Bear Bear and I am an 11 month old pure breed Great Pyrenees! I am a sweet and friendly guy and I get along with other dogs, cats and kids that are 8 years old and up- Iíve never been around a baby before. Iím not much on car rides but I donít mind riding in the back seat in the floor board where I feel secure and safe-- Iím funny that way! I had a wonderful family but they were having some financial trouble and wanted me to be loved and cared for. I donít have formal training but my family was utilizing me as a service dog because I would alert my dad when my mom was feeling ill and my dad had PTSDó- so I might do great if someone wanted to do formal training with me! I would love to have a wonderful family that wants to love me as much as I love them! read more


Name: Dasha
Dasha is a lovely younger female Pyr whose name means "God's gift". TGPR rescue friends spotted her at a high kill shelter in Brownsville and gave us a call. She fought through a nasty respiratory infection and is now spayed and doing great! Dasha is a happy girl who gets along with other dogs. You can see what a sweetheart she is by looking at her photos! read more


Name: Delilah
Delilah is a precious young Pyr female who is at that stage where she is still very much a puppy, with lots of joyful energy. She is great with dogs, cats, and children, and will make a wonderful family companion with just a bit of continued training. We've just had her a short time, but her foster reports that she is doing very well! read more


Name: Heath
Wow! Check out HEATH! Isn't he one of the spunkiest young puppies you ever saw? It's hard to remember that in February, he was found in a ditch, hairless, and suffering from starvation and mange. After two months with a loving TGPR country family, he is strong, happy, and loves to play with the big dogs at his home. He has even learned to get along with free range chickens! Who wouldn't want to brighten their world with such a great Pyrenees pup! read more


Name: Maude
Maude and her brother Tank recently came to TGPR after being rescued by a Good Samaritan out in the country. They were undernourished and needed TLC. But both are doing well now! Even though she needed to gain weight, Maude turned her nose up at puppy food, preferring "big dog" food with an egg on top, thank you very much! She thinks she is a young diva, and bosses around the big dogs at her foster home. In one of the photos, you can see her lounging with her TGPR friend, Heath, who was once just as little as Maude. This little sweetheart is spunky and ready for her own home! She is crate trained and if she needs to "go" she lets you know with a big bark! read more


Name: Monroe
Monroe is such a happy big guy with the sweetest face, including longer ears that may reveal a Hound Dog in his lineage (or maybe a Bassett Hound!) He is a real sweetheart who is getting along great with the dogs and grandchildren at his foster's home. He even likes to stroll over to visit the neighbor's white cows on the other side of his fenced yard. His foster says the cows think he is one of them! Monroe will be a terrific friendly addition to any family. We think he is about 5 years old, so he is past the "puppy stage" and very mellow. read more


Name: Myla
Myla is a young Pyr female (about a yar old) who was picked up as a stray, undernourished, flea-bitten, and afraid. Several volunteers visited her and reported that her sweet nature was evident in spite of her sad circumstances. She is now happily playing with the two male dogs at her foster home and getting the care she needs to regain her strength. Such a darling girl! read more


Name: Noah
Meet Noah! He came in with his siblings and his mom from a shelter. We don't think he's spent much time around people, but he's super interested in becoming a snuggle bug. He was great for his first bath and let us trim his nails with no fuss! He is working on learning just how very awesome it is to have a people family. This guy is going to be great! (and look at those ears!!!) read more


Name: Tank
Tank is a 3 month old pup who came to TGPR, along with his sister Maude, suffering from Sarcoptic Mange. He is over that now and enjoying his life in the country with a foster family full of other dogs and cats too! We think Tank might be a Pyr/Lab cross, which is a terrific combination for a family that wants a loving, but less hairy, big boy! His hair is growing now, so stand by to see how it turns out! Long or short-haired, Tank is a super pup! read more

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