Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Buffy
NEW! Buffy is a sweet and energetic 8 month old spayed female who has grown up on a goat and cattle ranch. But she has no interest in the goats, except for wanting to play with the LGD who guards them. She is definitely a "people girl". Her owner injured her shoulder and asked us to find her a young family. Buffy is dog-friendly and thinks the cats are fun...though she is a bit rough in her play. We will have more information about her soon, but we expect she will find a home quickly! read more


Name: Chiquita
You have all heard the saying “good things come in small packages”…and in my case, it is true!! I am a miniature Great Pyrenees!! Who knew beauty's like me existed? I walk like a GP, look like a GP, am calm and love people like a GP, but, at 6 months old, I only weigh 30 lbs!!! Talk about the runt of the litter 😊 Even though I am small in stature, I have a HUGE heart. I will be great for someone that loves the temperament of the Great Pyr breed, but would like to have a dog small enough to travel with (and share the couch with, my large cousins can be couch hogs!). Speaking of traveling, I love to go places in the car! I enjoy the adventures of meeting new people and all the new smells that travel brings! My foster mom has been bringing me with her to work, and I am everyone's favorite! No matter that I am the only dog here. I am confident if there were others, I would still be the favorite. I am a delightful companion and would love to spend all day, every day with my human. I am very graceful and elegant as I prance around the house, yard, or ranch. I get along well with other dogs, but can be a bit bossy at feeding time if fed too close to my foster siblings (My foster mom wants you to know we have been working on this, and I am doing much better). I want all of the food! My foster family haven’t introduced me to their cats yet, but I am a pretty laid back girl.I sleep in a crate at night, and am doing really well on house training. I walk nicely on the leash and know how to sit and come when called (sometimes, I am a Pyr after all). I like hiking and playing in the river but am also happy to sit and chill out with my person (a combination of the two activities would be nice :). I am a healthy, happy, spayed female, UTD on shots, HW negative. If you want the glamour, prestige, devotion, and intelligence of the majestic Great Pyrenees in a pint sized package, I am your gal!! read more


Name: Lala
Lala is a big, happy girl about two years old. She came to us from a small shelter in South Texas where she had been found as a stray. Thanks to the efforts of another rescue group, she was pulled and transferred to TGPR. Now she is being fostered down by the beach near South Padre Island. We are just getting to know her. What we do know so far is that she is sweet, playful and gets along with the other dogs she's met. Stay tuned for more info! read more


Name: Oakley
Oakley is a wonderful, well-mannered and handsome 5 year old male. He has the neatest markings, including a dark patch over one eye and carmel areas on his body. We think he is a Pyr/Golden or possibly a Pyr/Collie mix. Although he seems to have been a victim of Hurricane Harvey, his happy personality has not been dampened. He is doing great at his foster home where he gets along with their senior Pyr girl. Everywhere he goes with his foster, people ask to pet him because they can see how friendly and gentle he is, even with small children. Oakley does have heartworms, which are not contagious. He will soon start the treatment to kill them. He could be adopted during this time of limited activity or after it is completed. This is a great Pyr! read more


Name: Rusty
(Medical Hold) Rusty is the sweetest, most loving three year old Pyr! His soft coat has the reddish gold color of a Golden Retriever. But he has the face and "eyeliner" of a Great Pyrenees. He is also smaller than a full Pyrenees male, and will probably weigh about 75 pounds once his foster gets more groceries into him. Rusty fit in right away with the 2 Pyr girls and the children at his foster home. He is a gentle boy who is doing very well learning to walk in a harness. He's a quick study in general and will soon be ready for his own forever family. He is heartworm positive, but don't let that discourage you! He will be treated and rid of those dumb worms soon! read more


Name: Sam Baytown
NEW! Sam Baytown came to TGPR from a family affected by the flood in Houston. He is a great young guy, about 18 months old, and the perfect age to transition to a new home. He has grown up with children and other dogs, and is even OK around cats. Sam does have a light case of HWs, which we are addressing now. But wow, what a great personality. He is very at ease with life in spite of the recent stresses of having to relocate. Sam was taught to sit, lie down, and even plays hide and seek! We will have more information about Sam as we get to know him better! read more


Name: Toothless
(Adopted! S&AMcC) Toothless is named after the independent cartoon dragon in "How to Train Your Dragon". He is a bundle of happy energy, as you would expect from a young Pyr at about 4-5 months old. His foster is a very experienced "puppy mom" and says she has never seen a pup with such a gorgeous thick white coat. He is going to make some family an amazing companion! Check him out at our Facebook page! His healthy pup 10-day hold will be up on December 15th, but he is available for deposits now! read more


Name: Tova
Tova is a beautiful girl whose name means "kindness". She is extremely friendly and people oriented. When she first came to TGPR she was sad, because her owner had passed away. Her coat was also shaved and is growing back now. Tova definitely prefers life at a home with a yard and is not suited to a condo or apartment. She enjoys playing with the Pyr at her foster home and loves checking on squirrels from her post on the back porch. If you are looking for an awesome Pyr to take with you to the office, to go shopping with at Home Depot, or just to hang out with at home, Tova's your gal. read more

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