Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Bearron
BEARRON (est DOB 2/14/2015) is a big, gentle guy who loves everyone, especially small children. Before coming to TGPR, he had a hard life, but it didn't diminish his positive attitude one bit. He was tied up in a yard and the collar was so tight it cut into his neck. But with room to play in a fenced yard and lots of healthy food, he is doing great now and so happy! We had to shave off his coat because it was such a mess, but now it's all growing back and he is so handsome! Bearron is getting comfortable around the goats at his foster's home, and also gets along well with the female dogs there. This wonderful dog loves to be outside, but at night, he wants to be in with his family for lots of love and hugs! read more


Name: Bonnie
Bonnie is a sweet lass born in March 2017. She had a bit of a rough start, and is recovering from mange. The vet expects a full cure in a couple weeks. At the moment, Bonnie's coat is pretty thin, but we know she will be a beautiful fur ball in a couple months! In spite of the fact that she doesn't feel 100%, her foster reports that Bonnie is the happiest little girl. She loves to play and cheerfully wags her tail all day long! Look for more information soon about Miss Bonnie! read more


Name: Lulu
(ADOPTION PENDING: PM) Lulu and her brother, Argo, are 4 month old pups who were abandoned at the ranch of a kind couple who called TGPR. Both have "Pyr eyeliner" and double dew claws on their back legs. But they have the shorter hair of a yellow Lab and the longer ears of a hound. Whatever their background, Lulu is all about having fun! What a spunky little babe she is! Lulu's foster says her eyes are gorgeous...deep brown flecked with sapphire blue! In our first photo, it sure looks like she is winking...wonder what her secret might be! read more


Name: Pandia
(ADOPTION PENDING A.H.)Pandia is a badger marked 2-year old Pyr girl whose first family named her after a beautiful Greek goddess. She loves to be with people. She likes to swim in her foster family's pool, and they have even taken her for a dip in the Gulf of Mexico! She is living with another Pyr now, and they get along OK. But she doesn't like him near her food. Aside from that, they are fine together. In her original home, she respected two geriatric dogs without any issues. But Pandia really enjoys people best of all. She is happy to go on adventures with them or just lie quietly inside wherever they are, even at work! There are no children at her current neighborhood home. But Pandia loved the young children at her first country home, and we think she misses them and even the goats that lived there too. She will chase horses. But otherwise, she seems flexible enough to be a town or country girl. How neat! read more


Name: Rusty
Rusty is a handsome guy with the reddish gold fur of a Golden Retriever and the face and "eyeliner" of a Great Pyrenees. He is also smaller than a full Pyrenees male, and will probably weigh about 75 pounds once his foster gets more groceries into him. Rusty fit in right away with the 2 Pyr girls and the children of his fosters. He is a sweet-natured boy who is doing very well learning to walk in a harness. He's also learning that counter-surfing is not good manners. But he's a quick study and will soon be ready for his own forever family. He is heartworm positive, but don't let that discourage you! He will be treated and rid of those dumb worms soon! read more


Name: Sally
Sally is a friendly 6-year-old Pyr with a gorgeous long coat which has just been shaved to eliminate bad matting. The fur had really gotten SO thick! Her owners are giving her up because she started protecting their home on the edge of a woods from possums and skunks. The owner can't stand to have those small creatures killed. Sally also tried to scare off a porcupine, but ended up with quills in her face. Aside from that, Sally is a happy girl who has lived for years with a small dog and a small child. She loves to go for walks to the downtown area of Fredericksburg, where everyone comments on how beautiful she is. Now Sally needs a loving home in less rural setting without possums or where her dislike of small varmints will welcomed! If you are looking for a grown Pyr who has been loved, consider Sally! read more


Name: Thunder (Savage Thunder)
Thunder is a big, furry, blocky-headed full Pyr male who turns 3 years old in July 2017. He has amazing "eyeliner" and badger markings. Did you ever see the Disney movie "Santa Paws"? Thunder comes from that line of puppies. No wonder he is such a magnificent guy. But he isn't just a handsome face... He has grown up with chickens nearby and it tolerant of birds. In spite of his name, (Savage) Thunder is really a big, lovable 'pup' who wants to play and loves children. He has been living a rather confined life in a large dog run attached to his own cottage. But he is happiest when the gate opens and he can go for a walk or trot around the neighborhood to sniff and explore. He is doing well with leash training. If you are looking for an imposing, but lovable big boy who loves children, Savage is the dog for you! read more


Name: White Cloud
White Cloud is a block-headed gorgeous full male Pyr with a thick white coat. He will turn 3 years old in August 2017. Did you ever see the Disney movie "Santa Paws"? White Cloud comes from that beautiful line of AKC Pyrs. He is a tad muddy in these photos because he has been living in a large dog run for the past year. He's going to the groomer this week. But Cloud doesn't care! He's a country guy, who enjoys watching the roosters that live on the other side of the wire from him. One flew into his side one night, and boy was Cloud surprised. But he didn't hurt the flustered bird and allowed his owner to pickup the unexpected visitor and put him back on the "rooster side". Like his friends Rain, Savage, and Dream, Cloud is looking forward to a home where he can have more room and a family of his own. He loves his owner and her son, but hey! Life is all about new adventures! read more

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