Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Bearron

Bearron (est DOB 2/14/2015) was surrendered to TGPR by a South Texas family with 4 very young children. Even though they had no fence and left him tied up outside, he was very gentle with the children. We had to give him a "military" puppy cut because he was matted and covered with fleas. Those unwelcome visitors are gone now, and his gorgeous coat will soon grow back. He has just met a goat at his foster's home, and is getting along well with the sweet female dogs there. More to come soon!

Name: Blanca the Explorer

ADOPTION PENDING (SC) Blanca is a cheerful, all white Pyr pup who will be a year old in September. Her foster family thinks she escaped from an unsavory place where she was restrained by her back legs in such a way that circular wounds developed. Those have been treated. She is safe now in a Pyr-perfect setting with lots of room to run and play with the other dogs and cats in the home. What a sweetheart she is! Blanca is a great choice for a family with another playful dog. Like any happy puppy, she loves to wrestle with her canine friends or explore the yard and fence line. Then she falls sound asleep by her people. This cutie is quite the adventuress, although home is where her heart is!

Name: Pandia

Pandia is a badger marked Pyr girl whose first family named her after a beautiful Greek goddess. That name certainly fits this lovely 2-year old. Pandia is a quiet, happy girl who loves to swim! At her first home, she lived happily with her human family and a small group of goats. Her owners had to give her up when they moved to a place with horses because she chased the horses. Her next owners left her alone on a huge ranch with only their goats for company. But Pandia was lonely with the goats and kept coming back to the house. She wanted to be with people. Now Pandia has a wonderful TGPR foster family. She swims in their pool, and they have even taken her for a swim in the Gulf! She is living with another Pyr there, but really prefers to have her family all to herself. She is happy to go on adventures with them or just lie quietly inside wherever they are! If you are looking for a devoted Pyr to share your life, meet Pandia!

Name: Parker

Parker (DOB 8/8/2016) is such a handsome BIG fuzzy boy, who is 8 months old. He is being fostered on a ranch with horses and lots of small breed rescue dogs. The horses surprised him at first, but he's getting used to them now. And he has a great time playing with the smaller dogs. His foster is giving him great experiences from hiking along the river to going to work with her. She says Parker is a lovable goof-ball who is eager to learn. She is working with him on his leash manners. Clearly Parker will make an awesome friend and fellow explorer! We don't think he will be a foster dog much longer. What do you think?