Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Pandia
Available! Pandia is a badger marked 2-year old Pyr girl named after a Greek goddess. She loves to be with people...they are definitely the focus of her happiness! She loves to swim and has even taken a dip in the Gulf of Mexico! Pandia is fine with other dogs as long as they agree that she is royalty. :-) She is friends with the Pyr/Golden Retriever male at her foster's home. But Pandia really loves her human family best of all. She is happy to go on adventures with them in the car or just lie quietly inside wherever they are, even at work! She will chase horses. But otherwise, she seems flexible enough to be a town or country girl. She has been happy in both an apartment and on a farm. The key to that smiling face is time with her people. She is a loyal, happy princess. read more


Name: Rusty
Rusty is a handsome guy with the reddish gold fur of a Golden Retriever and the face and "eyeliner" of a Great Pyrenees. He is also smaller than a full Pyrenees male, and will probably weigh about 75 pounds once his foster gets more groceries into him. Rusty fit in right away with the 2 Pyr girls and the children of his fosters. He is a sweet-natured boy who is doing very well learning to walk in a harness. He's also learning that counter-surfing is not good manners. But he's a quick study and will soon be ready for his own forever family. He is heartworm positive, but don't let that discourage you! He will be treated and rid of those dumb worms soon! read more


Name: Sam Baytown
NEW! Sam Baytown came to TGPR from a family affected by the flood in Houston. He is a great young guy, about 18 months old, and the perfect age to transition to a new home. He has grown up with children and other dogs, and is even OK around cats. Sam does have a light case of HWs, which we are addressing now. But wow, what a great personality. He is very at ease with life in spite of the recent stresses of having to relocate. Sam was taught to sit, lie down, and even plays hide and seek! We will have more information about Sam as we get to know him better! read more


Name: Thelma
(ADOPTION PENDING M.R.)Hi, my nameís Thelma! Iím an Anatolian/Pyr mix girl, I was born 4/6/2017 and a very happy girl! You can tell it by the way Iím always smiling! Why am I smiling? Iím always smiling, because lifeís so wonderful! Let me tell you all about me: I was born on a farm, with 9 other brothers and sisters. The farmer was able to find homes for all of us, and my sister Louise and me went to a very nice lady who unfortunately was unable to care for us properly, and she wanted to make sure we had all the chances to succeed. So she asked her daughter to take us to our foster home. Now, we get to run, play, and just have fun with the family and all the pups there! I really love attention; I can play rough, and love bones and toys! I love to chew on all those bones and chew toys! I know what a crate is, and I have good house manners. I wonít potty in your house! I have a beautiful voice, and I love to sing for everyone! Iíve been told Iím a bit sassy, and I like to talk back! If you think you would like to find out more about me, and maybe want to make me a furever friend, just got to INFO@TXPYRS.ORG, and ask about me! Bye! read more


Name: Thunder (Savage Thunder)
Thunder is a handsome, friendly, blocky-headed AKC Pyr male who turned 3 years old in July 2017. He has amazing "eyeliner" and badger markings. He spent his early life without a lot of training, but he is learning fast. He was adopted by a ranching family who hoped he would be happy guarding their many chickens. Unfortunately, Thunder gets too excited around them. Other large animals are fine. He is very people-oriented, and loves children. He is learning house "manners" now, and is doing really well. At his new foster home, he loves sleeping inside and having company. He gets along very well with female dogs and almost all males. Everyone says that Thunder is a total "love bug", and oh my...look at those eyes! If you are looking for an imposing, but lovable big boy for your family, Thunder is a wonderful choice! read more

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