Adoptable Dogs

Houston and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Betsy
NEW! Betsy is such a smart girl. She was lost, but managed to find her way to the home of a caring TGPR foster. We think she is about three years old. She is up to date on her vaccinations, heartworm negative, and doing very well. Her foster reports that she gets along with her other dogs and had no reaction to cats. In addition, she is very affectionate and loves to give kisses and the Pyr paw. We can't wait to find out what lucky people Betsy will choose for her forever family! They sure will be lucky! read more


Name: Gidget
I am going to anew foster home where I can lots of TLC and decompress, more to come -------- Gidget came in severely underweight, injured, and having just had a litter of pups. She is very timid but with the help of her fosters she is starting to learn that food comes regular and maybe people are there to love you. I came through my heart worm treatment with no side effects, now I have to gets lots of rest so all the worms die If my foster parents dont adopt me I should be ready to go to my forever home in a few weeks read more


Name: Judson
I was found laying on the sidewalk by 2 nice ladies who thought I was dead Once I heard there voices I picked up my head and they immediately came over to check on me, by the looks of me they knew I was roaming around for quite a while, I barely had any hair because of all the fleas and other insects that were crawling on body. The ladies took me to the vet and got all my shots, meds for itchy skin, and meds for my ears that were hurting, the lady that found took me home and I was so exhausted I slept for 3 days. I am really skinny now but I am getting some good food so I should be putting on weight real soon, more to come as I settle in my new foster home My energy abounds, gaining weight,fur growing back,I am very smart, sit, stay drop it,give, no,out, go lie down. I dont always respond as fast as my Mom wants. I love to go running I give big kisses and the pyr paw. I like to be brushed but chewing on it is more fun I love to nap on the tile, the other dogs bed and on the couch. I like music when you leave me and if I'm invited I will hop in your bed, I'm getting better at getting housebroken I share a water bowl and wait my turn for treats Mom says I dont gobble my food anymore since I always have food available read more


Name: Opal
I have to get lots of rest and some good foods, I have been on my own for a while and I am very weak My foster Mommy will get me up and running in no time and then I will be available for adoption. I am so glad to to be in foster care. I am so much younger than these photos show. Check back and see how pretty I get as I get stronger again. More info to come. read more


Name: Sioux
Sioux is a gorgeous Pyr, about 100 lbs with a big blocky head and soulful eyes. Itís estimated that he was born in early 2013. Heís a Velcro dog that loves to hang out with you, walks well on a leash, does great in a crate, and will sleep quietly at your bedside. Sioux is also an anxious dog and needs an experienced owner that can handle his rare growly behavior when he is confronted with a stranger too fast or one that he is not yet familiar enough with. He never shows a growly side to his family, but he can with strangers in the home or friends of the family that he doesnít know. He will only be adopted to an experienced dog owner that is comfortable with this personality of dog with no pre-teens in the house. Heís also doing wonderful on generic Prozac, which costs less than $10 a month. Are you that special adopter that can give him a furever home? read more


Name: Turner
More info to come as my foster Mom gets to know me, I was born 4/22/2017 . My siblings and myself have so much fun but I am ready to go to a home where there are kids so I can have lots of attention and show you what a good boy I am, I love to roll around in the grass outside and then come in any enjoy a thing called an air conditioner I do not mess in my crate and Im working on getting potty trained Dont you just love my pictures, I am so stinking cute!! Adoption Pending [RJ] Well I thought my brother and I were going to our forever home but my owners have Aussie dogs and 1 of them didnt like us and was nipping at us so they had to keep us separated They called TGPR and said they thought it would be better to return them to us so we could find a better home where we we could be part of a family and not have to worry about being nipped at New pictures to come as I am 2 months older now read more


Name: Wally
(ADOPTION PENDING S.O.)I am bout 6 months old. More Information to come as I settle in with my new foster Since I have a lot of energy [of course I am a Pup] she said she has to go back to work full time and cant devote the time to me so I am now in a new foster home where there are other dogs and someone is usually home so I get to run in there big back yard and have lots of fun, I have only been there a day so Im sure you will see some updates on how I am doing read more


Name: Zander
I love to get my siblings in trouble so when Mom scolds us, I run to my secret room so she doesnt think I started it, I come when Mom claps her hands. I am playpen trained to go outside to potty love all dogs and boy I love my foster moms grandkids, oh by the way I love to play with her feet Adoption Pending [RJ] Well I thought my brother and I had a forever home but the owners called and said there Aussie dog kept picking on us and they didn't think it was fair that we all had to be separated so I am being returned to my fosters home until another family comes along that will keep me forever, new pictures to come as I am 2 months older read more

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