Adoptable Dogs

Houston and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Bowie

Hi, My name is Bowie, I am new to TGPR and I am going to my new foster home today. My former owner said I was a well behaved sweetie!! More info to come as I settle in to my new foster home My foster Mom says I am being a great pup and I love to play, she has big dogs and they don't like to play because they are older, I would like to go to a home where there is someone who would play with me, I am learning manners and I do very well in a crate Please adopt me to someone who has a playmate for me

Name: Cedar

I am so happy to be part of this thing called a rescue!! I was in a terrible place with lots of scared barking dogs. And I felt so itchy and uncomfortable. This nice lady sprung me from my prison and took me to the doctor. They gave me a special bath for my skin "fliciton" They said I will be better in no time!! I am just so happy to be with people who care. They have promised me to find a new home with people who will play with me and love me, just like I want to love back!!

Name: Daphne

One day I wandered up to my foster Moms home and after I saw this great place to rest my tired body I decided I would like to stay here as my foster Mom has lots of dogs and does dog rescue to. Mom decided she would give me a home and take care of me till a real home becomes available for me. I was evaluated today and I am the most gentle pyr you could ever have, I love people cats and dogs and children. I am very laid back and enjoy being outside when the weather is cool and I sleep in at night, I will be a great asset for someone looking for a great family dog

Name: Dixie

Dixie is a very goofy and lovable 14 month old pup that has never met a stranger - loves all dogs (both big and small), is great with cats, and apparently deer!! Her house manners are exceptional. Completely trained. She is so smart she has trained her foster to pamper her too. She loves walks and is becoming famous in her foster neighborhood. She will be perfect for an active family that will take her with them for outings or a home with a play buddy so she doesn't get bored. Are you that awesome home she has been waiting for?

Name: Duchess

I will be going to a new foster home as my Mom is very ill and cannot take care of me anymore. I'm going to miss my Mom but the new lady that is going to take care of me is very nice. Since my Mom has been in the hospital so much she hasn't been able to take care of me and my skin was very itchy and I was always scratching and lost some of my hair I am on meds now as I am allergic to fleas. I also need to put on some weight So you just wait and see how beautiful I will be in no time, see you later

Name: Spirit Bear

Hi everyone, My name is Spirit. I am a big girl and very sweet. I like other dogs and cats. Of course I like other people too!! I am coming into TGPR as I bark too much and the neighbors are not happy campers. Mom said she has tried everything including a bark collar and I still bark. I know, I have to bark to let my owners know that there may be a strange person around. Sometimes I'm just bored, sometimes I just like to talk to the other dogs in the area. Apparently the neighbors do not appreciate my chatting with them though. Hey, what girl doesn't like to talk right? My Mom doesn't want to surrender me to TGPR, I wish I knew not to bark so much. I am staying with my Mom until I find a new home. This is really hard on her you know. But I am sure that some really nice person will take me in that lives were nobody will care if I like to chat. I am sure that together we can make Mom's heart less sad. ~ Paws! Spirit

Name: Stella

Hi, I'm Stella. My family didn't really have time for me anymore. They left me outside most of the day and I would get bored and go over the fence for a Walk About. They didn't like that too much either. So they decided to take me to the shelter. Fortunately the Shelter people were able to get me into TGPR. I'm a good girl. House trained, love cats, kids and other dogs. (Though I have a sore on my face from a bully dog at the shelter that wasn't nice to me. I was good though!) I am very affectionate. I want a family that will love me, give me lots of attention and not ignore me. I am UTD on my shots, spayed, about 2-3 years old. Unfortunately I am HW +.