Adoptable Dogs

Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Anna Banana

Hi! My Name is Anna, and this year, itís been a crazy ride! Iím a 2 year old Pyr girl, who was out on my own, pregnant and alone. Iím now in a wonderful foster home, with plenty to eat, lots of love, and my needs taken care of. My babies have been adopted, so now itís my time! I have great house manners, I get along with other pups, and like to patrol the back yard, and get belly rubs! For more information, go to! Thanks!

Name: Anny Anna

Hi! How are you? My name was Anna, but now people call me Anny! I love kids and most dogs but I do want to be alpha! Iím a 5 year old Pyr mixed girl, who is confused. Let me explain: My story is as such: I was adopted as a little girl, and Iíve given my life to being a guard to my kids when they were outside playing. Let no coyote or snake come in my domain! Iíve done a wonderful job! Iím a great protector of my family! While I don't "kill" the snakes I do stand over them so my owner can come and take care of the snakes to keep the kids safe. I keep the coyotes away by barking so they wonít try to get in my yard! Letís be honest, Iím part Pyrenees, so barking is bred in me! By my barking, it helps keep the coyotes away from my neighborís houses also. So you would think that Iím really a neighborhood protector! Unfortunately, the neighbors donít appreciate my helping keep everyone safe, so now I have to find a new furever home. (Sniff Ė Sniff) I just donít understand thisÖ Iím very well behaved in my house, I have great indoor manners, and I devote myself to protecting my family! Itís just not fair! So seeing I need to find a new furever home to call my own, I would prefer a home where I get to be alpha and I do want to enjoy the company of other dogs as long as they don't take charge. I want all the guardian duties for myself, and I get all the attention and love! So, if you think you would like a protector, who takes her career seriously and snuggle on the couch with you, and be your best furever companion, Iím your girl! Now just go to, and get that application in! While there, please check out the other fur friends who are looking for their furever homes! Hope to hear from you soon! Love, Anny!

Name: Beaumont

Hi! My name is Beaumont, named after that great city! Iím a 3 year-old Fluff ball, who is plumb full of love and snuggles. I was rescued by the Paws of Beaumont, after I was on a walkabout, and was hit by a car. My leg was broken, but through it all, I was as gentle and loving as I could be! My leg is all healed up, and Iím ready to be YOUR Pyr, and give all my love and snuggles to YOU! Iím very high energy; I love other pups, not too sure about the kitties! Kids are ok, I love to run and play hard! For more information, go to Thanks, Beaumont!

Name: Bennett

MEDICAL HOLD!!! Bennett came to TGPR when he was deathly sick with Parvo. HE is currently recuperating and doing very well. More to come as we learn more about his personality.

Name: Beowulf

Hello! I am a big boy born approx 1/2011. I came from the Ellis County SPCA. I had a sore mouth but also a very friendly disposition. I am the epitome of the gentle giant even with an abscessed tooth that was extracted. I live with a young child as well as a little bitty Maltese and life is good but if I get adopted life will be the BEST!

Name: Donnie

(Medical Hold) Donnie is a lovable boy that was found in a small town. He has a neurological problem that has been yet to be identified. Somehow it does not hold him back from being happy and playing with his new found friends.

Name: Einstein

(ADOPTION PENDING LW)HI everybody! I was born 3/10/17. Me and My brother Albert were born under a truck bed. My mama had no place to go and she did the best she could. Now we are in a safe warm place and mama says some day we will have a new home!! Einstein is a love bug, he loves cuddling especially when he's sleepy. He has also learned to use the doggy door and loves being outside.

Name: Gandolph the White

I am Gandalf. I was born approx May 2013 and am a beauty for sure. I have the Great Pyrenees with double dews too! I want the house pet life carefree and having fun with my furever family with kids. I do chase cats for the fun of it and do get along with other dogs. Come see me at the Denton Petsmart!

Name: Loretta Lynn

Hi Yíall! My name is Loretta Lynn, and Iím a good, Ďol country gal, Iím about 7 years old, and a very sweet, and beautiful lady! Wouldn't you agree? My past home was with a wonderful lady, and some other Pyrs in the country. Now, Iím hoping I can find my very own furever home, with my very own furever family! I promise to be your loving, loyal fur baby. It seems that everyone wants the youngíuns, but this girl here has plenty of time for you! If you would like some more info on me, go to Love, Loretta Lynn, Your ďHonky-Tonk Girl!Ē

Name: Sally Sue

--- I have a special adoption price of $100 ------ Meet Sally Sue. She has come a long way! She is a small girl but her love is large! She was born 8/28/2012. She knows the dog door and is very pack friendly! Now that the days and evenings are nice, she loves to spend her time watching over the yard. She does bark but it is actually a sweet soft bark unlike the bigger boom barks of the Great Pyrenees. She will spend most nights outside guarding the yard but knows the dog door and if you say treats, she is on her way to you! We are still working with her on the leash and her anxiety about riding in cars. If you are looking for a nice companion, Sally Sue really is your girl.