Adoptable Dogs

Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Angel Grace
My name is Angel Grace. I was born 10/16. I was born on a farm and have been around all kinds of animals and am well behaved. Sadly my family had to leave their home very abruptly and the new landlord does not like a barking dog!!They had no chance and there were tears but they brought me to TGPR who has promised to find me a new home and a new family to call my own. I do well around chickens, cats, and children. I am friendly and know my commands. I am young and will run if I have the chance so a secure fence line is essential. Might I work in your home? read more


Name: Bella Alva
My Name is Bella Alva and I was born around January 2016. I am not a big girl and I have to get some meat on my bones, according to my new foster mom!! I really like everyone, other dogs and people I need a little time to get to know you though before I am super friendly. I have been a bit of a roamer, so I need a good fence line. Sure would love to find a family of my own!! read more


Name: Brinks
Brinks is a super sized Pyr that was a emotional support dog for a young autistic boy prior to coming into TGPR. He is quite friendly and is nicely behaved. He has a bit of a weight problem, you could say there is a lot of junk in his trunk!! Nonetheless, he will be evaluated and treated accordingly. This boy will be a good companion to whomever adopts him. HE is just one special dude!! read more


Name: Daphne di Italia
Hi! My name is Daphne, and I知 a 2 year old Great Pyrenees/Shepherd mix lady. I love kids, other pups, and to be scratched and loved on. My fosters say I知 calm, sweet, and very loving. I知 a great protector, and will let you know if anyone is around at night! I also will keep all those dangerous bunnies away, and if needed, I will fly over a 4-foot fence to chase them off. So that痴 my story, if you need to know any more, please ask! Thanks for reading my story! Daphne! read more


Name: Honey Bear
My name is Honey Bear. I am a 2 yr old chicken pyr who was abandoned at a crack house with chickens. I like chickens and won't mess with them, but my true love is people. All I really want is to know the love of a good family I am very affectionate and loving. Are you ready to have girl that loves to love? read more


Name: Indie
MEDICAL HOLD My name is Indie and I am a little squirt! Turns out I have a little medical issue that TGPR is really working hard to cure!! The Doctors don't know why but my kidneys aren't working properly. While things are improving and I feel a LOT better, I am not out of the woods yet. My foster says that despite my health issues I am playful loving and sweet. Do you think you could take me on? I promise I am a good good girl. read more


Name: Leonides
Leonides was born around 7/1/2015. This sweet boy is learning the ropes in a home. He is an absolute sweetheart and craves your love. He is not crazy about other big dogs. He has no issues with little dogs. Leonides has been diagnosed with right hip dysplasia, for which he is being evaluated. The vet has recommended exercise, and a glucosamine supplement. read more


Name: Lexi
ADOPTION PENDING: RB Hi ya'll! I am Lexi and I am a full pyr with double dews. I was born Dec 2016. I walk well on the leash now. I love to ride in the car. I learned the dog door and in 48 hours. I am house trained too! My previous owner said I was great with birds. My foster parents have cooped chickens and I got to be with them during feeding and yep, I was just fine with them. I need a very strong leader for an adopter. I get along great with the 6 dogs I live with as well as at our Petsmart greets and at dog events. I will be an awesome girl, just have some patience and take it slow with me. I will soon be your best friend for life! See ya, Lexi read more


Name: Mamasita
Mamasita was born approx 6.2014. She came into TGPR with 3 pups. They have been adopted and now it is her turn. Complete with double dews, a cheeky grin, and the SWEETEST disposition, Mama really is a lover. At the meet and greets she is a one pup welcome wagon, with the most cheerful smile and a ready tail wag!! She is no doubt a family people human dog. She can be a bit stern about her space or food, but who can blame her after having to forage for food with three puppies. She is so gentle and calm with children Come and see her in the DFW area! Thanks from Mamasita! read more


Name: Nerissa
My name is Nerissa and I was born on 2/10/2016. I was born on an alpaca farm. I am good with animals and love my humans. I can be a little skittish when I am unsure. I love having space and room to run. I get a little anxious about my food because I had 6 siblings when I was still living at home, but with someone who can give me guidance and assure me of a full bowl, I know I can be good!! Come meet me!!! read more


Name: Ona
My name is Ona and I am a happy senior girl that has more energy than an elder girl normally has. I love to snuggle and be inside with you. I do well with other dogs and just a happy friendly girl. Maybe you have a place for me.... read more


Name: Tank now Ferguson
I am high energy GS/Pyr Mix. I am crate and house trained. I need a family who likes to play and wants a fun loving dog. I love playing with other dogs but feel better if I don't feel challenged for my food. I LOVE kid, but because of my size and energy probably would be better with school age kids. If you want a fun loving playful boy, please consider me! read more


Name: Valera
Hi! I知 a 6 ス year young Pyr lady, and I知 looking for that VERY SPECIAL furever home! My name is Valera! which In the Great Pyrenees language means 釘eautiful, Intelligent Queen! My story is a common story, told by Pyrs everywhere: Once upon a time, I went on a walk, to survey my Pyrdom I never knew it was SO LARGE!!! I walked and walkedand a wonderful lady saw me walking, and knew I was out of my realm, so she picked me up and took me home. She knew of a rescue that would help me find a new realm. I guess if I told you some things about me, it would help in making you want me as your furever family member: I知 a very chilled out girl! Kids are great! I just love 粗m! I like other dogs; it痴 nice to have a friend or 2! I知 ok with chickens and cats around. I will be a shadow to you, so you won稚 forget to give me my daily dose of love! I have impeccable inside manners! I know not to do my 澱usiness in the house! I will make sure you know when I want to go outside or come back in. I am good with walks on a leash! And if you want a companion for rides in the car I love rides! I know how to use a crate and I知 pretty quiet. (A queen doesn稚 make a loud fuss!) So to bring this story to a close, I would like a furever home where I can continue to be treated like the queen I am, and get lots of attention and love! Thanks! Valera read more

Discipline isn't about showing a dog who's boss; it's about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world.
--Cesar Millan.