Adoptable Dogs

Austin and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Annabelle Lee
Annabelle was born on a goat farm 4 years ago, her family adopted her when she was just a pup. She is a companion animal, not a live stock guardian. She is AKC certified Great Pyrenees with really large parents. She's inherited their large size, she is120 lbs, 4 yrs old, and a total sweetheart. She is a gentle giant and wonderful with children and would be good dogs who can be submissive to her grand presence, but would really do best being the only in the home. read more


Name: BJ (Duke)
Duke is a year old male Pyr who was brought to the Austin Animal Center with a broken back leg. The shelter ordered a surgical repair and after three weeks, Duke is preparing to leave the shelter for his foster home. He is now putting a bit of weight on the leg, but he won't be ready to really walk or play until mid-December 2017. In spite of his injury, Duke met our volunteer with kisses and a wagging tail. More information on him soon. read more


Name: Chase
(HOLD) Chase is a lovely dog! He came out of a shelter, where he was slated for euthanasia if he wasn't picked up, and thanks to a good samaritan, we got him! He has adjusted to life as a house dog, and loves some AC! He's good with other dogs, but LIVES to lazy around and hang out with the kiddos. He's been through the ringer this year, and will need solid leadership and a longer adjustment period with his new family. He gets a little overprotective for a while as he's adjusting to his new family. But just look at that face!! He's got a heart of gold, and the fur to match! He's an area favorite! read more


Name: Chipper
It was a stroke of luck that we ended up with Chipper. We didn't even know about him when we went to the shelter to pick up a different dog. Staff at the shelter loved him so much, and felt sure that he had a family somewhere. He's friendly, and clean, well mannered, and in good shape! Alas, his family didn't show up. They were sad to see him go, but thrilled for him to be safe with TGPR! He's a snugly lap dog, who loves to give ALL of the kisses! He played kissy face with his new foster mom all the way home on his freedom ride. He's SO sweet and just gorgeous! He won't be with us long, so get your app in! * He will be ready to adopt, just as soon as he is neutered and recovers a bit. read more


Name: Clover
Just look at that face! This girl is snuggly, and lovely and FULL of personality! She's very dog social, good with people of all sizes. Loves napping with her people, and watching you cook. She was found as a stray, and her family never came for her, so TGPR offered to help find her a forever home. She's just about perfect! Get your application in, she won't be with us long! read more


Name: Cody
Hi! My name is Cody! I'm a sweet, loveable guy who just had a run of back luck. My brother Maxwell and I had it pretty good... you can see we didn't miss any meals! Our new vet doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. A couple of months ago, our mom got sick and passed away. We are pretty sad about it, but her daughter was amazing and brought us home with her. She can't keep us forever, but wanted to be sure we got good "forever" homes with families who understand the needs of bigger guys like us. If you think a big, fluffy love-bug might be missing from your life, please fill out the application! We'd love to meet you! P.S. as a bonus, my adoption fee is only $250! read more


Name: Dolly
(MEDICAL HOLD)As you can see, Dolly has had a rough go of it. Originally the shelter couldn't even estimate her age correctly because she was in such rough shape. We had her tested for everything and she's a very lucky girl. HW- and negative for mange! She's got a horrible infection in both ears, and her skin is super irritated from a massive flea infestation. We've rid her of fleas and had her professionally bathed. She's already feeling much better! She will be available for adoption as soon as we get her vetted, get her ears treated and have her spayed. She is a LARGE girl, weighing in at about 87 lbs (and she's thin), quiet and sweet! She's a keeper for sure! Watch for updated photos as we get her healed up and feeling better. Update 5/02: Dolly has had a fractured tooth extracted and was spayed. She's recovering nicely, and with that tooth gone, we hope she'll put on some weight and her fur will grow back faster! read more


Name: Frazier
NEW TO TGPR!! Frazier was Born approx 12/17/2017 along with siblings, Robinson, Susie, Wilma & Tyson Will be ready for adoption early March!! read more


Name: Kira
Kira celebrated her first birthday over Christmas and came to TGPR shortly thereafter. We are just getting to know this pretty Pyr/Anatolian, and will have more information about her soon. We do know that her family had to give her up and she landed in a small shelter. So far we have learned that she is friendly with other dogs and even seems OK with cats. read more


Name: Maxwell
Hi guys! My name is Maxwell. My brother Cody and I had a good life in north Texas, but then our mom got sick and passed away. We are pretty broken up about it. Her amazing daughter came and got us, though, and brought us home with her. She was really worried we would end up in a bad, scary shelter! We are so grateful to her for that. We are easy going, loveable, fluffy guys who are looking for a home where we can lay around, maybe play a little, and go for walks. As you can tell, we didn't miss any meals, and need a bit of a diet. Our doctor doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. I think that's a good thing? Anyway, if you are looking for a laid back companion (or two?), all you need to do is fill out the application and someone will be in touch! P.S. My adoption fee is only $250! read more


Name: Remie
Hi, my name is Remie! I'm a Great Pyrenees mix, born in late 2016. My last mom found me as a stray, but she is working more and more and has realized that TGPR can find me a better fur-ever home. I am still a puppy and have got a lot to learn. I love going for walks and to the dog park. They say I am a very well natured, happy go lucky girl. Plus I love hugs and any affection you are willing to give. read more


Name: Robinson
NEW TO TGPR IN AUSTIN AREA!!! Robinson and his siblings, Frazier, WIlma, Susie and Tyson are settling in to their foster home, They will be ready for adoption early March. read more


Name: Sadie
Sadie is a special little girl. She and her brother wandered onto the ranch of Good Samaritans. Both were very thin and Sadie's back leg was dangling. The family thought she had been hit by a car. Their vet X-rayed the leg, which showed she had been shot, shattering the young Pyr's leg so that the only remedy was amputation. The vet donated his service and rescuer called TGPR to help find a home. She is now recovering and getting good food at her foster's home. As for her brother? He has found a place at the ranch. She might just join him eventually! Meantime, she is quickly learning how to get around on three legs. What an inspiration she is! read more


Name: Susie Q
NEW TO TGPR IN AUSTIN AREA!!! Susie and her siblings, Frazier, Tyson, Robinson, and Wilma will be ready for adoption early March. read more


Name: Tucker
No, your eyes aren't fooling you. Tucker is indeed a Beagle in a Great Pyrenees rescue group. He's what's now known as a Great Beaglenees!! This poor kid was surrendered to a shelter with his poodle brother, due to a divorce. The family couldn't afford the dogs anymore, and gave them up. When a poodle rescue picked up his buddy, poor Tucker was beside himself with grief and fear. We have some beagle friendly volunteers in our group and they asked TGPR to step in. Of course we couldn't say no! Poor Tucker was miserable - itchy skin, horrible ear infections, and worn down teeth from scratching. His foster is taking wonderful care of him, and he's settled in with his foster family nicely. He even has two other Beagles to play with! He's a REALLY sweet dog: good with kids, other dogs and kids. He's starting to cheer up and feel better, which is a relief to those who know him. Interested in giving him a forever home? Submit your application to get started! read more


Name: Tyson
NEW TO TGPR IN THE AUSTIN AREA!!! Tyson with his Siblings, Frazier, Robinson, Wilma & Susie will be available early March read more


Name: Whisper
Whisper: Special Needs Dog (Deaf) Hello. My name is Whisper and I have been kind of quiet for now. I have had some medical issues that my foster Mom is trying to help me with. I am deaf and so learning the ropes has been a little bit of a challenge Mom is trying to use hand signals to help me. Maybe there is a family out there who will work with me too? I have been with my foster mom for almost a year now and I have come a long way from the pyr she first took in, my hair has come in beautifully and I am a big love bug I need someone who will open up there heart and give me a good home, even though I am deaf I learn with hand signals and would love to be in a home with lots of kids so I can show them how much love I can give them, my foster mom says I am a total love bug read more


Name: Wilma
NEW TO TGPR IN AUSTIN AREA! Wilma, along with her siblings, Suzie Q, Frazier, Robinson & Tyson will be ready for adoption Early March. read more

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