Adoptable Dogs

Austin and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Captain Hook
Ahoy! They call me Captain Hook, cause I have a little twist in my tail but it doesn't stop me from wagging! Hook is the leader. He convinces the others to follow! He is the first to sound off at the first sign of danger. Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd Mix - Male Puppy. Super cute pup white with tan on face and back. I am a little over two months old now and ready for my furever home! I'm playful, with lots of puppy energy, eager to learn and explore. Beyond being dog, cat and kid friendly....I'm also goat friendly! Available as of June 11th to approval applicants. Not approved yet? Fill out an application now, cause puppies go quick! read more


Name: Chase
Chase was brought into the San Antonio shelter (where he was called Clyde) after a family found him wandering and very hungry. After a couple days, he tried to break up a fight between the family boys (one was hurting the other) and they decided he was too rough for them. That episode landed him in the "observation" kennel at the shelter, with euthanasia possible. Facebook friends heard his plight and alerted us. The shelter staff told us that Chase was a calm, good guy in a bad situation. We met him and agreed! He knows sit and walks quite well on a leash. He allowed us to pet him all over during evaluation. When a strange man approached him on a walk at the shelter, he licked the man's hand and walked past a cat with no reaction. We are so pleased that a partnering rescue stepped up with TGPR to save him. Chase has now had a bath and is actually almost white! His foster reports he is indeed a gentle giant who is getting along beautifully with all their animals. Yay! read more


Name: Chunk
(ADOPTION PENDING)Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd Mix - Male Puppy. Poe and chunk (the twins) are like sweet cuddly teddy bear they both love the rope toys. And kisses! Super cute with badger markings and left eye patch. I am a little over two months old now and ready for my furever home! I'm playful, with lots of puppy energy, eager to learn and explore. They call me Chunk cause I'm a little heavier than my brothers and sisters. Beyond being dog, cat and kid friendly....I'm also goat friendly! Available as of June 11th to approval applicants. Not approved yet? Fill out an application now, cause puppies go quick! read more


Name: Cody
Hi! My name is Cody! I'm a sweet, loveable guy who just had a run of back luck. My brother Maxwell and I had it pretty good... you can see we didn't miss any meals! Our new vet doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. A couple of months ago, our mom got sick and passed away. We are pretty sad about it, but her daughter was amazing and brought us home with her. She can't keep us forever, but wanted to be sure we got good "forever" homes with families who understand the needs of bigger guys like us. If you think a big, fluffy love-bug might be missing from your life, please fill out the application! We'd love to meet you! P.S. as a bonus, my adoption fee is only $250! read more


Name: Denali
(ADOPTION PENDING) Denali is a lovely, happy and vibrant young lady who just LOVES people! She was has a really interesting history, but suffice it to say that her origins weren't ideal, but she's healthy and perky now! She's a higher energy girl, who loves walks and playtime. She gets a little barky when being introduced to other dogs, but is submissive once she's made contact. We are working on her jumping and leash manners, but otherwise, she's really smart and super cute! read more


Name: Dolly
(MEDICAL HOLD)As you can see, Dolly has had a rough go of it. Originally the shelter couldn't even estimate her age correctly because she was in such rough shape. We had her tested for everything and she's a very lucky girl. HW- and negative for mange! She's got a horrible infection in both ears, and her skin is super irritated from a massive flea infestation. We've rid her of fleas and had her professionally bathed. She's already feeling much better! She will be available for adoption as soon as we get her vetted, get her ears treated and have her spayed. She is a LARGE girl, weighing in at about 87 lbs (and she's thin), quiet and sweet! She's a keeper for sure! Watch for updated photos as we get her healed up and feeling better. Update 5/02: Dolly has had a fractured tooth extracted and was spayed. She's recovering nicely, and with that tooth gone, we hope she'll put on some weight and her fur will grow back faster! read more


Name: Ella
Ella is the sweetest, loviest young lady! She just finished raising some of the cutest puppies EVER! She did a marvelous job of it and now she's looking for her forever home where she can be loved - just for being her own sweet self! So far, she's been good with people of all shapes and sizes and has greeted other dogs at the vet with ease! She will need to be spayed as soon as the vet thinks she's ready. Ella likes a relaxed, chill environment, so she would thrive with another easy going dog or a pet parent who works from home. read more


Name: Evie
Meet Evie! She's recently been released from medical hold. Now that Evie has been spayed and had some time to rest and recover, she's relaxing and learning how good it is to be a dog. She's gaining some weight and her fur is growing back in nicely from a pregnancy she had before being brought into rescue. She has the most soulful, beautiful dark eyes. She's learning how to play with toys, and will even toss her ball and chase it herself! She's decided that it's fun to run around and play with her foster brothers too. She loves to lazy around on the couch and snuggle! Being half Anatolian Shepherd, her coat is going to be on the shorter side, making grooming her a bit easier. This girl is really something else. She is such a quiet, loving, gentle, wonderful dog. read more


Name: Freckles
(ADOPTION PENDING C.S.) Look at this GORGEOUS FACE!! Freckles, formerly Bealls, is super sweet and snuggly. She has been settling in with her foster family who just LOVES her. She's adjusted very well to the family pack and LOVES to jump and romp and play. She's a higher energy, large girl, who should have another higher energy, large dog to play with in her forever home. She's learning not to jump on people when she greets them, and is working on her leash manners. Freckles (so named for the fun spots on her nose), will need a family who can help her to work through some trust issues. She really enjoys being with her people, even overcoming some fear of stairs, in order to be with everyone during the night. She loves to play fetch with her stuffies, and well, play should be her middle name! read more


Name: Lilly
(TRAINING HOLD) Hello there, my name is Lilly (formerly Snow Lilly)! I am a beautiful Great Pyrenees mix female. My vet estimates that I was born in January 2014. I may be a Pyr/Akbash mix, as I am tall and leggy with a shorter coat, but I do have double dew claws. I was seen roaming Fisher Park in New Braunfels for several days. Then I saw a lady with her dogs at the park and I decided that I would let them save me. I followed their pack for over a mile and jumped right into the car with them. I couldn't give them a chance to say no to me! This kind lady took me to the vet and got me all checked out. She even did her very best to find my owners, but they never came back for me. But I was okay with that because I now had a place where I could rest, get regular meals, and get lots of loving and petting. But I knew this was a temporary stop for me, a place for me to get back on my feet again so I could go out and find my forever home. I am sweet and friendly, easy going, housebroken, loose leash walking comes naturally to me, plus I get along great with other dogs and cats. I like as much affection as you can you are willing to give. Play time with toys is a bit confusing to me, but I love going anywhere for a walk or a drive. Maybe your home could be my forever home! read more


Name: Luke
Meet Luke! This guy is fun and playful, and is more on the submissive, snuggly, people pleasing end of the spectrum. He's part red heeler, so he's going to be a little smaller than your full Pyr, but SMART and eager to learn and please. He's active and would do really well with a family and other dogs. He's not been around cats, so we can't comment on that. Just look at that face! read more


Name: Maverick
(Medical Hold) Maverick, a gambler by nature bet on the wrong person. He was found at kill shelter emaciated and he is estimated to be about 5 years old. However, his luck took a turn for the better when TGPR stepped in and his foster family is taking great care of him. He is on medical hold because he's not eating as well as he should, so we have him on the calendar for a full veterinary evaluation to figure out if the not eating is a medical issue we need to resolve before he can be released for adoption. As for his personality; he has a sweet, laid back nature, he's quiet right now but this might change with time. He loves people of all ages and is good with small dogs. When it comes to housebreaking, he has some learning to do. We believe he may have been a outdoor only dog thus far, but he's learning that inside temps are nicer with air conditioning. Plus, he gets to hang out with people! read more


Name: Maximus
Maximus (est. DOB April 2016) is a feisty, playful, loveable big ole baby! He loves to chase and wrestle with the resident dogs. In fact, he's taught two of them HOW to play! He's good with kids, though we recommend older kids as he gets carried away and plays a little rough sometimes. He loves chewing on toys - rubber and stuffed, and will even toss toys around the house, entertaining himself! We are working on leash walking -he's really pretty good, but does pull sometimes. He is getting more comfortable with the crate, but that's a work in progress. He's very much a Pyrenees - he loves to hear himself talk and is very good at guarding the house - meaning he is not suited to apartment life. He's such a great dog, with so much potential! He has been bounced around a bit a bit in his short life and it takes him quite a while to develop a relationship with new people, and to settle into new environments. Watch the TGPR Facebook page for Austin Area events, and come meet this sweet boy! read more


Name: Maxwell
Hi guys! My name is Maxwell. My brother Cody and I had a good life in north Texas, but then our mom got sick and passed away. We are pretty broken up about it. Her amazing daughter came and got us, though, and brought us home with her. She was really worried we would end up in a bad, scary shelter! We are so grateful to her for that. We are easy going, loveable, fluffy guys who are looking for a home where we can lay around, maybe play a little, and go for walks. As you can tell, we didn't miss any meals, and need a bit of a diet. Our doctor doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. I think that's a good thing? Anyway, if you are looking for a laid back companion (or two?), all you need to do is fill out the application and someone will be in touch! P.S. My adoption fee is only $250! read more


Name: Roman
(Medical Hold) My name is Roman, I had a rough year man but my luck seems to be turning round. I've got a really nice foster family who run a min-farm. They have barn cats, goats,cows, horses and a PIG! I am more of a people dog, I love to cuddle and get belly rubs. I really like play time and barking at the cows is kind of fun too (shhhhh don't tell my fosters). I've got a couple corgis that let me play with them but the pig isn't really into it. Oh well, I am recouping here from losing a little too much weight and getting treatment for heart worm during too much time outside without meds to protect me. They are talking about neutering me after my heart worm treatment is completed....whatever neutering is. Love me some treats, but not a fan of crates. Looking for my fur-ever home! read more


Name: Shasta
(Adoption Pending: Y.A.) Shasta is my name, I got lost but my family never came to claim me at the shelter. Luckily TGPR found me a great foster! I am super sweet and friendly! Looking for my fur-ever home! read more


Name: Shirley Temple
(ADOPTION PENDING E.S.) Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd Mix - Female Puppy. Cute as a button with badger markings just above the eye brows and a matching set of super soft brown ears. I am a little over two months old now and ready for my new forever home! I'm playful, with lots of puppy energy, eager to learn and explore. Available as of June 11th to approval applicants. Not approved yet? Fill out an application now, cause puppies go quick! read more


Name: Shomer
(MEDICAL HOLD) Shomer (pronounced show-mare) is a Jewish word describing a legal guardian entrusted with the custody and care of another's object. He has a very chilled and laid back nature. He's also very saddened by the sudden death of his Human Mom, who recently passed away. He may be a little more active with some meat on his bones, as he is thinner than he should be for his size. He's been a pretty picky eater, possible due to the loss of his human Mom. Shomer is esimated to have been born in June 2016. He is a companion animal, not LGD. He likes to spend some time outside and can use a dog door from what I understand. But very much loves the air conditioning and he enjoys sleeping inside. He has not been exposed to livestock. Good with kids and adults. Medical hold: Shomer will be on hold until heals from surgery, successfully finishes heartworm treatment and gets some weight back. He's got about 40 lbs to gain, so it may be a while. Check back for updates! read more


Name: Tova
Tova is a name which can either be an adjective meaning "good", "pleasant" or "better" in the feminine form, or a noun, meaning "kindness". "For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it." She is a very sweet girl. Extremely friendly and people oriented. She was recently shaved due to a skin condition, but her coat will be growing back in no time. Tova has been missing her Human Mom who recently passed away suddenly. Tova and Shomer are companion animals, not LGD. They like to spend some time outside and can use a dog door. But very much love the Air Conditioning and sleeping inside. They have not been exposed to livestock. Good with kids and adults. read more


Name: Zephyr
(ADOPTION PENDING S.E.) Zephyr is a sweet, laid-back, happy fellow who has had rough go of it lately. He came to TGPR from an animal shelter where he was picked up as a stray. He's underweight, but still so cheerful, and even knows some basic obedience! Sit, down, and shake so far. He's going to be easier to groom, with his shorter fur. He's beautiful, intelligent and calm. Dog friendly and REALLY good with kids. We took him to visit a kitty at the shelter, and he did really well! Not reactive at all. This is an all-around sweet, amazing boy! NOTE: He is not neutered at this time, and unfortunately, tested mild positive for heartworms. read more


Name: Ziggy
(ADOPTION PENDING A.H.) Ziggy is a sweet, gorgeous boy who needs a little LTC. Found as a stray, he's underweight, and seems nervous around new people. He's not very good on a leash yet, but he's young and will get there. He's definitely a snuggle bug once he warms up. This guy is BIG and looks like he'll just get bigger. Estimated date of birth is 02/03/2017, so lots of time yet for catching up to those feet! read more

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