Adoptable Dogs

Austin and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Alder

Alder is one of Clover's adorable little boys. He's working on figuring out how to open his eyes and walk right now. Too soon to say much about his personality. These guys had a rough start, but a lot of folks pitched in to save them and ensure a wonderful future. Stay tuned as we learn more about this little guy!

Name: Apollo

(ADOPTION PENDING T.P.)Apollo is an energetic, curious, adorable little guy! He looks like he's going to get to be a big boy when he's grown. He's fun-loving and playful. A Pyr mix (not sure what other breed at this point), with a single dew claw. He's got really soft fur, and is very well behaved in the car. Apollo LOVES to spend time running around outside and when he's tired, will nap for hours on the couch. Good with other dogs, ignores the cat and is really great with older kids (he doesn't appreciate his own size, and knocks the baby over when romping). He is recovering from some medical issues, but should be available for adoption in late May.

Name: Ayana

One of Clover's lovely babies! A cute little girl. She's still growing into herself. We will update as we learn more about her.

Name: Baron

(MEDICAL HOLD) Baron and his brother Duke came to us from a shelter. They were VERY stressed, but sweet as can be! Baron is shy and nervous around new people, and taking a bit of time to warm up to his foster family. He doesn't seem to know how to play, and we're working on leash training. You can tell he really wants to love and be loved on, but he's afraid - indicating some type of abuse in his family. Both Baron and Duke are on MEDICAL HOLD until they have had some time to decompress and develop some trust in people. Once they have adjusted to their new, cozy lifestyle, both of these boys are going to make wonderful, loving companions!

Name: Clover

Clover has had it rough for a while. She had been living on a dirt road in the country, where she had been dumped. After having puppies, a good Samaritan managed to catch her and took her and her 6 beautiful babies to the local shelter. She's eating like a champ and is an amazing mommy! she's resting and recovering. while adjusting to what we like to call 'the good life.' After the puppies are weaned, she will be available for adoption as well!

Name: Cody

Hi! My name is Cody! I'm a sweet, loveable guy who just had a run of back luck. My brother Maxwell and I had it pretty good... you can see we didn't miss any meals! Our new vet doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. A couple of months ago, our mom got sick and passed away. We are pretty sad about it, but her daughter was amazing and brought us home with her. She can't keep us forever, but wanted to be sure we got good "forever" homes with families who understand the needs of bigger guys like us. If you think a big, fluffy love-bug might be missing from your life, please fill out the application! We'd love to meet you! P.S. as a bonus, my adoption fee is only $250!

Name: Denali

Denali is a lovely, happy and vibrant young lady who just LOVES people! She was has a really interesting history, but suffice it to say that her origins weren't ideal, but she's healthy and perky now! She's a higher energy girl, who loves walks and playtime. She gets a little barky when being introduced to other dogs, but is submissive once she's made contact. We are working on her jumping and leash manners, but otherwise, she's really smart and super cute!

Name: Dolly

(MEDICAL HOLD)As you can see, Dolly has had a rough go of it. Originally the shelter couldn't even estimate her age correctly because she was in such rough shape. We had her tested for everything and she's a very lucky girl. HW- and negative for mange! She's got a horrible infection in both ears, and her skin is super irritated from a massive flea infestation. We've rid her of fleas and had her professionally bathed. She's already feeling much better! She will be available for adoption as soon as we get her vetted, get her ears treated and have her spayed. She is a LARGE girl, weighing in at about 87 lbs (and she's thin), quiet and sweet! She's a keeper for sure! Watch for updated photos as we get her healed up and feeling better. Update 5/02: Dolly has had a fractured tooth extracted and was spayed. She's recovering nicely, and with that tooth gone, we hope she'll put on some weight and her fur will grow back faster!

Name: Duke

(MEDICAL HOLD) Duke and his brother Baron came to TGPR through a shelter. They were picked up as strays, but no one ever stepped up to claim them. Duke is wonderful, sweet boy! He is good with older kids, unsure of smaller ones, and he's shy and nervous at first with anyone new. He will need a little time to warm up (read - minutes, maybe a couple hours). He seems to prefer a quiet environment, and behaves as though he's suffered some mistreatment and neglect in his past. He's a bit fearful of quick movements and loud noises. He's been with his foster for 24 hours now (4/30/2017) and has already started to settle in. We will update with more information as we get to know him! MEDICAL HOLD: Duke and Baron are VERY stressed and in need of some time to decompress. While they are working on that, we will be working on house training, leash walking, and learning how to play.

Name: Ella

Ella is the sweetest, loviest young lady! She just finished raising some of the cutest puppies EVER! She did a marvelous job of it and now she's looking for her forever home where she can be loved - just for being her own sweet self! So far, she's been good with people of all shapes and sizes and has greeted other dogs at the vet with ease! She will need to be spayed as soon as the vet thinks she's ready. Her perfect home should be reasonably calm. Not sure how she feels about cats yet.

Name: Fleur

Fleur is one of Clover's puppies. Born in the country after being abandoned on a dirt road... Not the greatest start, but she's winning at life now! She couldn't have asked for a better foster. She's just starting to learn about the world. We will update more as we get to know her!

Name: Jasmine (Dahlia)

(PENDING ADOPTION C.L.)Jasmine and Nina came into rescue together from a shelter where they had been picked up as strays. They were a little nervous at first but are coming out of their shells. Jasmine's approximate birthday is 10/14/15. She's not accustomed to stairs, which her foster mom is working on with her. She LOVES kids, and gets along great with other dogs. She is learning about leash walking and basic commands and manners. Check back for more information as we get to know her!

Name: Jasper

(MEDICAL HOLD)Can you believe it? This cute little baby was picked up as a stray, and no one claimed him! Of course, we couldn't pass him up. What a doll! He's active, fluffy and super adorable. What more could you ask for!? Just look at that face! We will be getting him started on his vaccinations, and then he'll be ready to go to his forever home!

Name: Juniper

One of Clover's two adorable little boys. He's a sweet little thing! Born under less than ideal circumstances, he's hit the foster jackpot! Life is good for little Juniper now! Stick around and we will update as he starts to let us into his new world.

Name: Kalina

One of Clover's beautiful babies! She's a lovely young thing, just starting to learn about the world. Stay tuned as we learn more about her!

Name: Maximus

Maximus (est. DOB April 2016) is a feisty, playful, loveable big ole baby! He loves to chase and wrestle with the resident dogs. In fact, he's taught two of them HOW to play! He's good with kids, though we recommend older kids as he gets carried away and plays a little rough sometimes. He loves chewing on toys - rubber and stuffed, and will even toss toys around the house, entertaining himself! We are working on leash walking -he's really pretty good, but does pull sometimes. He is getting more comfortable with the crate, but that's a work in progress. He's very much a Pyrenees - he loves to hear himself talk and is very good at guarding the house. He's such a great dog, with so much potential! He has been bounced around a bit and it should be noted that he will likely take a few weeks to settle into a new environment. Watch the TGPR Facebook page for Austin Area events, and come meet this sweet boy!

Name: Maxwell

Hi guys! My name is Maxwell. My brother Cody and I had a good life in north Texas, but then our mom got sick and passed away. We are pretty broken up about it. Her amazing daughter came and got us, though, and brought us home with her. She was really worried we would end up in a bad, scary shelter! We are so grateful to her for that. We are easy going, loveable, fluffy guys who are looking for a home where we can lay around, maybe play a little, and go for walks. As you can tell, we didn't miss any meals, and need a bit of a diet. Our doctor doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. I think that's a good thing? Anyway, if you are looking for a laid back companion (or two?), all you need to do is fill out the application and someone will be in touch! P.S. My adoption fee is only $250!

Name: Odie

(ADOPTION PENDING J.M.)Meet Odie! A sweet, stately gentleman who loves a good scratch and a cool, dry place to lay his head. He's an easy-going guy who is looking for his forever home. It appears that he is about 8-9 years old. Perfect for snuggles and company, and low energy so you don't have to worry about him zooming around your house! We're still learning about him, so stay tuned!

Name: Sadie

Sadie is a sweet, fluffy bundle of cuteness! She loves to romp and play the day away! She's being exposed to goats, chickens, cats and small children at her foster home. She appears to be a Pyrenees mix - she has the double dew claws and the fluffy Pyr coat! What is she mixed with you ask? Who knows! Whatever it is, she sure is cute! Her approximate date of birth is 3/11/2017.

Name: Sasha

You don't often see long-haired brindle dogs, but Sasha is the exception! This lovely girl is off the charts on the cute scale with that gorgeous brindle and white fur. She is so playful and sweet! She is being exposed to goats, chickens, cats and small children at her foster home. If all continues to go well, she will really turn out to be well-rounded and a wonderful family member! She won't last long, so get your application in!

Name: Tiki

Tiki is a wonderfully sweet girl who came to us when her owners could no longer care for her. She is very calm, and is what we call a "pocket puppy". She will follow her people around all day, just quietly being present. She does get along with other dogs and with older kids. She gets anxious around small kids if they move to fast or make a lot of noise. She is loving and has the nicest face! If you'd like to meet this sweet lady, please complete the adoption application!

Name: Zinnia

One of Clover's puppies. Mom was brought to a shelter as an abandoned stray when this girl was 6 days old. She's working on learning about the world right now, and we'll update more as we learn about her!