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All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Name: Abby Williams

Hello! My name is Abby Williams, I was found by a nice lady that called TGPR. I am a gorgeous young lady born approx 1/2011. I am great with kids, other dogs and cats. I can't wait to find my own home!! Do you have a place for me?

Name: Angel LGD

Hi all! My name is Angel, and Iím looking for my very own group that I can guard! If you havenít guessed it by now, Iím a 7 year-old Gen-u-ine Livestock Guard Dog, with the ďStay away, Iím working!Ē attitude. My previous owners gave me up, because they couldnít handle my barking. (A Pyr that barks? Preposterous!) Iím great at my job; my last one was with the same flock of goats and sheep for 4 years! All I was doing was taking care of business, like any good LGD would! I have a great smile, double dews, and have all my vetting. So letís add me to your group, so I can do what Iím happiest at doing: Guarding my charges! So if you think I would be just what you are looking for, just go to, and get that application in! Just tell Ďem ďAngel sent me!Ē Thanks!

Name: Anny Anna

Hi! How are you? My name was Anna, but now people call me Annie! Iím a 5 year old Pyr mixed girl, who is confused. Let me explain: My story is as such: I was adopted as a little girl, and Iíve given my life to being a guard to my kids when they were outside playing. Let no coyote or snake come in my domain! Iíve done a wonderful job! Iím a great protector of my family! Iíve killed several copperheads in my yard, and I keep the coyotes away by barking so they wonít try to get in my yard! Letís be honest, Iím part Pyrenees, so barking is bred in me! By my barking, it helps keep the coyotes away from my neighborís houses also. And when I kill a snake, it also stops them from going into their yards, possibly harming them. So you would think that Iím really a neighborhood protector! Unfortunately, the neighbors donít appreciate my helping keep everyone safe, so now I have to find a new furever home. (Sniff Ė Sniff) I just donít understand thisÖ Iím very well behaved in my house, I have great indoor manners, and I devote myself to protecting my family! Itís just not fair! So seeing I need to find a new furever home to call my own, I would prefer a home where I get to be the only 4-legged protector. I want all the guardian duties for myself, and I get all the attention and love! So, if you think you would like a protector, who takes her career seriously, will kill any and all snakes, keep the coyotes away, snuggle on the couch with you, and be your best furever companion, Iím your girl! Now just go to, and get that application in! While there, please check out the other fur friends who are looking for their furever homes! Hope to hear from you soon! Love, Annie!

Name: Apollo

Apollo is an energetic, curious, adorable little guy! He looks like he's going to get to be a big boy when he's grown. He's fun-loving and playful. A Pyr mix (not sure what other breed at this point), with a single dew claw. He's got really soft fur, and is very well behaved in the car. His foster family is still learning about him and will share more as they get to know him!

Name: Apollo LGD

Apollo is a 14 month old energetic boy that is already showing great LGD promise! He loves his chickens and does well with goats. NO ducks or pigs for him though!! He will get along well with the rest of your pack and your barn cats. This boy likes to free range so LGD proof fencing is a must or he will disa-pyr!!! He is lightening fast. Nonetheless, Apollo is willing to please and has been very responsive to his foster. He will require an experienced LGD owner to help him adjust to his new home.

Name: Aurora

** ADOPTION PENDING ** Hello, I am a female Great Pyrenees/Anatolian mix. I am so young and have already lost two homes. The one I was born in- the home who was just giving my littermates and I to anyone at 5 weeks old and my second home who took me in but because I was crying in the house they surrendered me. I am a very sweet girl but am nothing but bones, I am eating very well though and will soon be a normal plump pup! I have single dew claws and some really pretty brown and white markings. I am still getting used to everything so can be a little shy upon first meeting you but will come around after I realize all you want to do is love on me! I am not a fan of being alone and will often try and follow you around and already know how to come in and out of the house for potty. I am not potty trained though and will need to be let out at least every two hours otherwise you might find an "oh oh" ;) Since I am still just a pup I will also need my new home to have a lot of time to spend training me and teach me right from wrong. Currently I can only have a deposit placed on me but I can go home around August 31. I cannot wait to see how many apps I get in on me, I am ready to find my perfect family. One who will actually love and want me! Please go here and fill out an adoption app!

Name: Austin Puppy_Jade

Meet sweet baby Jade! She's working hard on growing up and developing her cute little personality! Puppy Policy: potential adopters who have passed their vet references or have an approved application on file will be able to put down deposit to hold the puppy of their choice. The time and date for deposits will be posted here and on FB. Deposits are in the amount of $103, and can be made using the "donate here" button on the home page. Indicate which puppy the deposit is for. Adopters will be contacted in the order in which deposits are received. If you have your eye on a particular puppy, and your deposit isn't first in line, you will be eligible for refund. DEPOSIT DATE/TIME: WE WILL BEGIN ACCEPING DEPOSITS ON THIS LITTER OF PUPPIES ON SATURDAY, APRIL 1 AT 5PM DEPOSIT: USE THE DONATE BUTTON. DEPOSITS ARE $103 ($3.00 PAYPAL FEE). PLEASE NOTE WHICH PUPPY IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE.

Name: Austin Puppy_Opal

MEDICAL HOLD! DEPOSITS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR THIS PUPPY AT THIS TIME. Opal is one cute, cute girl! She's on medical hold for now, as the vet noticed an unusual heartbeat. We're keeping an eye on it for now, and hope it will clear up as she gets older Puppy policy: potential adopters who have passed their vet references or have an approved application on file will be able to put down deposit to hold the puppy of their choice. The time and date for deposits will be posted here and on FB. Deposits are in the amount of $103, and can be made using the "donate here" button on the home page. Indicate which puppy the deposit is for. Adopters will be contacted in the order in which deposits are received. If you have your eye on a particular puppy, and your deposit isn't first in line, you will be eligible for refund.

Name: Austin Puppy_Pearl

Isn't baby Pearl just adorable? It's so much fun watching them open their eyes and start to learn about the world! Puppy Policy: potential adopters who have passed their vet references or have an approved application on file will be able to put down deposit to hold the puppy of their choice. The time and date for deposits will be posted here and on FB. Deposits are in the amount of $103, and can be made using the "donate here" button on the home page. Indicate which puppy the deposit is for. Adopters will be contacted in the order in which deposits are received. If you have your eye on a particular puppy, and your deposit isn't first in line, you will be eligible for refund. DEPOSIT DATE/TIME: WE WILL BEGIN ACCEPING DEPOSITS ON THIS LITTER OF PUPPIES ON SATURDAY, APRIL 1 AT 5PM DEPOSIT: USE THE DONATE BUTTON. DEPOSITS ARE $103 ($3.00 PAYPAL FEE). PLEASE NOTE WHICH PUPPY IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE.

Name: Austin Puppy_Ruby

Sweet baby Ruby! One of the Austin Jewels. She's working hard to develop her little personality right now. Such a cutie! Puppy policy: potential adopters who have passed their vet references or have an approved application on file will be able to put down deposit to hold the puppy of their choice. The time and date for deposits will be posted here and on FB. Deposits are in the amount of $103, and can be made using the "donate here" button on the home page. Indicate which puppy the deposit is for. Adopters will be contacted in the order in which deposits are received. If you have your eye on a particular puppy, and your deposit isn't first in line, you will be eligible for refund. DEPOSIT DATE/TIME: WE WILL BEGIN ACCEPING DEPOSITS ON THIS LITTER OF PUPPIES ON SATURDAY, APRIL 1 AT 5PM DEPOSIT: USE THE DONATE BUTTON. DEPOSITS ARE $103 ($3.00 PAYPAL FEE). PLEASE NOTE WHICH PUPPY IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE.

Name: Autumn

HI everyone! I am Autumn! My birthday is 10/25/2015. I was adopted, and my new forever home was full of love and happiness. BUTÖ my family was relocated, Iím very gentle, and love to cuddle on the couch. I know how to use a dog door and Iím potty trained and have good house manners. Iím fully vetted and microchipped. I love love to play with other dogs big or small. I have single dew claws. My sister was DNA tested, we all just HAD to know who we were! Iím Half Pyr, (My mommy); and 1/4 American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and 1/4 Golden Retriever. (My daddy). So if you would like to have a furever girl, who is one of the Original Chloeís Daily Diary family, and has all the love in the world for YOU, then you have found me! Just go to, and get an application in! Just tell Ďem ďAutumn sent me!Ē Love, Autumn!

Name: Beaumont

Beaumont was born appx 2/2014. He has had a rough start but with the help of Paws of Beaumont and TGPR he is assured a new beginning. Beaumont was rescued after being hit by a car. He suffered a broken leg that has since been repaired. Even through his pain, he still was gentle and loving. Now that he is on the mend, he is looking for his forever home.

Name: Bella Senorita

ADOPTION PENDING (ST) Bella Senorita and her brother, "Duke" are a pair of pups who were saved by a Hill Country vet after Bella suffered a serious wound to her throat, possibly from barbed wire. The two dogs are about 7 months old and devoted to each other. Bella's throat is healed now, although she will probably never have much of a bark. She and Duke are together at a terrific TGPR foster home where they are continuing to get lots of love and exercise. We hope they may be adopted together. If not, this adorable girl will be a wonderful companion for her own family!

Name: Beowulf

Hello! This big boy came from the Ellis County SPCA with a sore mouth and friendly disposition. He is the epitome of the gentle giant even with an abscessed tooth that was extracted.

Name: Bobbie now Treasure

(ADOPTION PENDING D.R.)Very sweet girl came to TGPR due to a kind man who knew she was starving and couldn't stand to leave her behind. HE called TGPR and the rest is history. She is sweet and playful and ready for a new home!

Name: Bowie

Hi, My name is Bowie, I am new to TGPR and I am going to my new foster home today. My former owner said I was a well behaved sweetie!! More info to come as I settle in to my new foster home My foster Mom says I am being a great pup and I love to play, she has big dogs and they don't like to play because they are older, I would like to go to a home where there is someone who would play with me, I am learning manners and I do very well in a crate Please adopt me to someone who has a playmate for me

Name: Buckle now Mac

Buckle now called Mac, was part of the Arizona hoarding case. Brother to Turkey and Pilgrim, Mac is a handsome, bashful fellow. He is good with other dogs of all sizes, but would really like some sturdy playmates to roughhouse with. He is good around cats, but would like a quiet, low-key home without kiddos, as they make him a little nervous. Most of all, Mac would like a home where he can come out of his shell and become the confident, loving dog he was always meant to be.

Name: Dixie

(ADOPTION PENDING M.F.)Dixie is a very loving puppy that has never met a stranger - loves all dogs both big and small and is great with the cats. If she has a chance she will chase the goat and mini horse. Her house manners are exceptional and I have left her in the house free run for up to 8 hours. At night she is in a crate and goes willingly with a treat for an incentive. She loves to bark but guess that's pretty normal for a Pyr - inside she stops with a firm no!!! You know that because she barks, people will think twice about breaking into your house, no doubt about it you have a dog! She loves her toys and enjoys a game of tug with whoever will play with her. She is non destructive with her toys but loves to take ALL of them or whatever she can find at the moment outside with her. Burying the smaller ones is a special treat!!. She will be perfect for an active family that will take her with them for outings.

Name: Duke

DUKE (Adoption Pending LB): Hey there Pilgrims, Dukeís here! (Not that actor guy John Wayne, but weíre both the coolest!) You can stop looking for your forever companion, youíve found him! Iím a cool kid, a whole 10 months old, with some Akbash mix, to go with my wonderful Pyr-ness! I have short, white fur, and I have double dews! Iím super full of energy. Iím tall, lanky, and very happy! I think Iíll be a big boy when I grow up! My childhood is a bit of a blank, but me and my sister were rescued by a kind vet after my sister Bella was injured by barbed wire. Iím a bit nervous and I cringe when the man where Iím staying makes a move too fast, or when he is talking loud. Iím getting to where I can trust that no one is going to hurt me anymore. Iím not bitter about the past; Iím lookiní to the future! Now I'd like a nice, loving family who will give me a chance to show them how much fun I can be! I like to run, play, and explore, so if I was with a jogger or a hiker that would be GRRREEAT!!!! I also want reassurance and love. Oh, Iím also ok with those smaller furry animals called cats. So if you think Iíd be a great addition to your family, go and get an application in! See ya later, partner! Duke

Name: Ella

Ella and her babies are new to our program. So far she is extremely sweet and loving. The puppies are only about a week old, so we will post and update more about them later. Ella will be available for adoption once the puppies are weaned. Stay tuned!

Name: Faith LGD

Faith & Hope came to TGPR together. They can't wait to find their own herd of goats to guard

Name: Hobble aka Hobbs

Hobbs has had a rough start in life. Approximately 12 months old, he was found as a stray, really thin, with an old leg injury that had healed in a bad position. Lucky for him, he was found and cared for by a vet! Unfortunately, the leg couldn't be saved, but that's not slowing Hobbs down a bit! He seems to be a submissive guy, who wants nothing more than to play, or snuggle up on the couch and sleep. We aren't sure about kitties yet, but he's been good with the other dogs in the house. It doesn't seem like he's used to being inside much, so his house training is in progress. He's on medical hold for now, while he heals up from surgery. Update: 3/23/2017 Hobbs has calmed down a lot and is such a lovebug! He's healing up really nicely but needs to put on some more weight before the vet is willing to allow him to be released from medical hold.

Name: Hope LGD

Came with Faith into TGPR. They can't wait to have their own herd of goats to guard

Name: Jackson LGD

Meet Jackson LGD. He is a great boy that loves being in the pasture. Currently he shares duty with Angel LGD and they make a great team. Jackson is a little shy at first but will warm up to you. Make no mistake though he is an LGD through and through. He is ready to be a guardian to your goats.

Name: June

Hello my name is June, I was born appx March 2016. I just came into this program on 3/4/2017 from the shelter. I am pretty good with other dogs and people. I am still on medical hold due to a case of kennel cough. I hope to see you the 3rd Sunday in March at the Denton PetSmart! Sincerely, June

Name: Kenny

ADOPTION PENDING!!! Meet Kenny, of the South Park Litter!! Born approximately 1/1/7, there are 8 total. 5 boys and 3 girls, They will be ready for adoption in Mid March. We will be taking Deposits starting at 5pm on March 6. Only approved applicants will be able to adopt the puppies. A deposit can only be made if we have checked your references, so get your application in quickly! Please go to and fill out your application. Hi all! My name is Kenny, and Iím the cutest,most adorable puppy in the world! Iím soft, fluffy, love to eat, and play with my 7 other brothers and sisters. Iím 100% Pyrenees, both my mommy and daddy are Pyrs! That makes me the greatest puppy in the world! Anyway, the house my parents live in has 2 more dogs, so they contacted this great rescue, and we went to a house where we are getting lots of food, toys to play with, and the people there love me, and give me all the attention I want! Weíre not ready to go to our furever homes yet. So just keep looking on my Auntie Chloeís Facebook Page, (Chloeís Daily Diary), and Sheíll let yall know when we are ready for our furever homes! Thanks, Kenny!

Name: Lady

Hi! My nameís Lady, and Iím about 8 Ė 9 years old. Everyone thought I was about 15, and that hurt my feelers! Iím not a teenager anymore; I donít need to be older than I am! Iím a Sweet Senior! Anyway, Iím past thatÖ I used to work, guarding my goats, and then I decided to go into semi-retirement and guard the little grandkids when they would come out and play. (Goats/kids Ė same difference, both keep ya busy!) My family had some serious health problems, and I had to find a new place to live. It made me sad, but we have to accept things as they happen. I love the outdoors, most of my life I stayed there. But let me tell you, I sure love being inside now! I have great indoor manners! Now that Iím retired, all I want is a soft bed in a warm place, with a loving family! Iím a quiet lady, I have a touch of arthritis, (who doesnít at my age?) but I get some nice supplements to help me with that. I really prefer my food as a nice mix of the wet and dry stuff. (Makes it easier on me!) The foster Iím living with right now has 3 other pups, and I prefer if they just leave me alone. I like the quiet. Iím crate trained, and when my fosters are cooking, itís where I stay. (Iím ashamed to admit it, but I get a bit food aggressive when their food is out.) I just go in my crate, and they shut the door, so it works for all of us. Overall, I really hope I can find a nice, quiet home with a loving family who will let me enjoy the golden years! If you think you would like a lady like me, please go get that application in! While there, check out the others who are also looking for their forever homes! Thank you for spending some time with me! Hugs,Lady!

Name: Legend

Hello my name is Legend. I am male all vetted. I was born approx 11/2010. I am trained inside the house and outside the house. I love people, car rides and all other animals which include other dogs, cats goats pony's ducks chickens. I am what Legends are made of..truly a very gentle giant. As far as what am I made of, well my ears and body appear to be like a German Shepard, color is like a Golden and my previous owner said that I was part Great Pyrenees. Hope to be Yours, Legend

Name: Loretta Lynn

Hi Yíall! My name is Loretta Lynn, and Iím a good, Ďol country gal, just like that singer lady Loretta Lynn! We share the name, and our love for the country life! "When youíre lookiní at me, youíre lookiní at country!Ē Iím about 7 years old, and a very sweet, and beautiful lady! Would you agree? My past home was with a wonderful lady, and some other Pyrs in the country. It was the "Best years of my life" (It looks like thereís a theme here!) Well, my story is as such: I was all happy, enjoying my life, and my lady got very sick. (Sniff) Unfortunately, we were all scared, because who wants a mature pup? It seems that everyone wants the youngíuns! This was one of "My darkest days". Then this great rescue came, and I went to a great foster who gives me love and attention. But letís be honest, yíall: "I've got a picture of y'all on my mind", and all Iím really wanting is my very own furever home, with my very own furever family! I promise to be the best furry family member yíall will ever want! Youngíuns are cute and fun, but you canít beat a mature pup! That would be "Success!" So I'm waiting, if you would like some more info on me, and to put that application in! Please don't "Lead me on"! Love, Loretta Lynn, Your ďHonky-Tonk Girl!Ē

Name: Maximus

MEDICAL HOLD Maximus (est. DOB April 2016) is a lively 10 month old Pyr pup. He was surrendered from a loving home because he insisted on chasing their horse and they feared he would get hurt. Aside from that, he is the best pup...friendly, affectionate and curious about the world around him. Max is already neutered and up to date on his shots-- he is ready to go! Max is housetrained and will even use a pee pad if you leave one out for him. He loves affection and you just can't help but hug and love on this snuggle bug. Updated 3/6/17: While at his foster home, Max went after the resident kitty. The other dogs didn't appreciate that and now he's a bit insecure around other dogs. We are going to spend a little time working on that, as doggie social skills are VERY important. Good news: we met up with a few kiddos at Home Depot this weekend and he was unfazed by the poking and petting. WIN!

Name: Parker

Parker (DOB 8/8/2016) is an adorable BIG fuzzy boy, who is nearly 7 months old. He has just come to TGPR. Parker's family had to surrender him because he barked too much while they were at work and the neighbors complained. He is super friendly, but a little nervous about leaving his home. Not to worry! His foster home is Pyr paradise! Look for more info on Parker as we get to know him better.

Name: Pearl

ON MEDICAL HOLD: My name is Pearl, I came into TGPR because someone wanted to help me get my broken leg fixed. More to come about me after I recuperate from my surgery. Update: I am 70% healed from my accident. The vet told me that in a month I can get spayed and start my HW fast kill treatment. Not sure what all that means but my foster Mom was happy. Pearl. Update: Now with her leg fully healed and spayed Pearl is ready to start her HW treatment. Pearl tolerates some dog, will even play with them, but not others. She is very friendly with humans of all sizes though. She will resource guard 'special' treats but is fine in her foster pack with normal daily treats.

Name: Quincy

Quincy is a handsome three year old Pyr mix (possibly Golden Retriever). He came to us at 18 months old and was just the friendliest guy when adopted about a year ago. Recently has become less confident and uncertain. His adoptive family sadly surrendered him for being too rough with visiting children, although he has been great with the family kids. The family feels he would do best in a home with older children. We have sent him to a boarding/training facility so that we can see what is going on. We expect that he will regain that happy and goofy confidence that he had earlier. More to come!

Name: Sadie Lew

Hello My name is Sadie Lew! I was born approx 1/19/2013. I was in the shelter due to being left behind when my owners moved on without me. I am now with a pack of dogs and some cats. While I do get along with the dogs and cats, I am still a tad protective of my food. Not bad but I can make a sound or so. I am a really great gal. Love Sadie Lew!

Name: Sally Sue

Howdy! Iím Sally Sue, and itís great to meet yíall! Iím a 4 Ĺ year old Great Pyrenees girl, and my story could be seen as a sad one, but hey, everyone has rough times in their livesÖ itís all about how you handle it, and to rise above it! It all started on August 26, 2012. Why is that day great? I was born!! My youth was like all other pups with a happy furever home, I was happy, and had an owner who loved me and took care of me. Well, sadly, my owner passed away, (sniff-sniff) and her family didnít want to have to care for me. (That would make them my family too, right?) Anyway, they tossed me to the outside world; they didnít care a bit what I was going to do! So Iím out in the cold, cruel world, with no one to care for me! I was so confused and sad Ė I started to lose faith and trust in people. My beautiful coat got filthy and matted. I looked like a mongrel, not a Great Pyrenees! Then, along came this place called the City Shelter, and they took me in, and contacted this wonderful rescue, and they got me to a ďFosterĒ, who has been giving me love, care, good food, and making me feel like I matter! I had to have my once-beautiful coat shaved because it was in such bad shape, but its growing back, and will be beautiful again! Iím a calm girl, in pretty good health, and Iím learning that all people arenít hateful and cruel, and itís ok to trust again. I donít want you to feel sad, what I want is for you to either inquire about me, or fill out an application. If anything, just go and see all of us pups looking for our furever homes! Bye Yíall! Sally Sue!

Name: Scully

Good day to all! Hi, my nameís Scully, and Iím a Great Pyrenees mix! Iím 5 years old this month, and I would LOVE for this to be the year I find a family who just CANíT live without me! As you can see, Iíve got almost all the Pyr traits: Iím white, I have double dews, (for some reason itís important!) and Iím just totally lovable! I will admit, Iím a bit timid, until I get to know you. As long as you show me love and patience, Iíll warm right up to you! I love to run and play, and everyone is my friend, as long as youíre another pup, a cat, or a youngíun! I especially enjoy looking my best, so Iíll sit, and let you brush me, and keep me looking ďfabulous!Ē I have good indoor manners, and I know what the ďdoggie doorĒ is for, and I havenít had any accidents to prove it! I promise to stay off the couch or your bed, unless itís stormy, then all I want is to be is right next to you, so I can protect you from the thunderstorms, and keep you safe! I do have a health issue, but Iím on a low-dose medicine that I take every day for my kidneys. So Iím doing just fine! Iím ďfixedĒ (donít know about that one Ė I didnít know I was broke!) and have all my vetting. I really want a furever home with a nice yard, with kids and maybe another pup about my age to run and play with, and a family who will give me all the love, attention, and caring a pup would want, and I promise to love yíall and be the bestest pup I can be! So if you would like to find out more about me, just go to! Iíll be waiting! Thanks for stopping by! Scully

Name: Shira

Hello, I am Shira, I am a young quiet girl born approx Jan 2015. I came into the Great Pyrenees program because I brought several Great Pyr mix puppies with me. I may have a little Great Pyrenees in my lineage but seem to be more on the side of a German Shepherd I am on the smaller side and will be only around 65-70 lbs. I am great with other dogs, cats and am crate and house trained. I am an amazingly sweet girl and give the best kisses! I am always happy to see you no matter what and just want a family who will love me as much as I love them! I am still a little timid when it comes to fast movements but have come quite far as in on the couch to cuddle! I want a family who understands I need some time to come around and trust them but realize that once I have they will be my one and only! Love Shira

Name: Solomon

Howdy ya all! Solomon here! I have been everywhere man..that is a song isn't it?? Anyway, I was born approx Jan 2014 and have literally been in the wild on my own. I was caught by Duck Team Six and brought to came into TGPR. Well just like the others I now know where the good life is and is all about. I am a very happy boy, get along very well with other dogs, cats and people. I am available for adoption. Come out and see me...better yet adopt me! Thank you Sarah Spiker Rainey for giving me the first chance at fostering. It does take a village for sure..Yours Solomon...

Name: Sophie

ADOPTION PENDING (E&JM) Hello I am Sophie. My estimated birthday according the the shelter where I was left was 5-28-2015. I am a young girl, but I am so calm and mature already. My first place at TGPR was a ranch where I was tested to see if I might be a livestock guardian. I thought the sheep and goats were OK, but I didn't want to stay with those animals. In my "neighborhood foster home" I am very happy to stay in the house and yard, because people are near. Yes, I love people, including children. Other dogs are fun too! I will follow you anywhere you go. I am very sweet, and now I've learned to be a companion dog. I even walk well on a leash. (Please note: Sophie remains "adoption pending" because of a variety of medical concerns that need to be addressed prior to adoption.)

Name: Stranger Scout

Hi! My name is Stranger/Scout: ďYou can call me Stranger, or you can call me Scout, Iíll answer either name; just donít call me late to eat!Ē Iím almost 4 years old, and a big, good-looking dude! Iím a Pyr/Lab mix, so my fur is soft and white but Iím not fluffy! But Iím very huggable! Iíve been told that Iím too sweet and lovable for my own good! I really want to snuggle, be hugged, or cuddle on the couch and watch TV with you! I love to take walks, so letís get my leash out, and see how far we can go! I need a back yard with a GOOD fence, at least 5 ft. tall fence, so I donít become a ďDissa-PyrĒ! I love to run! Because of me loving to run, it cost me a great family. I would slip out, and we would play ďcatch me if you canĒ. I was having fun, but if I had known it was making my family angry, I would have let them catch me. I didnít mean to be so frustrating! So now, I need to find me a new furever home, with a new family that I can love, and to be loved. (Please just have a good fence!) I do love to chase cattle and livestock! Itís so fun to watch them run! (I know... I'm not supposed to!) I love everyone, (cats, dogs, and kids!) and Iím still a puppy at heart. I donít know my own size or strength, So those kids need to be a bit older. I really hope that I can find that furever family who will let me be an ďinsideĒ pup, Is it YOURS?? So let me end this by saying if you would like to check me out or have any more questions, just go to Or you can just put an application in! Thanks! Stranger/Scout!

Name: Vernon

Hi everyone! My name is Vernon, and even though Iím white and NOT fluffy. I am what is known as Akbash. I am a cousin to the Great Pyrenees. I also have LOTS of energy! I was born approximately January 2016, (heck, I canít really tell the months, so this is what Iíve heard from others!) When I was younger, I was alone and scared, and thought no one would ever love me! But a nice person found me, and sent me to this great rescue! Iím working on learning how to walk on a leash; I know how to use a doggie door, and Iím ok with other pups, kids, AND cats! I have a timid side to me when I meet new people. I guess itís from my time alone. As I said, I have LOTS of energy, and would love a forever home with kids and pups to run and play with! So if you would like to check me out, or some of my other pup brothers and sisters, just go and have a look-see! Hopefully one of us will grab your fancy! Nice meeting you, Vernon!


Hi! My name is Xena, and Iím considered a Warrior Princess, because Iíve had to be tough and protect myself on the hard cold streets! (And Iíve got the scars to prove how tough I am!) Ok, okÖ Iím a super sweet girl, and Chloeís daddy can attest to that! He met me, and he gave me attention and it was great! I wanted to climb in his lap, and show him how much I love people! I would love to be near you, and will be your personal foot warmer! I know a few basic commands, and I know how to act on a leash. Iíd be wonderful in a home as the only fur baby, or with a smaller pup. I get scared when around other large pups, but thatís because of my having to forage to survive. If I didnít be a toughie, Iíd hate to think what would have happened to me! At this time, Iím working with a nice lady who is an ďanimal behavioristĒ to help me with my issues. (I think sheís a psychiatrist for pups!) I know when Iím feeling safe and loved, Iím the most wonderful fluffy pup around! Remember, my nameís Xena! Thanks!

Name: Zeus LGD

Zeus and his brother Apollo came to us by way of the Houston AC. They are picked up accidentally on the ranch they grew up on by someone inexperienced with LGDs. Zeus bit the person who tried to manhandle him into a kennel!! After a 7 day hold, TGPR went and evaluated him. Zeus is an alpha dog and will need an experienced handler. Nevertheless he is very bonded with Apollo and takes his direction from his brother. HE is a good perimeter pyr that has quickly learned to patrol the property with Apollo and the foster's other pyrs. He is learning to stay away from the ducks, he has no issues with Chickens. This dog will be a jewel once his fully trained and settled on the right property.