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All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Angel Grace
My name is Angel Grace. I was born 10/16. I was born on a farm and have been around all kinds of animals and am well behaved. Sadly my family had to leave their home very abruptly and the new landlord does not like a barking dog!!They had no chance and there were tears but they brought me to TGPR who has promised to find me a new home and a new family to call my own. I do well around chickens, cats, and children. I am friendly and know my commands. I am young and will run if I have the chance so a secure fence line is essential. Might I work in your home? read more


Name: Bearron
MEDICAL HOLD BEARRON (est DOB 2/14/2015) is a big, gentle guy who loves everyone, especially small children. Before coming to TGPR, he had a hard life, but it didn't diminish his positive attitude one bit. He was tied up in a yard and the collar was so tight it cut into his neck. But with room to play in a fenced yard and lots of healthy food, he is doing great now and so happy! We had to shave off his coat because it was such a mess, but now it's all growing back and he is so handsome! He recently broke his leg, but has had surgery and will soon be good as new! This wonderful dog loves to be outside, but at night, he wants to be in with his family for lots of love and hugs! read more


Name: Betsy
NEW! Betsy is such a smart girl. She was lost, but managed to find her way to the home of a caring TGPR foster. We think she is about three years old. She is up to date on her vaccinations, heartworm negative, and doing very well. Her foster reports that she gets along with her other dogs and had no reaction to cats. In addition, she is very affectionate and loves to give kisses and the Pyr paw. We can't wait to find out what lucky people Betsy will choose for her forever family! They sure will be lucky! read more


Name: Chase
(ADOPTION PENDING J.K) Chase is a lovely dog! He came out of a shelter, where he was slated for euthanasia if he wasn't picked up, and thanks to a good samaritan, we got him! He has adjusted to live as a house dog, and loves some AC! He's good with other dogs, but LIVES to lazy around and hang out with the kiddos. We think he's part Golden Retriever, and he's on the small side for a male Pyrenees. Chase is on medical hold for a little bit while he recovers from surgery. We found a lump on his chest recently, and at the recommendation of the vet, we had it removed. He's recovering nicely so far, and will be available for adoption once he's healed up. read more


Name: Chloe
(MEDICAL HOLD) Meet Ms. Chloe! She's a wonderful girl! Sweet, loves all people and dogs. SUPER good with kids. She is VERY laid back and calm. Her former family made the very difficult decision to rehome her because of their career - BOTH of them are in the military and had been sent to training in different states! It was getting hard on Chloe to be left behind, and moved around. This girl is calm and mellow. She's determined and lovely, snuggly and sweet! She settled into her foster home nicely, but her health took a brief turn. She's stable now, but on medical hold while her body adjusts to her new medication regime. read more


Name: Cody
Hi! My name is Cody! I'm a sweet, loveable guy who just had a run of back luck. My brother Maxwell and I had it pretty good... you can see we didn't miss any meals! Our new vet doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. A couple of months ago, our mom got sick and passed away. We are pretty sad about it, but her daughter was amazing and brought us home with her. She can't keep us forever, but wanted to be sure we got good "forever" homes with families who understand the needs of bigger guys like us. If you think a big, fluffy love-bug might be missing from your life, please fill out the application! We'd love to meet you! P.S. as a bonus, my adoption fee is only $250! read more


Name: Daphne di Italia
Hi! My name is Daphne, and Iím a 2 year old Great Pyrenees/Shepherd mix lady. Iím looking for that furever home, where I can feel safe and protected from those scary storms! This past May, I was out on a walk-a-bout,(as all us Pyrs do!) and there were storms, and I had nowhere to go! I found a garage and the door was open, so I high-tailed it in there, and found a place to hide. The very nice people found me hiding, and let me stay. I made lots of friends in the neighborhood. Iíd get my exercise by taking walks with some nice ladies, and then Iíd go visiting. But I always would go back to that nice garage at night. Another storm came, and when the thunder started, it scared me, and I ran off. While trying to get away from the storm, I got myself arrested! But the police was nice, and took me to a shelter. I was bailed out by the nice people who let me sleep in the garage. I caught a cough from the shelter, and had to stay away from the other pups. When I was better, I got to meet and play with the other pups; itís so nice to have friends!I still donít like loud noises like thunder, and feel confined in tight spaces. I donít like to go for rides, (reminds me too much of getting arrested!) Iím very stubborn, and if you want me to do something, and I donít feel like it, Iíll just lie down! Iím learning house manners. I stay off the furniture, and donít potty in the house! I know how to do some tricks also! I can "sit", ďlay downĒ, and ďgo to bedĒ. Iím getting to like my crate, where my bed is. I know how to walk on a leash. When itís time to eat, Iím a bit greedy. I donít like to share my food or my toys. They are mine! I love kids, other pups, and to be scratched and loved on. My fosters say Iím calm, sweet, and very loving. Iím a great protector, and will let you know if anyone is around at night! I also will keep all those dangerous bunnies away, and if needed, I will fly over a 4-foot fence to chase them off. So thatís my story, if you need to know any more, please ask! Thanks for reading my story! Daphne! read more


Name: DAX
(ADOPTION PENDING S.E.)DAX - Awaiting info from Foster....stay turned read more


Name: Dolly
(MEDICAL HOLD)As you can see, Dolly has had a rough go of it. Originally the shelter couldn't even estimate her age correctly because she was in such rough shape. We had her tested for everything and she's a very lucky girl. HW- and negative for mange! She's got a horrible infection in both ears, and her skin is super irritated from a massive flea infestation. We've rid her of fleas and had her professionally bathed. She's already feeling much better! She will be available for adoption as soon as we get her vetted, get her ears treated and have her spayed. She is a LARGE girl, weighing in at about 87 lbs (and she's thin), quiet and sweet! She's a keeper for sure! Watch for updated photos as we get her healed up and feeling better. Update 5/02: Dolly has had a fractured tooth extracted and was spayed. She's recovering nicely, and with that tooth gone, we hope she'll put on some weight and her fur will grow back faster! read more


Name: Elvis
Hi, Iím Elvis, and "Are you lonesome tonight?" Well I want to be ďYour Hound Dog!Ē Iím a four-month old Anatolian/Pyr boy! My mommy is a Pyr, and my dad's an Anatolian/Pyr mix. I was born about June 1st. Let me tell you a story: My mommy and daddy live in a nice house, with nice people. Well, mommy and daddy decided to have some kiddies, and here we are: me, my brother and my sister. But no one let the people there know, so they were sure surprised! It felt like a "Heartbreak Hotel", and we were "All Shook Up!" They didnít want to keep us, and mommy and daddy, so they let this nice rescue know about us, and we went to stay in a nice house, with other pups, and we have so much fun! I love to run and play with them! I have double dews: I donít know what that means, but everyone sure likes to know it! Iím very friendly; Iím a bit nosy and like to check things out. I don't have "A Suspicious Mind", I love people! Iím a "Hunk-a Hunk-a Burning Love!"; Iíll snuggle with you and watch TV with you! One of my favorite shows is ďFuturamaĒ, itís so funny! When I first come in from playing outside, I get a bit excited because I want to make sure Iím not missing anything. I do calm down afterwards. I have good house manners, and I know to let you know when I need to go outside, or if you have a "Doggie Door" or a screen door, I'll let myself out! I have good food manners, I know how to share my meal! When its bed time, and my foster mom tells me "It's bed time" I know to go into my crate to sleep all by myself! It makes me feel safe and warm. The people say I'm "crate trained". Iím also learning how to walk on a leash. So just give me a bone or two to chew on, play with me, and give me a place to run, and Iíll be your loving, furever pal! I sure want to be "Stuck on You!" So if you would like to know more about me, just go and ask about me! "It's Now or Never!" You can also check on my brother and sister, and many other pups looking for their furever homes! TCB, Baby! Later, Elvis! read more


Name: Erin
Hi, I'm Erin, and I want to be your little fluffy furever family member! I'm four-months old, and I was born about June 1st. Im such a cute little girl, with soft white fur! Let me tell you about me: My mommy is a Pyr, and my dad is an Anatolian/Pyr mix. So that makes me Ĺ Pyr, Ĺ Anatolian! My mommy and daddy live in a nice house, with some nice people, and after a while, they wanted to have some kids. Well, a little while later, we showed up! All three of us! We were a surprise to the nice people, and they couldnt keep us and mommy and daddy, so they let this nice rescue know about us, and we kids all went to live in some nice houses. I miss my brothers at times, but the people I'm living at now are super nice, and I have other pups to run and play with all day! They are so fun! Im a bit shy when I first meet new people, but Ill warm up to you very quick! Ill be protective of you! I like to be inside, and when inside, Im very calm. I love to lay around and get petted! I have good house manners, and Im potty trained. Im learning how to walk on a leash, I like to go for morning runs, and Im crate trained. I do complain a bit at first, but then quiet down and go to sleep.. When we eat, Im not aggressive one bit! One little thing though... I just LOVE plain McDonalds cheeseburgers!(Hint, Hint!) So when Im inside, just give me a bone, and Ill lie on the nearest doggie bed, and chew away! I love toes also, so if you leave those wiggly things around, I might try to nibble on them! So thats about it: Im a easy-going young lady. Just give me a bone or two to chew on, a doggie bed to lie on, play with me, and give me a place to run, and Ill be your loving, furever pal! So if you would like to know more,just ask about me! You can also check on my brothers, and many more pups who also are looking for their furever homes also! Take care, Erin! read more


Name: Flynn
(ADOPTION PENDING N.C.)Hi everyone! My name is Flynn. I was born approx 4/2015 which make me a 2 year old Great Pyrenees, Whoís a very happy guy, in a very happy place in my life right now! It was a bit sketchy at first, but every day itís better and better! Sit down, and let me tell ya all about it! I was on a wandering tour of Terrell, just a-seeiní all the sights that Terrell has to offer, and I was being given some great meals by a friendly lady. I continued my sight-seeing tour, and got hurt. I went back to the nice lady, and she got me to a doctor, who was so nice and helpful! She took care of my injuries, and ďfixedĒ me (a nice way to say she neutered me!) The nice lady who helped me out called this great rescue, and I was given a wonderful home with some kitties, another pyr pup, and a little girl! We have so much fun together! I love to play with the pup and the little girl! The cats are funny: I try to be a friend to them, and all they want to do is play chase! I love attention, and will snuggle with you if you let me! I went to visit a home, and I learned how much I love treats! The people there were so nice to me; they gave me LOTS of petting and treats, and they kept saying how nice and friendly I was! I couldnít quit smiling! It was SO nice to have people say I was a ďvery good boy!Ē I have good house manners. I stay off the furniture, know to do my potty business outside, and am learning to use a crate. Iíll do some tricks for you also! (If I feel like it!) I know how to ďsitĒ and ďlay downĒ. Iím also learning how to walk with you on a leash. Iíd prefer to not be on one, but if thatís what it takes to live with you, Iíll learn! Iím not sure about water spraying out of a hose. I didnít like it when my foster mom tried to rinse off my leg. I prefer to eat by myself also, because I had to scavenge to find my meals! So if you pick me to be your furever friend, you definitely wonít regret it! Flynn! read more


Name: Gidget
I am going to anew foster home where I can lots of TLC and decompress, more to come -------- Gidget came in severely underweight, injured, and having just had a litter of pups. She is very timid but with the help of her fosters she is starting to learn that food comes regular and maybe people are there to love you. I came through my heart worm treatment with no side effects, now I have to gets lots of rest so all the worms die If my foster parents dont adopt me I should be ready to go to my forever home in a few weeks read more


Name: Honey Bear
My name is Honey Bear. I am a 2 yr old chicken pyr who was abandoned at a crack house with chickens. I like chickens and won't mess with them, but my true love is people. All I really want is to know the love of a good family I am very affectionate and loving. Are you ready to have girl that loves to love? read more


Name: Indie
MEDICAL HOLD My name is Indie and I am a little squirt! Turns out I have a little medical issue that TGPR is really working hard to cure!! The Doctors don't know why but my kidneys aren't working properly. While things are improving and I feel a LOT better, I am not out of the woods yet. My foster says that despite my health issues I am playful loving and sweet. Do you think you could take me on? I promise I am a good good girl. read more


Name: Ivy
More info coming soon....Sweet female approx. 3 years old. read more


Name: Jeanette
(ADOPTION PENDING K.P.)Jeannie is definitely an alpha personality so she would thrive with other dogs that are more submissive in nature. She loves kids, and her people really are her main loves. Her environment with her last family created a social behavior in her so that she needs time to adjust to meeting new dogs. She seems to show more separation anxiety when left in the crate. When her people leave the house, she will cry. But after the first few days here, she's had the run of the house with the rest of my crew and does fine. Definitely gate off the kitchen because she's a counter-surfer and will sneak anything edible she can find! She is the best companion!! She follows you around the house, lays down and falls asleep if you're in the same spot for more than a minute. She really is a doll. read more


Name: Jerry
Jerry is a big, badger-faced 2 year old who was found wandering with his buddy Tom. They were hungry, scared, and loaded with Gulf Coast ticks. It appeared the boys had been outside dogs, as they were nervous about going inside at first. But in just a couple days, Jerry showed what an affectionate guy he is! He is getting along very well with his foster's two dogs and several cats. He still likes to bark at "things that go bump in the night", but he is learning that it's OK to do his patrolling on the "day shift" instead of at night. This handsome boy seems to be very confident and is adapting quickly to a happy and healthy environment! More to come soon! Jerry likes attention from kids and is good with other dogs and horses. read more


Name: Jessie Green
Hi! My name is Jessie Green, and Iím sure glad to meet ya! Iím a 2 Ĺ year old lady, and Iím told I have such pretty markings and a beautiful smile! Sit down, and let me tell you about my storyÖ My human mommy had a little person, and was overwhelmed with taking care of us, so I went to a home, but their fence was not so great, and seeing I love to roam and explore, I would slip out, and go a-wandering! When out one time, I met a nice boy, and ended up a little bit pregnant! After me babies, found homes, the people there could not keep me, so they found me a very nice lady to foster me, until I get lucky and find my very own furever home! My foster mom has been making sure Iím putting on my before puppy weight, and is giving me all the love and attention I can handle! Iím VERY sweet and gentle, and I appreciate the privilege of having a nice home with caring people, and show it! Iím potty trained, I have great house manners, I like my crate for my ďalone timeĒ, and I like other pups and even cats! Kids are fun also! I can run and play with them! I do like my privacy when I eat, Iím not being greedy, Iím just learning that I donít have to worry about meals anymore. And Iím learning how to walk on a leash. Playful and seem to really enjoy being around children. It would be great if I could be adopted with my pal Tom. My foster has horses and I am fine with them too. So, if you have any questions, or think Iíd be perfect for your family, please go to INFO@TXPYRS.ORG, and ask! Remember, my name is Jessie Green! Thanks for listening! read more


Name: Jolie
Hi I am Jolie. A Collie/Pyr cross I was found roaming the streets and a nice person brought me to the shelter before I got hit by a car. I had no collar or microchip. The shelter was very noisy and very lonely and I was scared. Luckily, the shelter people called TGPR and got me out of there. This whole Harvey thing is a bit daunting and frightening for me as well. I am great with people and kids. I get along with some dogs, as long as they know I am in charge. The boys are not my fav though as they tend to think they are in charge. Honestly though, I would like to be the only dog because I want all the attention! Now that I am out and away from Harvey, I hope I can find a family soon. Preferably with nobody in the house named Harvey. Just kidding. Even foster would be great! I had to go into boarding because of all the flooding and such. Update: Jolie is a very sweet girl who is starving for attention. She's a wonderful snuggler and just a sweet lovebug! She does have more of a border collie personality and would do best in an active home, with a job. Perhaps agility or even working as a herding dog! She needs a little training, but she's EXTREMELY intelligent and will make a FANTASTIC dog for someone looking for a fluffy, smart companion. read more


Name: Jordan
(medical hold) until she has recovered from spay surgery. Jordan came from a shelter down in San Angelo, TX. She's new to TGPR, but is in foster care now. Thus far she is good with kids, other dogs and ignores cats. Presently a little on the thin side for her small frame. Housebroken is yet to be confirmed. read more


Name: Judson
I was found laying on the sidewalk by 2 nice ladies who thought I was dead Once I heard there voices I picked up my head and they immediately came over to check on me, by the looks of me they knew I was roaming around for quite a while, I barely had any hair because of all the fleas and other insects that were crawling on body. The ladies took me to the vet and got all my shots, meds for itchy skin, and meds for my ears that were hurting, the lady that found took me home and I was so exhausted I slept for 3 days. I am really skinny now but I am getting some good food so I should be putting on weight real soon, more to come as I settle in my new foster home My energy abounds, gaining weight,fur growing back,I am very smart, sit, stay drop it,give, no,out, go lie down. I dont always respond as fast as my Mom wants. I love to go running I give big kisses and the pyr paw. I like to be brushed but chewing on it is more fun I love to nap on the tile, the other dogs bed and on the couch. I like music when you leave me and if I'm invited I will hop in your bed, I'm getting better at getting housebroken I share a water bowl and wait my turn for treats Mom says I dont gobble my food anymore since I always have food available read more


Name: Leonides
Leonides was born around 7/1/2015. This sweet boy is learning the ropes in a home. He is an absolute sweetheart and craves your love. He is not crazy about other big dogs. He has no issues with little dogs. Leonides has been diagnosed with right hip dysplasia, for which he is being evaluated. The vet has recommended exercise, and a glucosamine supplement. read more


Name: Lilah
Lilah is a calm 1 year-old snugglebug who loves to be around people. She also enjoys roaming in the backyard looking for squirrels to chase. Lilah likes playing with calm dogs, she is cat tested and is wonderful with children. Excellent on leash as well! read more


Name: Louise Simone
(ADOPTION PENDING J.R.)Hi, my nameís Simone Louise, and Iím an Anatolian/Pyr girl born 3/1/2017 which make me about 4 months now, and a very happy girl! Why am I so happy? Iím happy, because lifeís so wonderful! Let me tell you all about me: I was born on a farm, with 9 other brothers and sisters. The farmer was able to find homes for all of us, and my sister Thelma and me went to a very nice lady who unfortunately was unable to care for us properly, and she wanted to make sure we had all the chances to succeed. So she asked her daughter to take us to our foster home. Now, we get to run, play, and just have fun with the family and all the pups there! I really love attention; I will try to sit in your lap if you let me! Iím a little bit shy, until I get to know you. Then watch out! I sure love to be petted and cuddled! I love all other pups both big and small, and can play rough! I love to chew on bones and chew toys! But thatís because Iím teething. I know what a crate is, and I have good house manners. Iím still learning not to potty in your house! If you think you would like to find out more about me, and maybe want to make me a furever friend, just got to INFO@TXPYRS.ORG, and ask about me! Bye! read more


Name: Maggie
******ADOPTION PENDING ******Maggie was the victim of hit and run driver who seemed to hit her on purpose, according to her rescuers, who saw the accident. They took her to an ER vet for immediate care. Attempts to find her family failed. The fosters took in this brave seven year old girl and eventually contacted TGPR, knowing she needed expert surgery. They report that even in pain, her sweet personality has been evident. Maggie has now had that surgery and her broken bones are held in place with metal plates. She will be on very restricted activity for 2 months. More to come as she heals and prepares for her forever home! read more


Name: Mamasita
Mamasita was born approx 6.2014. She came into TGPR with 3 pups. They have been adopted and now it is her turn. Complete with double dews, a cheeky grin, and the SWEETEST disposition, Mama really is a love pig. She is no doubt a family people human dog. She can be a bit stern about her space or food, but who can blame her after having to forage for food with three puppies. She is so gentle and calm with children Come and see her in the DFW area! Thanks from Mamasita! read more


Name: Maverick
(Medical Hold) Maverick, a gambler by nature bet on the wrong person. He was found at kill shelter emaciated and he is estimated to be about 5 years old. However, his luck took a turn for the better when TGPR stepped in and his foster family is taking great care of him. He is on medical hold because he's not eating as well as he should, so we have him on the calendar for a full veterinary evaluation to figure out if the not eating is a medical issue we need to resolve before he can be released for adoption. As for his personality; he has a sweet, laid back nature, he's quiet right now but this might change with time. He loves people of all ages and is good with small dogs. When it comes to housebreaking, he has some learning to do. We believe he may have been a outdoor only dog thus far, but he's learning that inside temps are nicer with air conditioning. Plus, he gets to hang out with people! read more


Name: Maximus
(ADOPTION PENDING L.S.)Maximus is a special guy, with some special needs. He's only about 17 months old, but in his first 11 months of life, this poor guy had FIVE different homes, with FIVE different families. Due to his upbringing, he is understandably insecure. With Maximus havening bounced around so much, his adjustment period to a new environment can take upward of two months for him to really adjust to his new environment and settle in with his people, and can take a little longer for him to really relax and settle in. We need to be honest. His insecurities present themselves in the form of ... well... marking. He seems to feel the need to remind you, and everyone else, that he lives here now. What that means, is he'll need to stay in a belly band (aka doggy diaper for boys) whenever he's unsupervised for the first weeks or even months. Once he's settled and starts to feel confident in his new home, it does stop. Maximus really thrives with routine and a regular schedule. It helps him feel secure. Now for the good parts. Maximus is SO FUNNY and smart!. He's great with other dogs, loves to chase and wrestle and play. He plays gently with smaller dogs, and rough houses with the big boys. He's taught two of the resident Pyr at his foster home how to play like dogs, which has been amazing to see. If the other dogs, who are lower energy than he, don't feel like playing? No problem! He'll toss a ball or stuffed toy and chase after it, entertaining himself! He's smart and loving and a big goofball. He's been good with kids of all ages, though he should be supervised with the little ones. Did we mention he's almost 90 lbs of puppy? He sleeps upside down with his feet up on the wall or on the foot of the bed. He trained himself to eat meals in his crate. He has put himself in the crate every single mealtime since. He even goes in there whenever the treat bag gets picked up! Maximus is a special guy. He's WONDERFUL, if he's given enough time to adjust. He needs consistent, reliabl read more


Name: Maxwell
Hi guys! My name is Maxwell. My brother Cody and I had a good life in north Texas, but then our mom got sick and passed away. We are pretty broken up about it. Her amazing daughter came and got us, though, and brought us home with her. She was really worried we would end up in a bad, scary shelter! We are so grateful to her for that. We are easy going, loveable, fluffy guys who are looking for a home where we can lay around, maybe play a little, and go for walks. As you can tell, we didn't miss any meals, and need a bit of a diet. Our doctor doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. I think that's a good thing? Anyway, if you are looking for a laid back companion (or two?), all you need to do is fill out the application and someone will be in touch! P.S. My adoption fee is only $250! read more


Name: Midas
(ADOPTION PENDING M.B.) Meet Midas! Poor guy has had it RUFF! Get it?! Good with dogs and cats and kids - oh my! He's on medical hold while he's healing up and gaining weight. He's heartworm positive, so going through treatment for that as well. Watch for updates! Want to help with his care? You can donate on the website, and mention his name! Midas (and TGPR) will very much appreciate it! read more


Name: Monte Montgomery
Hi my name is Monty Montgomery, I was found in a shelter but TGPR hooked me up with a great foster. I am about 1 year of age, still figuring out the housebreaking thing cause I spent allot of time outside before being taken to the shelter. I like kids, dogs and cats. I am easy going in nature, but could use some training and a loving family. I am not a fan of crates but I do walk well on a leash and love to play with toys and wrassle with other dogs. read more


Name: Opal
I have to get lots of rest and some good foods, I have been on my own for a while and I am very weak My foster Mommy will get me up and running in no time and then I will be available for adoption. I am so glad to to be in foster care. I am so much younger than these photos show. Check back and see how pretty I get as I get stronger again. More info to come. read more


Name: Pandia
Available! Pandia is a badger marked 2-year old Pyr girl named after a Greek goddess. She loves to be with people...they are definitely the focus of her happiness! She loves to swim and has even taken a dip in the Gulf of Mexico! Pandia is fine with other dogs as long as they agree that she is royalty. :-) She is friends with the Pyr/Golden Retriever male at her foster's home. But Pandia really loves her human family best of all. She is happy to go on adventures with them in the car or just lie quietly inside wherever they are, even at work! She will chase horses. But otherwise, she seems flexible enough to be a town or country girl. She has been happy in both an apartment and on a farm. The key to that smiling face is time with her people. She is a loyal, happy princess. read more


Name: Presley
Hi, Iím Presley, and I want a furever home, with my very own furever family! Iím a four-month old Anatolian/Pyr mix boy, whose mommy is a Pyr, and my dad is an Anatolian/Pyr mix. I was born about June 1st; Iím going to let you know all about me! My mommy and daddy are living live in a nice house, and the people they are with are very nice. Mommy and daddy thought it would be nice to have a couple of kids, and yep, here we are! But they didnít check with the people they lived with first: Boy, were they sure surprised! Well, they didnít want to keep us kids, so they let this nice rescue know about us, and we went to live together in a nice house, with other pups, and we have so much fun running and playing with them! Iím very friendly; Iím also a bit curious. I want to know what youíre doing! I love people! Iím just a lovable pup! Iím a big, tough pup (with a sensitive side). I also love as much attention I can get! Iím very vocal, and will talk to you all the time! I love a good debate! When I first come in from playing outside, I get a bit excited; because I want to make sure Iím not missing anything inside. I do calm down afterwards. I have good house manners, and I know to let you know when I need to go outside! I love bones, toys, balls, and of course SNACKS!!! My food manners are ok; I like to eat by myself, so I have to have my own bowl. When its bed time, I like to go into my cave to sleep, it makes me feel safe and warm. Iím also learning how to walk on a leash. So just give me a toy or ball of my own, and a bone to chew on, play with me, and give me a place to run, and Iíll be your loving, furever pal! So if you would like to know more about me, just ask about me! You can also check on my brother and sister, and many other pups who also are looking for their furever homes! Thank you for stopping by! See you later, Presley! read more


Name: Prince Harry
Prince Harry was found laying next to the side of a road nearly dead, covered in fleas and ticks, with a broken leg, and beyond thin. (He should weigh 60 pounds but on intake was 38 pound prior to his surgery.) The Angels that found him picked him up, and got him to a vet. Sadly his Right Rear Leg could not be saved and had to be amputated. Harry has gained weight and is moving fine without that leg now. He can even go up and down some steps. He still needs to be altered but we want him to gain a bit more weight first. If you are wanting your very own adorable HRH this charmer may be for you! read more


Name: Remie
Hi, my name is Remie! I'm a GP/Lab mix, about 9 months old. My foster found me as a stray, but she is working more and more and has realized that TGPR can find me a better fur-ever home. I am still a puppy and have got a lot to learn, but I love to play with other dogs. Big aggressive dogs scare me, but little dogs are pretty rad. I love going for walks and to the dog park. They say I am a very well natured, happy go lucky. Plus I love hugs and any affection you are willing to give. read more


Name: Roman
(Medical Hold) My name is Roman and about a year old. Yes...I'm still a puppy! I had a rough year but my luck seems to be turning round. I've got a really nice foster family now. Oh well, I am recouping here from losing a little too much weight and getting treatment for heart worm during too much time spending outside without meds to protect me. But I am eating more, and have put on more weight now. I am scheduled to be neutered soon. I love to be around your family. Love those hugs and cuddles too. I get along with all humans and pets. I'm also crate, leash and house trained, although still working on my basic commands. My foster is working with me on this! Will you be my pyrfect family? read more


Name: Rusty
Rusty is a handsome guy with the reddish gold fur of a Golden Retriever and the face and "eyeliner" of a Great Pyrenees. He is also smaller than a full Pyrenees male, and will probably weigh about 75 pounds once his foster gets more groceries into him. Rusty fit in right away with the 2 Pyr girls and the children of his fosters. He is a sweet-natured boy who is doing very well learning to walk in a harness. He's also learning that counter-surfing is not good manners. But he's a quick study and will soon be ready for his own forever family. He is heartworm positive, but don't let that discourage you! He will be treated and rid of those dumb worms soon! read more


Name: Sam Baytown
NEW! Sam Baytown came to TGPR from a family affected by the flood in Houston. He is a great young guy, about 18 months old, and the perfect age to transition to a new home. He has grown up with children and other dogs, and is even OK around cats. Sam does have a light case of HWs, which we are addressing now. But wow, what a great personality. He is very at ease with life in spite of the recent stresses of having to relocate. Sam was taught to sit, lie down, and even plays hide and seek! We will have more information about Sam as we get to know him better! read more


Name: Shomer
(MEDICAL HOLD) Shomer (pronounced show-mare) is a Jewish word describing a legal guardian entrusted with the custody and care of another's object. He has a very chilled and laid back nature. He's also very saddened by the sudden death of his Human Mom, who recently passed away. He may be a little more active with some meat on his bones, as he is thinner than he should be for his size. He's been a pretty picky eater, possible due to the loss of his human Mom. Shomer is esimated to have been born in June 2016. He is a companion animal, not LGD. He likes to spend some time outside and can use a dog door from what I understand. But very much loves the air conditioning and he enjoys sleeping inside. He has not been exposed to livestock. Good with kids and adults. Medical hold: Shomer will be on hold until heals from surgery, successfully finishes heartworm treatment and gets some weight back. He's got about 40 lbs to gain, so it may be a while. Check back for updates! read more


Name: Sioux
Sioux is a gorgeous Pyr, about 100 lbs with a big blocky head and soulful eyes. Itís estimated that he was born in early 2013. Heís a Velcro dog that loves to hang out with you, walks well on a leash, does great in a crate, and will sleep quietly at your bedside. Sioux is also an anxious dog and needs an experienced owner that can handle his rare growly behavior when he is confronted with a stranger too fast or one that he is not yet familiar enough with. He never shows a growly side to his family, but he can with strangers in the home or friends of the family that he doesnít know. He will only be adopted to an experienced dog owner that is comfortable with this personality of dog with no pre-teens in the house. Heís also doing wonderful on generic Prozac, which costs less than $10 a month. Are you that special adopter that can give him a furever home? read more


Name: Thelma
(ADOPTION PENDING M.R.)Hi, my nameís Thelma! Iím an Anatolian/Pyr mix girl, I was born 4/6/2017 and a very happy girl! You can tell it by the way Iím always smiling! Why am I smiling? Iím always smiling, because lifeís so wonderful! Let me tell you all about me: I was born on a farm, with 9 other brothers and sisters. The farmer was able to find homes for all of us, and my sister Louise and me went to a very nice lady who unfortunately was unable to care for us properly, and she wanted to make sure we had all the chances to succeed. So she asked her daughter to take us to our foster home. Now, we get to run, play, and just have fun with the family and all the pups there! I really love attention; I can play rough, and love bones and toys! I love to chew on all those bones and chew toys! I know what a crate is, and I have good house manners. I wonít potty in your house! I have a beautiful voice, and I love to sing for everyone! Iíve been told Iím a bit sassy, and I like to talk back! If you think you would like to find out more about me, and maybe want to make me a furever friend, just got to INFO@TXPYRS.ORG, and ask about me! Bye! read more


Name: Thunder (Savage Thunder)
Thunder is a handsome, friendly, blocky-headed AKC Pyr male who turned 3 years old in July 2017. He has amazing "eyeliner" and badger markings. He spent his early life without a lot of training, but he is learning fast. He was adopted by a ranching family who hoped he would be happy guarding their many chickens. Unfortunately, Thunder gets too excited around them. Other large animals are fine. He is very people-oriented, and loves children. He is learning house "manners" now, and is doing really well. At his new foster home, he loves sleeping inside and having company. He gets along very well with female dogs and almost all males. Everyone says that Thunder is a total "love bug", and oh my...look at those eyes! If you are looking for an imposing, but lovable big boy for your family, Thunder is a wonderful choice! read more


Name: Tom
Tom is a year old male Pyr who was found wandering with his buddy, Jerry, after Hurricane Harvey. Both dogs were scared, hungry, and loaded with coastal ticks. A TGPR volunteer heard about them and went to evaluate them at their country shelter. They were almost out of time, so she "adopted them" and called us for help. At first, Tom was very shy and scared to even come inside. But as you can see from the photos, he is certainly getting used to house life. Happily, in spite of his uncertain past, Tom is great with other dogs and even cats! He is also heartworm negative! What a sweet guy! This guy is very friendly and loves attention from children, he is also good with other dogs and horses. read more


Name: Tova
Tova is a name which can either be an adjective meaning "good", "pleasant" or "better" in the feminine form, or a noun, meaning "kindness". "For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it." She is a very sweet girl. Extremely friendly and people oriented. She was recently shaved due to a skin condition, but her coat will be growing back in no time. Tova has been missing her Human Mom who recently passed away suddenly. Updated note from her foster as of 09/12/17: Tova is a bubbly, friendly, happy pup who loves people and other dogs. She is big enough to play rough with my resident pyr, but gentle enough to play with my small, 12-year-old tripod. She LOVES to spend her time around people and would thrive with someone who can take her to the office or work from home. We are working on her loose-leash walking, and with the help of a prong collar, she is improving quickly. She is not a fan of sharing food but does fine if she is fed separately. She has grown so much in the time that she's been in a foster home and will shine being in a family who can give her the love and devotion that she deserves. If you are looking for an awesome dog to take with you to the office, to go shopping with at Home Depot, or just to hang out with at home, Tova's your gal. read more


Name: Turner
More info to come as my foster Mom gets to know me, I was born 4/22/2017 . My siblings and myself have so much fun but I am ready to go to a home where there are kids so I can have lots of attention and show you what a good boy I am, I love to roll around in the grass outside and then come in any enjoy a thing called an air conditioner I do not mess in my crate and Im working on getting potty trained Dont you just love my pictures, I am so stinking cute!! Adoption Pending [RJ] Well I thought my brother and I were going to our forever home but my owners have Aussie dogs and 1 of them didnt like us and was nipping at us so they had to keep us separated They called TGPR and said they thought it would be better to return them to us so we could find a better home where we we could be part of a family and not have to worry about being nipped at New pictures to come as I am 2 months older now read more


Name: Valera
Hi! Iím a 6 Ĺ year young Pyr lady, and Iím looking for that VERY SPECIAL furever home! My name is Valera! Sure is a pretty name, donít you agree? In the Great Pyrenees language; it means ďBeautiful, Intelligent Queen!Ē My story is a common story, told by Pyrs everywhere: Once upon a time, I went on a walk, to survey my PyrdomÖ I never knew it was SO LARGE!!! I walked and walkedÖ to make a long story short, a wonderful lady saw me walking, and knew I was out of my realm, so she picked me up and took me to a doggie doctor. So this nice vet gave me a checkup, and looked for a thing called a ďmicrochipĒ, but couldnít find one. What was I going to do? The nice lady who picked me up knew of a rescue, where beautiful mature ladies like me could rest, get lots of loviní, and good food! So she took me to a family, to stay with, until I find that special place to call my own. I guess if I told you some things about me, it would help in making you want me as your furever family member: Iím a very chilled out girl! Kids are great! I just love Ďem! I like other dogs; itís nice to have a friend or 2! We can lie around and chat about different things like: which collars are prettier, how to keep our beautiful coat white and fluffyÖ Iím ok with chickens and cats around. I will be a shadow to you, so you wonít forget to give me my daily dose of love! This beautiful home Iím at has a super nice spot in the hallway, so I can get my beauty rest. A beautiful queen must look her best at all times! I have impeccable inside manners! I know not to do my ďbusinessĒ in the house! I will make sure you know when I want to go outside or come back in. I am good with walks on a leash! And if you want a companion for rides in the car I love rides! I get all kinds of attention! I know how to use a crate and Iím pretty quiet. (A queen doesnít make a loud fuss!) So to bring this story to a close, I would like a furever home where I can continue to be treated like the queen I am, and get lots of attention and love! Thanks! Valera read more


Name: Wally
(ADOPTION PENDING S.O.)I am bout 6 months old. More Information to come as I settle in with my new foster Since I have a lot of energy [of course I am a Pup] she said she has to go back to work full time and cant devote the time to me so I am now in a new foster home where there are other dogs and someone is usually home so I get to run in there big back yard and have lots of fun, I have only been there a day so Im sure you will see some updates on how I am doing read more


Name: Zander
I love to get my siblings in trouble so when Mom scolds us, I run to my secret room so she doesnt think I started it, I come when Mom claps her hands. I am playpen trained to go outside to potty love all dogs and boy I love my foster moms grandkids, oh by the way I love to play with her feet Adoption Pending [RJ] Well I thought my brother and I had a forever home but the owners called and said there Aussie dog kept picking on us and they didn't think it was fair that we all had to be separated so I am being returned to my fosters home until another family comes along that will keep me forever, new pictures to come as I am 2 months older read more

Discipline isn't about showing a dog who's boss; it's about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world.
--Cesar Millan.