Adoptable Dogs

Livestock Guardian Dogs

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Athena Riggs LGD
Athena HFD, born in October 2018, is budding LGD that is learning the ropes with brother Thor. Currently she is doing great with goats and does not mess with the foster's chickens. As you can see in the pictures, she is a social LGD!! Do you have need for a young bonded pair in your pasture? read more


Name: Belle Star
Brand new....more to come read more


Name: Duke HFD
Duke is a big, handsome boy who has lived with goats, horses, chickens, and dogs. He is friendly and sweet. Although he is used to living outdoors, he would not mind coming in for a visit! Duke has been doing a little chicken chasing at his foster home, but his foster is trying to work with that to help him become the well rounded farm dog we know he can be! read more


Name: Minerva McGonagall
Found emaciated with 3 nursing babies, Minerva was very happy to accept the help of a loving Good Samaritan. Minerva gave all she had to her puppies, but she has recovered wonderfully from a rough motherhood. Once part of TGPR, she happened to be fostered at a hobby farm and blossomed into a wonderful hobby farm protector and pet. Minerva was born approximately in December of 2017. She loves to patrol and protect her boundaries, but is right at the side of her people when they are outdoors with her. She playful with other dogs and will do best with a buddy. Minerva appears to be full Akbash, and moves with the fluid, loose grace of this ancient LGD breed. She is safe with chickens, goats, and equines. Minerva seemed non-reactive to the indoor cat in her foster's arms but otherwise has not been fully declared cat friendly. Minerva is house trained and would enjoy an indoor-outdoor life with plenty of snuggles. She will repay you by enthusiastically repelling predators. She can easily scale a 4' fence but does so to be closer to her foster's house and does not seem to be driven to roam. However, for her safety a 5' fence will be required. read more


Name: Paddington
Meet Paddington! Born approximately February 2018, this boy is so tall he seems as big as a horse. Underweight currently at around 80 lbs but he will easily pass 100lbs. Paddington is sweet as pie, goofy, and floppy. He is blind in one eye, needs to be neutered, and needs heartworm treatment. So Paddington is a little bit of a project physically, but has no temperament issues. He is trustworthy with chickens and goats and has gotten along with every dog he has met here, both big and small. Due to his impaired sight, he is best suited to being a sweet hobby farm pet or companion dog. He will wander without good fencing, but has not challenged the fences at his foster home. He is a big, floppy muppet and has a fun, goofy nature. read more


Name: Remi
Remi was born 3/15/2016. He is duck, chicken and goat friendly. Remi is also a very friendly boy to people!! Does well on lead and is an all around great dog for a hobby farmer. He and his brother Ruger started fighting and his current mom is having to downscale her farm. So asked TGPR to help find them new homes where they can continue to work but also enjoy a family. While Remi has been fighting with his unaltered brother, he has done great around his canine sisters and the family cats. He is hoping for an opportunity to be a good chicken guardian at the right home. read more


Name: Ruger
Ruger, born 03/05/2016 is an Sleek coated Anatolian Pyrenees. He has lived with his current owner (and also foster) since he was 16 weeks old. Ruger was a caretaker of chickens and ducks, until his momma fell on difficult times and has had to downscale her livestock. He has also been exposed to goats. Ruger is a tad shy so his momma will transport him wherever he is adopted. In the meantime, TGPR will get him completely vetted and ready for his new home. read more


Name: Summer
Hi! I'm Summer. I was born in January, 2019, and am looking for some goats of my own. I can team up with your experienced LGD, or, I could be adopted as a pair with my Jill or my sister Spring to the right home. read more


Name: Thor Riggs HFD
THor and litter mate Athena Riggs LGD are a bonded pair that are great with goats and also tolerant of chicken. Born approximately 10/1/2018, they are young, friendly but hard working pups! read more


Name: Turko
Meet Turko, born 4/26/2013. Lover of Goats and ready to defend!! Needs a new flock to care for. read more


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