Adoptable Dogs

Livestock Guardian Dogs

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Blue HFD
Blue does great with friendly dogs of all sizes and loves people. He is living with goats,chickens, a buddy dog, and a pony. Blue is fearful of dominant males and aggressive dogs. Blue will need a partner in order to be be successful. read more


Name: Duke HFD
Duke is a big, handsome boy who has lived with goats, horses, chickens, and dogs. He is friendly and sweet. Although he is used to living outdoors, he would not mind coming in for a visit! Duke has been doing a little chicken chasing at his foster home, but his foster is trying to work with that to help him become the well rounded farm dog we know he can be! read more


Name: Foxie LGD aka Jill
Foxie (her call name is Jill) is ready to go! She is a gorgeous guardian that has been part of a pack of females that patrol a working goat ranch in the San Marcos area. "Jill" came in with her sibling, but he decided the indoor home life is for him. Not this girl! She has embraced her working lines and is ready to find her forever home and herd. Jill will need a partner LGD in her adoptive home. If you guardians already, she would be a nice addition. Pictures soon! read more


Name: Jimma HFD
Jimma is a chicken friendly, pretty petite Pyr. Born on or around Christmas of 2017, she was a very loved pet before being surrendered to TGPR. She is better as a HFD than an LGD. Jimma is currently fostered south of Houston. More to come as we learn more about her. She will need a spay before she is available to adopt. read more


Name: Magnolia HFD
Magnolia Mae is a bombshell blond who was rescued from a farm where she was neglected. She has been living in the suburbs with a family and is feeling bored with out a job! She has guardian instincts without a lot of property to patrol. She will come inside but would mostly prefer to be outdoors. Magnolia loves people and forms a very tight bond to her immediate family. She will bark at strangers. She has been tested with goats since her stint as a suburbanite and was non-reactive. She mainly ignored them. The perfect home for Magnolia would be homestead with at least few well fenced acres to patrol - livestock is optional but we think she might adjust well to a hobby farm setting. This is a pooch who walks the line between pet and farm dog. She wouldn't do well in a very busy home with lots of visitors in and out. We do not know much about her exposure to chickens if any. We think Magnolia would like to have a buddy dog in her life, she currently lives with a smaller, older dog and does well. read more


Name: Turko
Meet Turko, born 4/26/2013. Lover of Goats and ready to defend!! Needs a new flock to care for. read more

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