Adoptable Dogs

Livestock Guardian Dogs

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Augustus (Gus)
Medical Hold as he has earned his new moniker: Gus the Goof!!! Current X-rays show a foreign body in his stomach. He is being evaluated and treated as we speak. More to come! Gus in 3 years and is an expert at jumping 5ft fences... he needs a taller one.Gus has been protecting neighbors goats and cows. He's very friendly and loving. Hes makes doggie friends quickly. Him and his foster sister Lilo were best buds within 10 minutes.Gus in neutered and current on his vaccinations. Hes not fond of cars rides but has no issue with a leash. Hes just a great big goof that knows how to protect his farm animals and people. If you would like more info please fill out an application, after its approved his foster family will be happy to talk to you about this hard working lovepup read more


Name: Chaya HFD
Chaya here!! I am a friendly farm girl that kind of blew it as a chicken pyr. You would too if the nice lady next door was feeding you raw chicken meat!! I am good at watching over goats, sheep, Llamas and zebu( mini cattle). I get along fine other dogs and barn cats. I loves people but my job is more important. My goal is to protect and I will do so with a very loud deep protective bark. You can put me in a truck and I ride fine. If you have a place for me, please go to and fill out an application.By the way I am a Hobby Farm Dog the best of both worlds ...a working and companion dog! read more


Name: Grizzly HFD
Grizzly was born about August 2017. HE came from a goat farm in OK. He is a Hobby Farm Dog that does good with goats but he likes to be with people also.Grizzly is up and running when he hears a noise he doesnt like but also likes to sit on couch and watch old westerns so he can howl with the coyotes on TV. Grizzly is the best of both worlds... a working and a companion dog. He gets along with other dogs no matter their size. He loves getting attention as much giving it. Hes a kisser and a hugger lol. Grizzly is one happy little boy... He'll share the couch or recliner share if it means cuddle and petting time!! Hes housebroken and enjoys his chew toys. So if you like what youre reading go fill out an adoption application. You never know you and Grizzly could be sharing the next great adventure together! read more


Name: Jack LGD
New to our LGD program with his sister Jill. In training. read more


Name: Jill LGD
New to LGD program. In training read more


Name: Lilo
Hi, my name is Lilo! I came to TPGR with my friend Stitch. I am a pyr mix with fuzzy toes and a neat curly tipped tail. I love all humans and really enjoy loving on everyone, even children! Everyone says I am a great farm dog. I do excellent with chickens, goats, ponies and small dogs. I also enjoy accompanying you while you do chores, but I promise I wont get in your way! I like to run the show when there are other ladies around so I guess that makes me a little alpha but if everyone is okay with that we will get along just fine! Id love to settle down in the country with you! read more


Name: Olaf LGD
My name is Olaf and I am looking for a great partner to be in the pasture with me and the goats. I love kidding season when the babies play all over me. I am a very protective of my little charges. I get along with other dogs. I also like to be petted and have my ears scratched lol. Do you need a good guardian? Go get your application in. read more

Discipline isn't about showing a dog who's boss; it's about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world.
--Cesar Millan.