Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Annie Sky
This gentle spayed five year old German Shepherd/Pyr mix is very shy...but coming out of her shell at her foster home.Little by little, she is learning that life can be happy and people are kind. She is a beautiful girl and has no fear around the other dogs at her foster home. No aggression...just she simply runs and hides from new people. Annie just wans to be loved, and she has found that in her current home! read more


Name: Bernie
Bernie is a 2-3 year old male Pyr whose foster named him Bernie because his coloring reminded her of a St. Bernard. She rescued him after his owner moved away, leaving this good dog alone in the neighborhood. He is doing very well with her two senior toy Poodles and a lively smaller dog. He loves to run and play in the backyard, but is also content to chill with the family in the house. What a handsome, happy dog! read more


Name: Bruno
Bruno is a male Great Pyr puppy who came to us in rough shape in mid-September. It appeared he had been hit by a car and left. Bruno had many cuts on his little body as well as mange, and worms. But this spunky pup has responded beautifully to life in a safe and happy foster home. He is already running and playing with the big dogs, and we know he will be strong and ready for his forever home very soon. What a little life warrior! read more


Name: Lacey Hope
Lacey Hope is a lovely mature Pyr female who has only been with us a short time. However, she has made herself right at home at her foster's home, even fitting in right away with her much younger foster Pyr buddy, Titan. We think this beautiful girl had a sad life, but she is so full of hope for a happily-ever-after future. In the short term, she will be treated for heartworms. But we she will be ready to go to her new home this fall. If you are looking for a calm and gentle companion, look no farther! Lacey Hope is ready to share her life with you. read more


Name: Mishka
Mishka is a 3-4 year old male Pyr whose owner passed away, leaving him homeless and sad in a South Texas shelter. He is now with a caring TGPR foster in San Antonio. He has fit in right away with the senior female Pyr at the house and is once again safe and receiving lots of love and care! read more


Name: Percy
Percy is a neutered male under a year old. He was found as a stray in San Marcos and is in need of some good food, exercise, and lovin'... all of which he is certainly getting at his foster home in San Antonio. He has already made friends with the two large adult dogs who live there. This sweet dog loves to cuddle, and play. He is getting bigger and stronger every day. Percy is a friend to everyone he meets, with and without 4 legs. He loves kids and would make a great family dog. Not a real fan of the kennel but he is kenneled while fosters are away. read more


Name: Rose
Rose is a young female under a year old. This petite Pyrenees has double dew claws and the look of a full Pyr, but she is small for her age. We will find out soon if she is younger than we've been told or just a lovely "pocket Pyr". More to come soon! read more


Name: Shiloh Smiley
Shiloh is smaller male Pyr between 12 and 18 months old, who was found so weak from starvation in mid-July that he could hardly walk. However, he is doing really well and has gained weight now that he has good food and shelter. What a happy guy! Shiloh did have heartworms, but has been treated and is doing great. He is up to date on his vetting and fostered in the San Antonio area. Shiloh loves to play with the big male Pyr/Akbash at his foster home. In fact, he wants to be friends with everyone! We know he will be an outgoing and very social companion for a lucky owner! read more


Name: Vera Jayne
Vera Jayne was named after the blonde movie temptress, Jayne Mansfield, who also had very pale hair. But the comparison stops there because little Vera Jayne is so sweet and even a little shy. We think she is about 4 months old, and in early December, she weighed 37 pounds. Vera Jayne was found abandoned in the woods near a truck stop by a Good Samaritan rescuer who contacted TGPR for help with this special girl. She has now been to the vet and has gotten medication to rid her of various parasites. She is beginning to play with the fun Golden Retriever boy at her foster home, and we know it won't be long before she has a wonderful home of her own! read more


Name: Watson
Watson is a hansome three year old neutered male Pyr. His coat has some golden flecks which make us think that there may be Golden Retriever in his background as well as Pyr. He was adopted a few months ago by a family friend when his original owner moved overseas. He is doing really well at his new home, which he shares with a high energy little dog (who Watson loves to play with) and a super chill cat who is totally at ease in his company. However, the kind couple who adopted Watson knew that they were just a "way station" for him because of their own busy work schedules. They are now official TGPR fosters who love Watson and will keep him while we look for a family with playmates and more time to spend with this lovable boy. read more

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