Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Annie Sky
This gentle spayed five year old German Shepherd/Pyr mix is very shy...but coming out of her shell at her foster home.Little by little, she is learning that life can be happy and people are kind. She is a beautiful girl and has no fear around the other dogs at her foster home. No aggression...just she simply runs and hides from new people. Annie just wans to be loved, and she has found that in her current home! read more


Name: Chica
Chica is a young Pyr mix female, probably about 8 months old, who came to us from Uvalde. We think she may be part German Shepherd, but she also has the double dew claws of a Great Pyrenees Her rescuer reports that Chica is very friendly and sweet-natured. She has a calmness that made her seem older, but the vet tells us she is still under a year old! She has just gotten to her TGPR foster on February 9th, so look for more information about her soon. read more


Name: Echo
Echo is a pure white vision with double dew claws. This Sweet 9 month old girl need an active family that can keep her busy as she is still a puppy. She is slow to warm up to other dogs, but once she does, they become best friends. She loves going for car rides and meeting new people.She is leash trained,and house trained. Get your apps, in for this sweet, playful girl.. read more


Name: Howie
New to TGPR! Meet Howie! He makes friends and fans all over the place. Hes such a sweet baby. Hes also HW Neg! YAY! Hes now up to date on vaccines and wormer and is already scheduled to get neutered. Hes way underweight at 67 lbs. Doc estimates hes a year and a half, still goofy puppy, and needs about 20 lbs put on him. Not a problem because he is getting plenty to eat now! Get your applications in fast for this handsome guy! read more


Name: Max
Max is going to be a big boy! Just over a year old now, he is in a lanky stage, but tall! He is a big sweetheart surrendered to TGPR by his loving owners due to his barking while they are at work. They have a very close neighbor. Max lives with a family with teens and small dog who is his friend. He's at a great age to bond with a new family for the rest of his life. Max has recently been neutered and tested negative for heartworms. read more


Name: Nelson
Pulled from a kill shelter in the last hours, this big, gorgeous boy is safe with TGPR now! Found as a stray, we don't know his history. He is working to adjust to life as a house pet (we are assuming he was outside mostly). He is experiencing some separation anxiety, which isn't uncommon given the extreme change in lifestyle. BUT... you will not meet a nicer boy! This big lug has it all! Looks, personality... He's good with dogs, and loves all of the people! Get your app in! He won't be with us long! read more


Name: Parker
Parker is an approximately 7 year old Pyr mix with a jaunty patch of color over one eye. He looks like such a scamp, but he's quite laid back. Parker came into rescue because his family split up and no one could take him with them. He gets along with other dogs, although he's not too much on cats. He lived with several children in his former home and loved them! Parker is house trained and a calm cool guy-- He just wants to chill out and snuggle with you! Are you looking for a lovable gentleman pal without the big floof of long Pyr hair? Then you need to meet Parker! read more


Name: Rebel
Rebel is young Pyr male whose owner alerted us that she was moving to a smaller home and had taken him to a shelter. She urged us to help him, saying that he was the sweetest dog, friendly to other animals, including cats and even a pig they had! Rebel fit in right away at his foster home where he loves playing with his foster sister, Chica. He has a beautiful creamy coat with caramel color on his ears. He weighs about 75 pounds. Such a good boy! read more


Name: Rocky
Rocky is an 9 month old Pyr mix with a gorgeous black and white coat... almost like a Newfoundland Landseer! He and his brother, Oso, who is all white, got lost while their family was on Xmas vacation. Luckily for them, a Good Samaritan took them in and called TGPR. Eventually, the owners decided to surrender the boys to TGPR because they were moving. But it's obvious that these pups have been raised around children and with lots of love. Rocky is very attentive, good with other dogs, and children. Of the two, he is the leader. We will have more information about Rocky and Oso soon! read more


Name: Sasha Bandera
Sasha is brand new to TGPR--isn't she precious! Sasha's owner was losing her home and a caring friend of our rescue contacted us to help her. Initially, she had a skin and ear infection, but that is getting treated now. Her foster reports that the vet feels Sasha is not yet two years old. She has been spayed. Sasha is very affectionate and totally housetrained. She loves children and is good with the other Pyr at her foster home. Sounds like a wonderful choice for a family! read more


Name: Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear is brand new to TGPR! Sugar Bear's owner was losing her home and a caring friend of our rescue contacted us to help her. Sugar Bear is approximately 6 years old and is settling into her new foster home. She is doing well after just a week or so. She is a friendly girl who gets along with other dogs and even cats! Check back for updates on this sweet girl. read more


Name: Taya
Taya is a beautiful 2-3 year old full Pyr who was found by a Good Samaritan with 2 other Pyrs. Many attempts to find the owner failed, so Taya became a TGPR girl. She has a gorgeous thick white coat, double dew claws, and the calm demeanor you'd expect from a Pyr. She also has a deep bark! Taya is spayed and up to date on all her vetting. This affectionate girl has stolen the hearts of everyone who meets her. She is good with other dogs, children, and is even cat tolerant. read more


Name: Trooper
Trooper is a survivor. He was found as a 5 week old puppy wedged in mudhole in a rainstorm. His rescuers couldn't keep him any longer, so they called TGPR. At a year old, Trooper is now up to date on all his shots, and SO affectionate with his foster family. At first other dogs frightened him, but after a few weeks, he is happily playing with his foster's dogs. She is working patiently to show Trooper that he is safe and has nothing to fear. His confidence is growing every day. We have taken him off "medical hold" because he could be ready for the right loving and patient adopter. read more


Name: Turk
Poor Turk! Named such because at intake, his mange was so bad, and he was so skinny, his neck resembled a turkey neck! But it also seems like a strong name and this boy is a fighter! 4 months old at intake (mid April), he will be healed up in no time! He's shy and quiet so far, but we know that will change as he gets comfortable. Watch for updated pics! read more

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