Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Angel
Angel and her sister, Bailey, were rescued from an oil field work site by a kind man when they were 5-6 months old. Over the next few months, they were loved and fed and became part of the family. However, when the family had to move out of state for medical reasons, they couldn't take the pups. So they called TGPR for help. Angel is super sweet and very affectionate. She has the cutest butterscotch freckles on her nose and is a true snuggle bear. She gets along well with other dogs and loves kiddos too. She has the double dew claws that are typical for Great Pyrenees along her soft cost has a golden cast to it. read more


Name: Annie Sky
This gentle spayed five year old German Shepherd/Pyr mix is very shy...but coming out of her shell at her foster home.Little by little, she is learning that life can be happy and people are kind. She is a beautiful girl and has no fear around the other dogs at her foster home. No aggression...just she simply runs and hides from new people. Annie just wans to be loved, and she has found that in her current home! read more


Name: Bojo
Bojo came to TGPR after being found near a busy highway with a red gasoline can tied to his collar! He had a young pup with him and seemed to know it was his responsibility to get them both to safety. We think he is about 2-3 years old and a full Pyr. He has a blocky head and the traditional double dew claws on his back legs. At his boarding kennel, he is happy to greet other dogs. We are just getting to know him. But we can certainly tell that he is a guy who knows how to take care of a little one! read more


Name: Chica
Chica is a young Pyr mix female, probably about 10 months old, who came to us from Uvalde. We think she may be part German Shepherd, but she also has the double dew claws of a Great Pyrenees Her foster mom reports that Chica is very friendly and sweet-natured. She has a calmness that made her seem older, although the vet tells us she is still under a year old! Chica loves to play with the other dogs at her foster home, but then likes to cuddle with the humans to watch TV at night. She is also cat friendly! read more


Name: Crusoe
Crusoe is a male pup whose estimated birthdate was February 25, 2019. He came to TGPR in early May in poor condtion. He had almost no hair and his immune system was undermined too. Fast forward a month in the care of an expert TGPR foster and Crusoe is running and playing with her other dogs and growing hair. He was famous on our Facebook page for the photos of him in a wide variety of baby onesies to protect his delicate skin. Now Crusoe is doing so well that he we can take him off medical hold and begin to look for his forever family! Hurray for this spunky young survivor! read more


Name: Denzel
Denzel is a 4 month old Pyr mix puppy brought into the San Antonio shelter with his front leg wrapped in a dirty bandage. TGPR got him to a vet partner right away and learned the foot was horribly injured and very badly infected. Although he was in pain, this brave puppy has won the hearts of all who meet him. We expect he will lose his leg, but our hope is at this very young age, he will heal quickly and soon be running and playing on three legs. read more


Name: Emmy
Emmy is a pretty spayed female about 6 years old. She came to us because her owner could no longer care for her and wanted her to have a great life. Emmy has lived happily with a large pack of dogs ranging from BIG to teeny. She will follow you anywhere to nibble on a Purina Pupperoni treat. At 104 pounds, Emmy has the traditional "full body" Pyr physique, and a lovely white coat. She enjoys going for leisurely walks and will benefit from a regular "walk date" with her new family. Emmy rides well in the car and seems curious about what adventures lie ahead for her! read more


Name: Leo
Leo came to TGPR after his family split up, leaving him neglected, unwanted, and wandering the neighborhood. A kind neighbor contacted us and asked, "Who wouldn't want this friendly boy?" He is now being fostered at her home with four other dogs who accepted him right away. Leo is about a year old and recently neutered. He has the double dew claws and demeanor that are Pyr traits. He is currenly underweight, but that won't be the case for long. He's just been groomed and is feeling terrific! He has just a happy face! read more


Name: Max
We love Max! He is a handsome full Pyr male who will be two years old in August 2019. He is housetrained, heartworm negative, and neutered. Max is in that adolescent stage when Pyrs are still filling out and a little awkward. But he is a lovable guy who doesn't know he's large. As you can see in these photos, Max is a big boy. However, he does not try to go over or under a fence. His original family loved Max. They surrendered him to us only because he was bored and barked too much when left alone outside all day. Max is now in a foster home with other Pyrs to play with and he is doing so well! Recently, he went to a dog park and made friends with a Great Dane and a Corgi! Max loves children and even kept his human boy company at the dentist so the boy wouldn't be afraid. He would love to join an active couple or family who will take him for hikes and adventures! read more


Name: Nelson
Nelson was pulled from a kill shelter in the last hours; this big, gorgeous boy is safely fostered near San Antonio, Texas with TGPR now! Found as a stray, we don't know his history. He is working to adjust to life as a house pet (we are assuming he was outside mostly). He is experiencing some separation anxiety, which isn't uncommon given the extreme change in lifestyle. BUT... you will not meet a nicer boy! This big lug has it all! Looks, personality... He's good with dogs, and loves all of the people! Get your app in! He won't be with us long! read more


Name: Rebel
Rebel is young Pyr male whose owner alerted us that she was moving to a smaller home and had taken him to a shelter. She urged us to help him, saying that he was the sweetest dog, friendly to other animals, including cats and even a pig they had! Rebel fit in right away at his foster home where he loves playing with his foster sister, Chica. He has a beautiful creamy coat with caramel color on his ears. He weighs about 75 pounds. Such a good boy! read more


Name: Rocky
Rocky is a neutered year old boy with a gorgeous black and white coat... almost like a Newfoundland Landseer! He and his brother, Oso, who is all white, were surrendered to TGPR when their first family moved out of state. Rocky has always been raised with love and in the company of other dogs and children. He is a big kid who loves to run and play with the other Pyrs at his foster family. He is crate trained, but his favorite place to relax is on the family room couch with friends. We would like to place Rocky in a house where he will have a canine friend to play with and humans who enjoy an spending time with their dogs. Rocky just loves being part of things! read more


Name: Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear is simply the sweetest and most mellow girl! Sugar Bear's owner was losing her home and a caring friend of our rescue contacted us to help her. Sugar Bear is approximately 6 years old and has made a happy transition to her foster home where she made friends with three other dogs right away. The foster's children love her too. She is a friendly girl who gets along with other dogs and even cats! At a recent meet & greet, Sugar Bear was the dog who helped all the other dogs relax. She may have had a sad life before coming to TGPR, but she must have been loved because she has so much love to give back! read more


Name: Turk
Turk is a 5 month old puppy who came to TGPR with mange. After a few weeks, the mites are all gone and his fur is growing in. This happy boy is the hit of his foster home and learning proper canine socialization from his foster Pyr brother. The family reports that Turk is already housetrained and that he goes into his kennel when asked to do so. He enjoys the children in the home and even plays in a gentle manner with the cat! Turk is also doing well on a leash and will be a wonderful companion for a lucky "forever" family. read more

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