Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Alaska
Alaska and her babies (Denali, Sitka, and Yukon) were found at an east Houston business and transferred to TGPR. In early January, all her babies were adopted and now Alaska (aka "Allie") has shown us that she is not only a good mama, but also a darling young Pyr with a happy personality. The vet tells us that Allie is still a pup herself... probably just a year old! It appears that Allie may be a Pyr/Golden Lab mix. Allie is now at a foster home with 4 other adult Pyrs. She has fit right in and LOVES to play with a large 3 year old male who is twice her size. She still has a lot of puppy in her, so she eats well, plays hard, goes for a good walk and then naps for a couple hours. Allie is smart. At first, she was afraid to have her walking harness put on, but now she welcomes it because she knows it means it's time walk! Allie is a little girl...only about 75 pounds. She was very malnourished and had mange when she came to TGPR. But now her fur is growing back and looks like it will be cream and tan. Allie will be a joy to a family with another dog who needs a friend. She also loves her humans, her chew toys, and getting brushed. Sweet girl! read more


Name: Grizzly Adams
Grizzly Adams is a handsome 5 month old puppy who survived being on his own for sometime. He came to TGPR in mid-March and at first, he was scared and uncertain. But he is smart boy who is quickly learning that his foster and her Pyrs are friendly and kind. Puppies who come to us as "feral" babies often become the most loving and devoted companions. He is already approaching his foster and giving her little licks. We are certain that although Grizzly Adams started life alone in the wilderness, he will be a wonderful dog for the adopters who are patient and allow him to develop his potential! read more


Name: Hennessey
Hennessey was born in May 2019 and has spent her life on a farm with chickens and goats. Recently, she came too interested in the free ranging birds, and her family decided to surrender her to TGPR so she wouldn't have to live on a tether. She comes from a line of livestock guardians, but is happiest with her people. Hennessey is a lovely, friendly pup who even gets along with cats. We will have more information about her in the coming weeks. read more


Name: Margot
Medical Hold. Margot is a sweet little Pyr pup of about 4 months who came to TGPR in late January 2019. She was limping when she came to us and it appears that she will need surgery to correct a malformation of her hip socket and femur. The vet tells us this may have been due to a congenital issue or trauma. While we hate to see a problem like that, especially at such a young age, her foster family loves her and plans to adopt her once she has had corrective surgery. read more


Name: Mishka
Mishka is a handsome 3 year old male Pyr with a long white coat with caramel patches. His owner passed away, leaving him homeless and sad in a South Texas shelter. But what a happy and resilient boy he is! Mishka is now with a caring TGPR foster in San Antonio. He fit in right away with the senior female Pyr at the house, even though he would love to have a buddy closer to his age to play with. MIshka enjoys visiting friends and family and loves it when he is the center of attention. He needs a little work on his leash manners, but he is smart and is making good progress! He will be a great family dog! read more

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