Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Bonnie
Bonnie is a spayed female Pyr mix with shorter hair and an all-white coat. She was found by a Good Samaritan family who helped her regain her health and then called TGPR to find her a home. She came to them with a young male, probably her brother, and they were very compatible. The family's German Shepherd female did not accept this sweet girl. She is used to being outside, but loves to relax in the air conditioning. More to come as we get to know her better! read more


Name: Buttercup
Buttercup (MEDICAL HOLD) is a wonderful name for a smaller Pyr mix girl who is the definition of sweetness. This lovely puppy is a happy and affectionate girl. Sadly, she was born with malformations in her hips and spine which will probably require a series of operations beginning with a hip replacement on one side this summer. For that reason, she is not available for adoption at this time. She is going for her second orthopedic consultation in the coming week. Watch for more information as we have it! read more


Name: Christian
Christian is a sweet-natured neutered male Pyr about 3 years old. He joined TGPR in early June. He grew up in the country, but loves relaxing inside as well playing with his foster brother (a Pyr) and chasing squirrels outside. He is willing to let other dogs be the leader, and loves to be around his people. Christian's walk is a little unusual because of a congenital malformation in his hip, but it does not seem to bother him at all. He has been seen by two vets, including an orthopedic specialist. They advised that surgery will not be the right solution for him, and his issue can best be treated with regular exercise, weight control, and occasional pain meds. He is a beautiful boy who doesn't know his he has anything unusual at all. read more


Name: Cooper Copito
Copito means snowflake in Spanish and this sweet boy must have looked like a fluffy blizzard as a puppy in Mexico. His original family had to give him up and a chain of caring people brought him to TGPR. Copito is a three year old, good-natured male who we are just getting to know. He has gold flecks in his coat and weighs about 80 lbs. That makes us think there may be Golden Retriever in his background. More information on him soon. read more


Name: Misty Willow
Misty Willow is a darling Great Pyrenees female who was found by Good Samaritans at a welding business when a very young pup. She grew quickly to her current 63 pounds and the rescuer called TGPR for help. Misty has such a lovely personality! She has a happy calmness and has fit in beautifully at her active foster family home. The children love her and she was accepted right away by the grown Pyrs who live there. She has had her intake visit to the vet and tested negative for heartworms. This darling 7-8 month old sweetheart will make a wonderful and loving family dog. read more


Name: Oakley
Oakley is a male pup estimated to be about 5 months old. His mother is thought to be Sadie, an LGD Pyr/Komodor mix still on the ranch near Fredericksburg that was home to the Hill Ranch Country Crooners litters. Oakley has a beautiful cream and tan coat and a gentle demeanor. He just came to his foster home at the end of July, so we will report back soon on his personality. We hear he is a real sweetheart. read more


Name: Rainy Daisy
Rainy Daisy is a spayed year old Pyrenees mix (probably Labrador). She has beautiful brown eyes with serious "eyeliner" and a sweet temperament. Her rescuer is a TGPR adopter who arranged to have her spayed and vetted when her initial family could no longer care for her. Daisy is living happily in a foster family with other dogs. She is getting along well there. Daisy did test "light positive" for heartworms at her first vet appointment. We are continuing her monthly preventative and will retest in a couple months. read more


Name: Rosa Abby
Rosa Abby is a 5-6 year old sweetheart with a beautiful tri-color coat. She came to TGPR from the Austin shelter and is spayed, heartworm negative, and dog-friendly. She is being fostered in an apartment and doing well. She loves to go for her walks with the other two dogs in the home. Rosa weighs 100 pounds which is a bit much for her frame. We expect daily exercise will help her lose weight and improve her overall well-being. Her fosters report that she has already won their hearts after just a few days! read more

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