Adoptable Dogs

San Antonio and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Angel
Angel is a lovely mature Pyr girl, estimated to be about six years old. Somehow along the way she lost part of her tail, but she is such a fluff bucket that it just adds to her wiggly cuteness when she wags her short tail to say hello. Angel was abandoned by a family in Uvalde, helped by rescue there, and is making the trip to South Padre over Thanksgiving to join her TGPR foster. She's about to become a beach beauty! We'll have more info about Angel as we get to know her better. She is dog friendly and still likes to play. read more


Name: Aston
(adoption pending J.W.)Aston has the sweetest face! He was found by a teenager who brought him home...just like in the movies...even though they couldn't keep him forever. So now TGPR is looking for a great family for this All-American dog! Aston just wants to be everyone's friend. He gets along with other dogs and even cats. The vets tell us that Aston is about 2 years old. He has been neutered and is ready to celebrate the holidays with his forever family! Pass the turkey please! read more


Name: Freyja
Freyja’s smiling and playful personality makes life fun and she will always be by your side. This 2 year old girl enjoys playing outside, and talks regularly with the neighbors, passing birds and squirrels. But her favorite time is spent sitting with her head on your lap for soft pets or just relaxing next to you. Freyja gets along great with her housemate, a border collie named Hurley. However, she prefers to eat her food and snacks alone. She’s house trained, spayed, gets along with other dogs and kids, and is doing great at learning her basic manners and how to walk on a leash. She’s looking forward to finding a loving home. read more


Name: Galavant
Galavant is happy, handsome neutered male who will be two years old in January. He was adopted by a young family last February and they love him. But they've realized that a big active dog, even a super-friendly one, is too much for them. At first, Galavant was their only pet and probably bored. He amused himself by digging up the grass, flower beds, and a carpet. He even put a hole in a wood slat fence so that he could put his head through to bark at the Chihuahua next door. Recently, the family added a 4-month old Husky pup. The boys are best buddies and it has made "a huge difference", according to his owner. He loves having a friend, even a much smaller one. Still, the family feels he needs more space than they can offer. He loves their kids and is a real love bug without a mean bone in his body. If you are looking for a great dog who is dog and kiddo friendly (and even cat tolerant) then Galavant would love to meet you! This is a great dog! read more


Name: Marko
Marko is a gentle senior guy (about 12 years old!) who came to us when the sanctuary he was living in had to close. A TGPR foster offered her home as his new "retirement haven". Pyrs seem to improve with age, growing more and more mellow. Marko is no exception. His foster already loves his sweet disposition! He has the cutest "rough" bark, and just loves attention. He would be a wonderful companion anyone who wants to share their life with a handsome companion in his "golden years". read more


Name: Melman
Melman was named after the goofy giraffe in the kids' movie, Madagascar, because right now it's very easy to see all his Pyrenees freckles on his body. And he has such long legs! This spunky little dude has just come to us looking more like a Mexican Hairless than a long-haired Great Pyrenees. But now that he is getting good medicine, plenty to eat, and lots of love, his hair is already starting to come back. Looks like he will have a beautiful coat, possibly with badger markings. Meantime, he's learning his house manners and having a great time with his fosters big dogs. For a puppy just born in May, he's learning fast! read more


Name: Oliver
ADOPTION PENDING (PW) Oliver won the heart of one of our Board members when she heard this precious pup was about to be euthanized at a Houston shelter. She decided to foster him herself. We think he might be part Spaniel, as he has burnt orange coloring in his white coat. But he also has the double dew claws that are typical for Great Pyrenees. We will have new info about him very soon! read more


Name: Sunflower
Hi! I’m Sunflower, a happy Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepard mix. If you appreciate the intelligence, independence, and look of a gorgeous Great Pyr but prefer someone smaller with a little less shedding, I am your Gal! My first owners bought me at 8 weeks old to be a “livestock guardian”. With no training, they left me out alone to guard the goats. I was lonely without my mama and kept going back to my owners’ house. They didn’t like that. Then at 9 months, I got pregnant by the neighbor’s St. Bernard and the family gave me up .☹. My new foster family helped deliver my pups. But sadly, all of them passed away. I was devastated, and searched for my babies for three weeks. I found the blanket that they had been wrapped in, and carried it around the house with me. It was such a sad time for all of us. However, I am now a happy, athletic, independent, calm, and stunning one year old! I keep my foster family laughing with my crooked smile and “galoofy” expressions. I learned to sit in five minutes and always sit patiently for my breakfast. I do need daily exercise and a fenced yard that I can patrol and protect. I walk nicely on a leash, but can be allowed off-leash too. I always rejoin my foster mom after exploring when we are out on our daily walks. I am a good guardian for my people and their menagerie of chihuahuas 😊 I sleep next to my foster mom’s bed every night and am vigilant for any sounds that might indicate danger. I never sound a false alarm or bark unnecessarily. Those silly chihuahuas are always yapping and snapping at me. I take it with a grain of salt and ignore them. One the chihuahuas and I do a bit of “wrestling”! I understand how tiny he is, so I’m very careful to play gently. An Australian Shepard foster puppy is my best friend. My foster family also has horses and cattle, which I basically ignore. I currently weigh about 75 lbs. I’m still a growing girl.I’ll never be "huge", but I have a big heart and lots of love to share! read more


Name: Trooper
Trooper is a survivor. He was found as a 5 week old puppy wedged in mudhole in a rainstorm. His rescuers couldn't keep him any longer, so they called TGPR. At seven months, Trooper is now up to date on all his shots, and SO affectionate with his foster family. At first other dogs frightened him, but after a few weeks, he is happily playing with his foster's dogs. She is working patiently to show Trooper that he is safe and has nothing to fear. We expect that in a short time, he will be confident and ready for his own family! read more


Name: Trucker
Trucker is new to TGPR. Stay tuned for more information about this great guy as his foster family gets to know him! read more

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