Adoptable Dogs

Houston and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Bailey aka Glacier
Bailey: Barnum and Bailey are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. We think they are litter mates, but know they are definitely best buddies! We are offering a special adoption rate of $200 each for the pair. Bailey just wants to be loved. He is ALL about the attention. He is dog and cat tolerant. I say tolerant instead of friendly because he doesn't really befriend them or interact with them much. The obvious exception to that is Barnum. They love to play together. Bailey didn't like sharing attention at first, but has settled in with my 2 other little dogs and 5 cats nicely. He LOVES people (including kids) and follows his foster mom around everywhere. He enjoys going on rides in the truck, playing in water and being brushed. He knows basic commands, walks well on a leash, is house broken and sleeps quietly in his kennel. Bailey is a Great Pyrenees / Lab mix, is about 3 years old, weighs 98 pounds and is heart worm +, but being treated for that. It does not affect his day to day activities. He is beautiful, loyal, sweet and just waiting for his forever home. read more


Name: Barnum aka Bo
Barnum: Barnum and Bailey are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. We think they are litter mates, but know they are definitely best buddies! We are offering a special adoption rate of $200 each for the pair. Barnum is the epitome of chill. He is dog, cat and people (including kid) friendly. He just loves everyone! I believe he is Great Pyrenees / Border Collie mix. He is low energy, super docile and THE sweetest boy. Give him a nice cool floor to lay down on (or a comfy couch), some loving, and he is happy as can be! He even smiles for you! He would definitely be a lap dog if you let him. He is house trained, walks well on a leash, knows basic commands and sleeps quietly in his kennel at night. He enjoys being brushed, loved on, playing with Bailey and riding in the truck. Barnum is about 3 years old, weighs 88 pounds and is heart worm +, but being treated for that. It does not affect his day to day activities. Would you give him his forever home? read more


Name: Bichon of the Tribute Litter
Bichon update: Bichon is a super sweet girl and protective of her humans. Her favorite thing is food time. She finds her crate to be her safe place and sleeps in it at night and uses it for naps during the day. Plays well with other dogs, but is wary when approached while with one of her human family members. Fill out your application so you can come meet her! Hi! My name is Bichon and I am an Anatolian mix with double dew claws, born approximately 3/18/2018. I am female and am looking for my forever home. I LOVE playing in the water! I very much have the Great Pyrenees traits. I'm quieter and more reserved though. My foster says I'm very smart! My siblings and I were rescued from the shelter. My 4 litter mates and I are named after other dog breeds to pay tribute to all the dogs out there. read more


Name: Birdie
Birdie is super sweet and loves her new foster family. She enjoys playing with her foster brothers and sisters. Will update as we learn more about this beautiful girl. read more


Name: Capuyo aka Cappy
Cappy is on Medical Hold for now after he took a walkabout and was hit by a car!! He has two hairline pelvic fractures and will require crate reset for 4-6 weeks. Born in 2016 he is a 75 lb, Pyrenees/Lab mix and he is a sweetheart. He is very mellow, and gets along with all people, kids and other dogs. His life started living in a backyard where he got bored and escaped all the time. His owners took him to a shelter and TGPR rescued him. He is still learning the difference between toys and non toys. He enjoys running around with the dogs. Cappy is crate trained, house broken and LOVES to cuddle! He is extremely busy during the day, but at night when it's time to chill, he will be a lap dog and watch tv with you. He doesn't seem interested in cats, he likes humans and other dogs better. Living with a family, he has not escaped. He needs guidance on what he can and can't have but is willing to learn and wants to please. Cappy loves to run so he might make a good running buddy! Cappy will need a 6' fence or higher, or someone to supervise him if left alone outside for too long. read more


Name: Dmitri
Big beautiful boy. Super friendly and affectionate. Gets along with dogs and kids and loves his foster family. He's right up on the couch so as not to miss any pets. He loves to go for walks. A little confused about housebreaking, but his foster is working on it. read more


Name: Eddie [aka Hays]
Hays (now called Eddie) has come a long way since entering TGPR in July, emaciated and alone with a broken electrical cord tied around his collar. He's now at an ideal weight (84 lbs) and happy and confident and looking for his furever home! He loves going on walks. At the dog park, he likes meeting new dogs, but his #1 goal is getting petted by as many people as possible! At home he just wants to rest his head in your lap and fall asleep while you pet him. He looks like he might have some yellow lab in him, with those classic ears, shorter hair, and squareish face. He also sleeps through the night, barks very little, and sheds very little (though his coat is still growing back). But with the super-soft fur on his head, double dews (actually, 3 dews on one back foot!), and complete lack of interest in fetching, he's probably mostly pyr! He's totally house trained (we don't know about crates), walks on a leash happily without pulling, rides in a car, and he doesn't seem at all interested in the neighbors' cattle, llama, or poultry when we walk by (don't know about cats). He's very treat-motivated, and he learns quickly with positive reinforcement methods. For a handful of kibble he'll let you clip his nails, clean his ears, or put up with a vet's poking and prodding. He knows his name name now, and he lies does on command, but he has a very selective memory about the meaning of "Come", lol. He does have some resource-guarding tendencies that occasionally come out when another dog crowds him while he's eating or being petted, but he's all bark and no bite, and it seems to be getting better. Deep down he is still a bit anxious (thunderstorms and confined spaces are no fun either), but we're seeing his happy face and zoomies more and more often as the weeks go by. We think Eddie might be happiest as an only dog, probably not in a house with small children. With regular walks and some elbow room, he might even be an apartment dog. What he wants most is his very own hooman BFF to snuggle with on the couch - read more


Name: Ferris aka Fenris
Update from foster: Well Ferris is not only adapting well to a life filled with love and TLC, but also learning from his foster sister Lucy how to love fuzzy blankets, soft sofas and his cozy egg-crate bed. Ferris is living up to the nickname we’ve given him “Ferris Bueller”, by giving this first time foster mom a serious scare when he plowed his way through a plank on the fence gate - he didn’t want me to leave the house, apparently! And learning how to open the trashcan with his foot, just to get our attention! Sweet Ferris loves pets and scratches, is eating wonderfully and sits for food and treats. His new favorite thing is walks 2x a day, he jumps in excitement when the leash comes out. What a difference a week can make! I will have to be on medical hold for a while as I am very skinny and have lost a lot of my muscle tone, I am very sweet and I know it will take time to get me up and running, I am going to a new home tomorrow where I will be well taken care of and once I put on some weight I can get neutered Considering what I've been through all my life a nice warm bed and good groceries sure does sound good More to come after I settle in read more


Name: Grizzly Man
Grizzly was surrendered to TGPR when his family had to move unexpectedly, and couldn't find a place to live that allowed big dogs. He came to us with his girlfriend Bessie and two kiddos, Bacon and Pork Chop. Grizz is a sweet boy, though he's a bit shy and reserved at first. He's now up to date on vaccinations, and has been neutered. We haven't seen him around any dogs, other than his girlfriend, so we'll update more about that once we have had more time with him. He is positive for heartworms and will need some R&R before he's healthy and ready to rumble. He is adoptable at this time, as long as adopter is comfortable with taking him through treatment - which requires a couple months of crate rest/light duty. read more


Name: Guinness
Guinness is about 2 years old and was a stray in East Texas He is now in a foster home with kids and other dogs and he is doing fine. A super friendly sweet boy that loves to play. He is ready for his forever home. read more


Name: Heidi
McKinley has spent the last 8 or so years at a pet sanctuary in Iola. The owner passed away a few months ago and they needed to find homes for all these older and/or hard to adopt dogs. McKinley lived in an old empty house with a few other dogs. She has a running buddy Heidi and we couldn't leave her behind. These girls are super friendly and sweet. McKinley will not leave you alone for pets even climbing in your lap to get closer. She isn't worried about other animals at all. We had to shave a few places as she was so matted, she looks a little ragged. She is also a little wobbly but still gets around fine. Heidi does like to stalk the cats, but just looks at them sternly. She did grumble at two of my other dogs, but that was all talk. She is 100 pounds of moose and her tail doesn't stop wagging. If you would like to help these girls acclimate back to love and pets and soft beds and maybe an adventure or two, fill out your application now. read more


Name: Jasmine P
Update from new foster: Jasmine gets along fine with his two male dogs and cat. Doesn't feel the need to be alpha. Quickly became a happy part of their family. Jasmine is a 2-3 YO Pyrenees who made a nice friend who fed her and then discovered she had had 2 puppies in the woods nearby (Aladdin & Genie). She called TGPR to help and we have her little family with us. Jasmine gets along with other dogs but prefers being the alpha. She is super sweet, loves to be near her humans and get loves. read more


Name: Meeker aka BIngo
HI!! I go by Bingo now but I was originally adopted as Meeker. I was born in 2017 and have been living with a nice family in the woodlands. I am a big active boy that doesn't always remember my boundaries. I would do best with a family of older children, and someone who can help me understand who is in charge. I get along ok with other dogs but like to take those introductions slow. If you work with me, I am a BIG love bug, weighing over 100 pounds at 18 mos!! read more


Name: Mena aka Tara
Mena has been living with her pack up until now. She is in a foster home and is warming up to her foster mom and poodle brother. She prefers to be outside, but can be enticed inside with treats and doesn't mind the crate. She is doing well with housebreaking. More will be added as her foster gets to know her better. read more


Name: Twinkle
Twinkle is in a foster home in Houston and is enjoying her new family. She is following her new humom everywhere. She is healthy and ready to find her forever home. Come out and see Twinkle at one of our meet/greets. This girl appears to have had it rough. She was minutes away from being euthanized at a full shelter when we managed to get her to safety. She's got a large tumor on her belly that we are having looked at. She's matted and smelly, but very sweet. TGPR will get her fixed up. Her fosters will give her space to heal and relax. Stay tuned to our FB page to watch her progress! read more


Name: Valentine
Valentine is approximately 1 year old. Very playful affectionate girl. She weighs about 90 pounds. She is house trained and uses a doggy door with no problem. Enjoys walks on a leash, but could use a little more practice. Loves larger dogs and tolerates smaller dogs. Warms up to new people easily. She would enjoy an active family with older kids and a nice yard to patrol, but she prefers to be with her people. read more


Name: Zoey
Zoey is a sweet Pyr/Akbash puppy. She was living with her siblings outside and was surrendered to TGPR. She has quickly decided being inside is fun. Hanging out with the cat and foster brothers and sisters. They get treats and lots of attention. She is pretty timid, but warms up quickly. Dog friendly/cat friendly/people friendly. Working on housebreaking and leash training. read more

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