Adoptable Dogs

Houston and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Bichon of the Tribute Litter
Bichon (DOB: 3/18/2018) is a super sweet girl and protective of her humans. Her favorite thing is food time. She finds her crate to be her safe place and sleeps in it at night and uses it for naps during the day. Plays well with other dogs, but is wary when approached while with one of her human family members. Fill out your application so you can come meet her! read more


Name: Darlin
Training Hold: Darlin is about 1 year and 6 months old and such a beautiful girl. She is house and crate trained, but does not like to go into her crate at night. She is working on basic commands and leash manners. She has had several bad experiences with other dogs, so would likely do best as an only dog. Would you give her the time, patience and training she needs to be the best girl? read more


Name: Delilah Winter
Delilah Winter is a very sweet approximately 1 year old Pyr/Lab mix (we think). She is about 100 pounds of love! She is great with dogs of all sizes, cats, kids and even chickens! She is still learning proper house manners (puppy!), but she loves to put her head in her foster's lap and snuggle. She is ready for her forever home. read more


Name: Duke S
Meet Duke. This gentle giant (although on the smaller side for a Pyr) is a total charmer just looking for someone to love. His swaggering gait, twinkling eyes and easy going personality will totally melt your heart. He would be a devoted member of your neighborhood watch and also the welcoming committee. He needs daily exercise and enjoys morning walks, dog wrestling and galloping after a ball. He's housebroken, crate trained, good on a leash, dog friendly and cat curious. He needs to have hip replacement surgery, but can go to his forever home on a foster-to-adopt basis while that happens. Do you have room in your heart to give this guy a forever home? read more


Name: Harlan (now Harley)
Harley was adopted as a very young puppy, but recently returned due to an aggressive dog at his adopter's home. He is 10 months old and such a great boy! We think he is a Pyr/Dalmation mix. He is neutered, completely potty trained, and has completed 6 weeks of obedience training. He goes to doggie day care and socializes well with other dogs. He will stand up for himself with aggressive dogs. He is good with cats but likes to chase them for fun. He is really chill and prefers to be inside. He would love to find a calm and loving home! read more


Name: Honey Belle
Honey Belle is an approximately 1.5 year old sweetie. She gets along with other dogs, but is still learning how to play and understand body language. She would probably do well as an only dog, or with other dogs with proper introductions. She loves people of all ages. She asks for pets, but is not demanding. We believe her skin condition was hormonal and having her spayed seems to have fixed the issue as she is getting fuzzy now! She is almost finished with heartworm treatment and is ready for her forever home! read more


Name: Kasey
This handsome boy is so calm and sweet! He gets along with most other dogs and loves people. He was very thin, but has gained weight and looks and feels much better! He would likely do best in a small pack or as an only dog. He is heartworm positive, but otherwise healthy. He is able to go to his forever home as long as the adopter is willing to care for him during his heartworm treatment. He walks great on a leash and LOVES attention from his people. This big, gorgeous boy is looking forward to his forever family. read more


Name: Lance McCullers of Astros Family
Lance McCullers of the Astros Family was surrendered to the shelter with his female mate and 4 puppies. He is a very sweet and laid back boy. He gets along with dogs of all sizes, is a bit cat curious, but is redirected easily and is not aggressive in any way. He is about 18 months old, weighs about 85 pounds, but is very thin. He should be 110 pounds or larger once he gets to his ideal weight. He is on "injured reserve" until we have xrays done to see what is causing him to walk oddly. read more


Name: Luna Marie
Training hold. Luna Marie is a timid girl and needs some time to warm up to new people. She is not aggressive, just nervous. She is learning to walk on a leash and is house trained. She had some bad experiences with little dogs, so would likely do better as an only dog or possibly with another large dog with proper introductions. More to come as she settles into her new foster home. read more


Name: Macey
Macey is a very friendly 1 year old girl weighing in at only 62 pounds. She is heartworm positive but donít let that deter you from scooping up this steal. She is not a fan of her kennel and will try to bust out of it if left alone. Macey has gotten along great with all of the dogs she has met so far, even the small ones that growl at her. Macey gets along well with little kids and adults alike. She can get a little excited when she is first leashed up but walks very well after she is settled. Macey prefers not to use the restroom while on a leash, so having a backyard or a dog park close by for her to do her business in is important. Overall, Macey is a pretty chill girl who just likes to lay around a get belly rubs. read more


Name: Magnuss
Magnuss is a silly boy who likes to chew on his toys and play. He is higher energy and would likely do well as someone's jogging buddy. He is working on proper dog interactions as he has a tendency to be a bit forward. His foster said he should have been named "Tigger" as he likes to bounce when he plays. For this reason, he will need an adopter with a 6 foot fence. He is so excited to meet his forever family! Could it be you? read more


Name: Meeker aka BIngo
HI!! I go by Bingo now but I was originally adopted as Meeker. I was born in 2017 and have been living with a nice family in the woodlands. I am a big active boy that doesn't always remember my boundaries. I would do best with a family of older children, and someone who can help me understand who is in charge. I get along ok with other dogs but like to take those introductions slow. If you work with me, I am a BIG love bug, weighing over 100 pounds at 18 mos!! Starting the 8th of January he will be moved to Kathliene Anderson for private training in the home read more


Name: Millie Mae
New to TGPR. Details coming soon. read more


Name: Nala
This sweet senior girl was found running the streets and no one claimed her. She is not a barker or digger, and walks well on a leash. She is house trained and likes to ride in the car. She gets along with other dogs with proper introductions as well as cats. She is looking for someone to love her in her golden years. read more


Name: Olaf T
This gorgeous boy is 10 months old and already over 100 pounds! He's good with other dogs, hasn't been tested with cats, is house trained and loves people. He needs some work on a leash. If you're looking for a big, handsome boy, Olaf T is for you! read more


Name: Oso Sweet
Oso is a sweet 7 year old boy looking for love. He was picked up by a good samaritan who found him in a local dumping ground for unwanted animals. Oso had been walking around with a broken hip that had already started healing, but lucky for him, TGPR stepped in and got this sweet soul the surgery he needed. We don't know much about his personality at this time, as he is still recovering and has very limited time outside of his crate; however, when you look into his eyes you can feel the gratitude and love he has for you. read more


Name: Sage Rose
Sage Rose was taken into the shelter with her 2 siblings. All of them had Demodex and were very afraid of people. She is completely healed and loves attention. She has the typical Pyr double dew claws, but we think she may be a Pyr/Lab mix as her coat is shorter. She is very sweet and listens pretty well for a Great Pyrenees. She gets along with other dogs and enjoys playing with her brother and foster brother. She does well with children and does not jump on you. She does love to play in the mud, and tolerates baths. She is leash, house and kennel trained. Sage Rose would make a wonderful addition to any family. read more


Name: Sophia Rose
This beautiful girl was found wandering and no one claimed her. We don't understand how anyone would let her go, but she is looking for her forever home. More to come as we get to know her better. read more


Name: Tobias
Tobias (Toby) is a sweet 2 year old Pyr/Lab mix. He gets along with other dogs, cats and even donkeys and horses. He is very friendly to people and children. He has the short coat of a Lab, but is the size of a Pyr (~120 pounds). He is on medical hold until we figure out why he is walking strangely. read more


Name: Treigean
Treigean is a very calm senior girl. She had way too many litters of puppies in her lifetime, but those days are behind her. She is very smart and figured out the dog door quickly. She will do just about anything for a meaty treat (no veggies or french fries for her!). She knows "sit" and is working on other basic commands. She's great with kids, other dogs and cats. She likes ear rubs and loving, but is not demanding. If you're looking for a calm, quiet senior that's ready to be pampered in her golden years, Treigean is the one for you. read more


Name: Zander
Zander was adopted as a puppy (twice) and just recently returned again due to his adopter's fiance having allergies. He is a laid back guy, but can be dog selective. He walks very well on a leash, is house trained and knows basic commands. He would do well as an only dog or with another large dog, but will need proper introductions. He is not a fan of small or dark colored dogs. He is a big, handsome boy and really wants to be with his forever (for real) family. read more

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