Adoptable Dogs

Houston and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Bichon of the Tribute Litter
Bichon update: Bichon is a super sweet girl and protective of her humans. Her favorite thing is food time. She finds her crate to be her safe place and sleeps in it at night and uses it for naps during the day. Plays well with other dogs, but is wary when approached while with one of her human family members. Fill out your application so you can come meet her! Hi! My name is Bichon and I am an Anatolian mix with double dew claws, born approximately 3/18/2018. I am female and am looking for my forever home. I LOVE playing in the water! I very much have the Great Pyrenees traits. I'm quieter and more reserved though. My foster says I'm very smart! My siblings and I were rescued from the shelter. My 4 litter mates and I are named after other dog breeds to pay tribute to all the dogs out there. read more


Name: Brutus
Welcome to the TGPR life big boy Brutus! He is approximately 8 years old, but don't let his age fool you. He still jumps his big ole booty around when he first sees you! He is full of life, love, and kisses! And he definitely lives up to his name weighing in at a whopping 130 lbs.! He knows commands such as come, stay, sit, and shake. He is learning how to socialize with dogs of all sizes, and has learned in only a week's time to get along with all of his foster sibling crazies (even the in-your-face lab puppy) He likes cats too! Apply now to give this sweet, big, bouncing guy a furever home! read more


Name: Charlie Dean
Charlie Dean is a sweet, energetic puppy that has double cherry eye. That is a defect that causes the third eyelid gland to prolapse and protrude from the eye. It can be corrected and will not cause any long term issues. He loves to play with other dogs and is working on house training. Could he be the puppy for you? read more


Name: Donner
Donner is a sweet, healthy, and very handsome young Anatolian Shepherd Great Pyrenees mix. He is just over a year old and has been neutered and is up to date on vaccinations. He has a lot of love to give and enjoys lots of attention. He is currently being fostered in the Houston area in a family with 3 children and 3 other dogs. His ideal new forever home would have another dog to rough house/ romp/ play tug o war with and or some children to play with him. He would do best in a very active family. He has a lot of energy being such a young dog and if he doesn’t get enough attention and exercise tends to misbehave and create “fun” for himself in the form of chewing or taking himself for a walk. Donner loves to be with his people and gets a little nervous when they leave the house. His ideal family would be home most of the the time and take him with them on outings. He does ok when left for a few hours in the house if food is not left out on counters and he is secured inside with the doggie door closed and he has something great to chew on. He also enjoys listening to music or TV to keep him from getting lonely. Someone is almost always at home with him. Donner has not been crate trained but he knows how to use the doggie door well. He currently goes for a long walk with his pack early every morning. He has not been to a dog park but would probably love it and get some great exercise there. Donner has gotten better about riding in the car and last time he willingly jumped in and did great! He prefers to sleep in bed with his people but would be fine on the floor next to the bed. He likes to lay on the tile floor. Donner likes the outdoors and watching squirrels. His most recent hobby is chasing little lizards around the yard. Donner is a sweetheart that will appreciate your love. He is around 95 pounds but so gentle! Apply today for this sweet snuggle boy. read more


Name: Dottie Mae
Dottie Mae is a very sweet and mild mannered girl. She loves pets and cuddles from her people, plus she gets along with other dogs of all sizes and cats. She still has that puppy submissiveness, so she would not be a threat if you have an alpha in your pack. She walks well on a leash and enjoys soft chew toys. read more


Name: Emma
Emma is brand new to TGPR. This sweet 4 month old puppy came from a shelter in Deep South Texas. She’s dog friendly and super sweet, and has the most amazing eyes. She walks well on a leash, is crate trained and doing great with house training! read more


Name: Gracie F
Gracie is a Pocket Pyr weighing around 60 pounds. She is heartworm positive, so will be on medical hold for a while as she goes through treatment. read more


Name: Kenai
Hello everyone! I'm Kenai. In the few days I've been with my new foster family, I've learned how to walk on tile, go up and down stairs, and so many other things! I am so friendly and sweet that you'd never guess that just last week, I didn't have a home or a loving family of my own. I'm excited to see what other things my new foster family will teach me! Currently going through HW treatment on medical hold for now read more


Name: Leo G
Leo is a handsome, sweet boy that likes to play with other dogs and get loved on from his people. He is learning basic obedience commands and is house trained. He is on the smaller side, but may continue to grow. More to come as we get to know him better. read more


Name: Magnuss
Magnuss is a silly boy who likes to chew on his toys and play. He is higher energy and would likely do well as someone's jogging buddy. He is working on proper dog interactions as he has a tendency to be a bit forward. His foster said he should have been named "Tigger" as he likes to bounce when he plays. For this reason, he will need an adopter with a 6 foot fence. He is so excited to meet his forever family! Could it be you? read more


Name: Meeker aka BIngo
HI!! I go by Bingo now but I was originally adopted as Meeker. I was born in 2017 and have been living with a nice family in the woodlands. I am a big active boy that doesn't always remember my boundaries. I would do best with a family of older children, and someone who can help me understand who is in charge. I get along ok with other dogs but like to take those introductions slow. If you work with me, I am a BIG love bug, weighing over 100 pounds at 18 mos!! Starting the 8th of January he will be moved to Kathliene Anderson for private training in the home read more


Name: Nala
This sweet senior girl was found running the streets and no one claimed her. She is not a barker or digger, and walks well on a leash. She is house trained and likes to ride in the car. She gets along with other dogs, has not been tested with cats. If you're looking for a calm, older girl, Nala may be the one for you! read more


Name: Naomi P
Naomi was surrendered to us after she had been rescued from a shelter a year prior. She is heartworm positive. She is house and crate trained and weighs 72 pounds fully grown and filled out. She needs proper introductions with other dogs and would likely do best with another large dog or as an only dog. It takes her a little while to warm up to new people. I would recommend only older children and teenagers in the home. She is learning to walk on a leash without pulling. She is going to need an adopter that is willing to take some time and have some patience while she adjusts to a new environment. Stability is going to be key. After she is comfortable, she is very loving and playful. read more


Name: Niko
Niko came to us with a severe skin infection (possibly mange) and was very skinny. His skin is getting better every day and he is feeling better. He loves to romp and play with his foster brothers and sisters. Would you give him his forever home? read more


Name: Remington (FKA Turner)
Remington was adopted from us when he was a puppy (twice), but was recently returned because his owner's fiance is allergic. He is a very sweet boy and loves kids. He gets along with dogs of all sizes as well as cats. He would like to have a dog buddy to keep him company. He walks well on a leash and is very gentle. He has hip displaysia, but has existing pet insurance that can be transferred to his new owners. We are working on scheduling surgery for a hip replacement, but he could go to live with his forever family during recovery. read more


Name: Rumer
Rumer, born approx 1/1/2019 was pulled from the shelter with her siblings. She was treated for Sarcoptic Mange is now mange free and ready to go to her forever home! Rumer is a tiny but mighty little girl. She is full of energy and is a leader. She loves to play with her brother Murray and a BIG brother. She does mind and will come when summoned, especially if a treat is involved! She will run and spin around and sit to receive a morsel! read more


Name: Sara Cinnamon Sugar
Miss Sara Cinnamon Sugar is a sweet, loving girl who likes to be with her humans and would love to have a couple of kids to run around a backyard with her. She loves cats and chewing on her bones. She will announce someone walking down "her" sidewalk and can be a little food possessive if another dog is in the house, but humans can move her food bowl and feed her snacks with no problems. She would prefer to be an only dog, or have the company of a male dog. Since fostering her, she has learned how to use a dog door and loves to keep you warm at night. When company comes to the house, she is right there to tell them hello and let them know that she is available for kisses and pets. A competent counter surfer, the top of your fridge may get a little crowded, but she will hopefully grow out of that as she is still just over a year old. Could you be her forever family? read more


Name: Scarlet
Scarlet came to us from a shelter with a broken femur. She has had surgery to repair it and is doing great! She was recently adopted and returned due to getting in a fight with their female alpha. She is a very good-natured, sweet and playful girl. She would love to have a yard to run in and another dog to play with. She gets along with cats and other dogs (most) of all sizes. She loves her people and enjoys cuddles with them as well. She is ready and waiting for her forever home. read more


Name: Yula Mae
Yula Mae has been bounced around a lot recently and needs someone that is willing to give her time to settle in and be comfortable. She has some resource guarding issues with food and needs to be fed in her kennel. She still has a lot of puppy energy, so a large yard with at least a 6 foot fence would be ideal. A dog of similar energy level would be great for her to play with. She LOVES kids and is dog friendly. She was raised on a farm, so she is used to livestock as well. She enjoys playing hide and seek with her toys and chasing her frisbee. Could you be the right forever home for this sweet girl? read more


Name: Zander
Zander was adopted as a puppy (twice) and just recently returned again due to his adopter's fiance having allergies. He needs to be in a home where he will get an appropriate amount of exercise. He walks very well on a leash, is house trained knows basic commands. He would do well as an only dog or with a dog that is stable. He is a big, handsome boy and really wants to be with his forever (for real) family. read more

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