Adoptable Dogs

Houston and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: AA Hercules
Hercules had spent his entire life in someone's backyard with no Vetting or heartworm prevention. Not surprisingly, he is heartworm positive, but has started the slow kill treatment. He is loving being an indoor dog with soft beds to lay on. He is a very sweet boy that loves attention and gets along with other dogs and cats. He is looking for someone to love on and pamper him in his golden years. Could he be the dog for you? read more


Name: Avery
Avery is an approximately 8 week old Pyr mix puppy. She came to us very skinny and with a fractured leg that healed. We are checking to see if surgery is an option for her. She is so very sweet and LOVES to cuddle with her people! She is on medical hold for now. read more


Name: Disel
Disel was owner surrendered to the shelter with his brother, Jack Snow because the owners were moving. He is a very playful puppy, weighing about 80 pounds at 11 months old. He gets along great with people and other dogs. He would love to have another dog in the house to play with. read more


Name: Hendrix
Hendrix is a joyful dog who is excited about playing, stalking squirrels and lizards, and greeting his humans with a wildly waggy tail. He is a Pyr/Lab/Shepherd mix and has his own unique personality. He is good on leash, though sometimes needs a little reminder not to get too far ahead of himself. He’d love to be a jogging partner. His favorite part of going anywhere, though, is coming back home. He gets very happy when he knows he’s coming back to the place he loves – so we know he’s excited to have a furever home. Hendrix is a fairly quick learner and has gotten great at being patient while people are busy on their computers or whatever else this “working from home” entails. He can get a little overly excited when it’s first time to play, so if he’s going to be with children, they may need to be worked with to help him not be overwhelming. But, he loves children and loves other dogs and humans. He has not been cat tested yet. This boy will make a home a very happy and warm place and is sure to win his new family’s heart with his sweet eyes, smiley face, and bouncy personality. read more


Name: Ice
Ice is approximately 2 years old and has the most striking ice blue eyes. He came to us with a skin infection and very underweight. His hair is quickly growing back and he is gaining weight. He is good with dogs of all sizes and cat friendly. He walks well on leash and is a very easy going guy. He is now ready for his forever home! read more


Name: Jack Snow
Jack was owner surrendered to a shelter with a limp. Turns out he has a luxated patella (knee out of socket) and is going to need surgery to repair it. He is a very sweet, handsome boy and will be ready for adoption as soon as he recovers from his surgery. read more


Name: Jo Jo
Jo Jo is a lovely 7 year girl. This sweet, funny girl is also cat friendly. Somehow along the way she lost part of her tail, but she is such a fluff bucket that it just adds to her wiggly cuteness when she wags her short tail to say hello. She needs proper introductions with other dogs and can be a bit dog selective. She is an absolute love bug and adores kids and people. This sweet girl needs a forever home to call her own. read more


Name: Kasey
Kasey is going to be adopted by his foster as soon as he finishes his heartworm treatment. This handsome boy is so calm and sweet! He gets along with most other dogs and loves people. He was very thin, but has gained weight and looks and feels much better! He would likely do best in a small pack or as an only dog. He is heartworm positive, but otherwise healthy. He is able to go to his forever home as long as the adopter is willing to care for him during his heartworm treatment. He walks great on a leash and LOVES attention from his people. This big, gorgeous boy is looking forward to his forever family. read more


Name: Meeker aka Bingo
HI!! I go by Bingo now but I was originally adopted as Meeker. I was born in 2017 and have been living with a nice family in the woodlands. I am a big active boy that doesn't always remember my boundaries. I would do best with a family of older children, and someone who can help me understand who is in charge. I get along ok with other dogs but like to take those introductions slow. If you work with me, I am a BIG love bug, weighing over 100 pounds at 18 mos!! Starting the 8th of January 2019 he will be moved to Kathliene Anderson for private training in the home read more


Name: Millie Mae
Millie Mae is a bouncy, happy, active young adult. She absolutely loves people, and will soak up pets, belly rubs, and snuggles. She still jumps for joy when greeting people - as a tall and lanky 75# dog, her enthusiasm can be a hazard to children and seniors. A large overbite gives her a giant beaming smile. When not basking in attention or sleeping, she trots around exploring or entertains herself playing. Millie is a country girl, having spent most of her life outdoors in a fenced yard or chicken run. She was not potty trained as a puppy, but has not had any accidents in the small portion of our house we have allowed her into. We think she can learn house manners with patience and training - and know she would be delighted to spend more time with people. Her first family had fowl, doves and rabbits. We believe Millie is safe with poultry and has expressed only curiosity about our neighbor's cows and horses. She is not a livestock guardian, but her big, deep bark alerts to approaching cars and people. We have started teaching Millie basic commands, and she is a fast learner. She has walked our property well on a long retractable leash, and has been manageable on a short leash during trips to town. We are still working on resource guarding. Millie should have a family of adults and children mature enough to not interrupt her eating or take toys and treats from her. She may be best as an only dog, or with a family familiar with resource guarding. She has aggressively protected food, toys, territory, and people's attention from other dogs. Most of her aggression has been directed at our female; she may have less conflict with males. Without these triggers, she gets along with our dogs and enjoys roughhousing and chasing. She is still learning the rules of doggy play, and as a gangly active youngster, she can be obnoxious to mature dogs. Millie had skin allergies (now under control) and we are trying to identify the cause. She is ready and waiting for her forever home. read more


Name: Poppy Banks
Poppy came to us underweight (76 pounds) and matted, but she has the sweetest personality and is always wagging her tail. She LOVES people! She walks great on a leash, is cat friendly and is good with most dogs as long as there is a proper introduction. She is not a fan of the kennel, but we are working on that. She is heartworm positive, but can go home to her forever family if they are willing to care for her during treatment. Her perfect family would be home most of the time and give her lots of attention. read more


Name: Rayne
Rayne was found on the side of the road with injuries to her legs consistent with being thrown out of a moving vehicle. We will never understand how anyone could do that to this sweet girl, but luckily she didn't have any broken bones. We believe she is a Pyr/Lab mix and is about 2 years old. She's about 70 pounds, but needs to put on about 15 to 20 pounds. She gets along with other dogs, cats and loves people. She will be ready for adoption soon. read more


Name: Taia
Taia was picked up by the shelter as a stray and had mange. She has been treated and is now available for adoption. She is approximately 4 months old and a very sweet girl! She would love to have another dog to play with and help teach her the ropes. Or she could be an only dog with a family willing and able to spend the proper amount of time socializing and training her. read more


Name: Tobias
Tobias (Toby) is a sweet 2 year old Pyr/Lab mix. He gets along with other dogs, cats and even donkeys and horses. He is very friendly to people and children. He has the short coat of a Lab, but is the size of a Pyr (~120 pounds). He is on medical hold until we figure out why he is walking strangely. read more


Name: Treigean
Treigean is a very calm senior girl. She had way too many litters of puppies in her lifetime, but those days are behind her. She is very smart and figured out the dog door quickly. She will do just about anything for a meaty treat (no veggies or french fries for her!). She knows "sit" and is working on other basic commands. She's great with kids, other dogs and cats. She likes ear rubs and loving, but is not demanding. If you're looking for a calm, quiet senior that's ready to be pampered in her golden years, Treigean is the one for you. read more


Name: Yoda
This handsome, 116 pound boy’s name is Yoda. He is approximately 4 years old and has lots of energy! He is lazy by nature, but loves to play with other dogs, older kids, and adults! He has not been tested with cats. He’s pretty popular for his smile when he gets excited too! He does get possessive of his food, so he needs to be fed separately. He would make a great companion and will shower you with snuggles and lots of love! read more

Discipline isn't about showing a dog who's boss; it's about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world.
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