Adoptable Dogs

Houston and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Bichon of the Tribute Litter
Bichon update: Bichon is a super sweet girl and protective of her humans. Her favorite thing is food time. She finds her crate to be her safe place and sleeps in it at night and uses it for naps during the day. Plays well with other dogs, but is wary when approached while with one of her human family members. Fill out your application so you can come meet her! Hi! My name is Bichon and I am an Anatolian mix with double dew claws, born approximately 3/18/2018. I am female and am looking for my forever home. I LOVE playing in the water! I very much have the Great Pyrenees traits. I'm quieter and more reserved though. My foster says I'm very smart! My siblings and I were rescued from the shelter. My 4 litter mates and I are named after other dog breeds to pay tribute to all the dogs out there. read more


Name: Birdie
Birdie is super sweet and loves her new foster family. She enjoys playing with her foster brothers and sisters. She is a typical pyr demanding attention with her paw. Will update as we learn more about this beautiful girl. read more


Name: Brutus
Brutus is a big boy, weighing over 120 pounds! He loves people and is good with cats. We were told that he is good with small dogs, but can be dog selective with larger dogs. He is very laid back and just wants a soft, cool spot to lay and get loved on. More to come as we get to know him better. read more


Name: Donner
Donner is a sweet, gorgeous one year old Pyr/Anatolian Shepherd mix with both double dews. He weighs almost 100 pounds but is very docile. He loves people (including kids), other dogs and cats. He is a true lover. read more


Name: Elsa Heart
Elsa Heart was rescued off the streets of Houston. She is about a year and a half old and weighs 61 pounds. Hello Pocket Pyr! She is shy around new people, but warms up after some love is shown. She is very sweet and loves kids. She does need a slow introduction with new dogs. She is heartworm positive, but has started treatment and can't wait to be in her forever home! read more


Name: Freya
Freya is a spunky little girl who is as sweet as they come. She might be a little shy when you first meet her but she warms up after a little while. She is very dog friendly and has had to deal with some yappy, small dogs that try to bully her around but it has never bothered her. She loves to play and would do best with larger dogs, as she doesn't seem to know how big she is and can get a little rough with my smaller mix. She is also cat friendly. This girl likes to play hard, but she also likes to chill hard. She puts herself to bed in her kennel almost every night when she gets tired enough. She doesn't make a peep through the night and is kennel trained- we are still working on house training. She will tear things up when she is bored, her favorite victim has been the bed in her kennel. She can sit and shake, I'm also pretty convinced she can lay down but that's when her selective hearing turns on and she gives you her Pyr Paw instead. She is currently underweight at 58 pounds, but she is slowly gaining it back. read more


Name: Junebug
New to TGPR 3/31/19 Bio coming soon! read more


Name: Kenai
Hello everyone! I'm Kenai. In the few days I've been with my new foster family, I've learned how to walk on tile, go up and down stairs, and so many other things! I am so friendly and sweet that you'd never guess that just last week, I didn't have a home or a loving family of my own. I'm excited to see what other things my new foster family will teach me! Currently going through HW treatment on medical hold for now read more


Name: Loralei
Loralei came to us from the shelter with an infection from her spay surgery. She is finally healed and ready for her forever home. She is very sweet and gets along well with other dogs, cats, kids and people. More to come as her foster gets to know her better. read more


Name: Meeker aka BIngo
HI!! I go by Bingo now but I was originally adopted as Meeker. I was born in 2017 and have been living with a nice family in the woodlands. I am a big active boy that doesn't always remember my boundaries. I would do best with a family of older children, and someone who can help me understand who is in charge. I get along ok with other dogs but like to take those introductions slow. If you work with me, I am a BIG love bug, weighing over 100 pounds at 18 mos!! Starting the 8th of January he will be moved to Kathliene Anderson for private training in the home read more


Name: Mooney
Mooney came to us with a severe skin infection, mange and was very under weight. His skin infection and mange are all cleared up and he is gaining weight. His hair is beginning to grow back and he was just neutered. He gets along with other dogs, big and little. He is also cat friendly. He definitely prefers to be inside. He was abused in the past, so he is afraid of sudden movements. He is a super sweet boy that loves to give you hugs. He is going to make the best cuddle buddy. Would you give this sweet boy a chance at a new future and loving home? read more


Name: Moses aka Zorro
Hi, I'm Moses, aka Zorro, and I'm new to TGPR. I'm a sweet guy who is finally getting to learn what being safe and loved feels like. Check back as my new foster family gets to know me. I just might be the dog your family has been waiting for! read more


Name: Murray
Murray was pulled from a shelter with his 6 siblings and all of them had mange. He is now clear and ready for adoption! He is a very playful puppy that has already mastered the Pyr paw. He is a quiet kind of guy. He is a follower and his sister Rumer is his guide! He likes to play but likes to rest as well. He has some cute quirks and loves treats. read more


Name: Naomi P
Naomi was surrendered to us after she had been rescued from a shelter a year prior. She is heartworm positive. She is house and crate trained and only 72 pounds fully grown and filled out. She needs proper introductions with other dogs and would likely do best as an only dog, or with another large dog. It takes her a little while to warm up to new people. She is fine with older children and teenagers. She is learning to walk on a leash without pulling. She is going to need an adopter that is willing to take some time and have some patience while she adjusts to a new environment. After she is comfortable, she is very loving and playful. read more


Name: Penny Lane
Penny Lane was pulled from a shelter with her 6 siblings and all of them had mange. She is now mange-free and her hair is growing back nicely. She had an accident and broke her leg, but it has healed and she is ready for adoption! This poor girl had a rough start to life, but she is a survivor and looking for her forever home. Could it be yours? read more


Name: Rumer
Rumer, born approx 1/1/2019 was pulled from the shelter with her siblings. She was treated for Sarcoptic Mange is now mange free and ready to go to her forever home! Rumer is a tiny but mighty little girl. She is full of energy and is a leader. She loves to play with her brother Murray and a BIG brother. She does mind and will come when summoned, especially if a treat is involved! She will run and spin around and sit to receive a morsel! read more


Name: Sara Cinnamon Sugar
Sara is about a year old and love cats and her people. She does not like small female dogs, but we are hoping having her spayed fixes that issue. She does have some resource guarding (food) issues (with other dogs, not people), so she needs to be fed in her kennel. She loves to play outside and chase her ball. She even likes water! Could you be her forever family? read more


Name: Scarlet
Scarlet came to us from a shelter with a broken femur. She has had surgery to repair it and is healing well. More updates as they become available. read more


Name: Skeeter
New to TGPR 3/31/19 Bio coming soon! read more


Name: Sydney
Sydney was rescued from the median of a Houston freeway during rush hour traffic. She adjusted immediately to being an indoor dog with siblings. She used the dog door within an hour of being at the house. She can be left alone with free range in the house with no destruction. She loves her two 70 pound siblings. Her sister can be a little dominant and Sydney is fine with letting her act that way. Sydney was very underweight at first, just weighing 63 pounds that day. She has filled out to a beautiful figure, tipping the scales in the mid 90 pound range. Sydney loves her morning and afternoon walks. She meets other dogs along the way with a happy tail wag. She likes to “talk” to the cats encountered during her outings. Sydney loves to hop in the car and go for a quick ride to the corner store, or any where else. She is a typical Pyrenees and protects her territory with an occasional bark at the corners of the yard. She will stop by throughout the day for belly rubs and cuddle time. She loves the kids next door and most of the time she greets people by automatically sitting. She knows how big she is. She will even back up in the house instead of trying to turn around. read more


Name: Yula Mae
Yula Mae has been bounced around a lot recently and needs someone that is willing to give her time to settle in and be comfortable. She has some resource guarding issues with food and needs to be fed in her kennel. She still has a lot of puppy energy, so a large yard with a sturdy and tall fence would be ideal. A dog of similar energy level would be great for her to play with. She LOVES kids and is dog and cat friendly. She enjoys playing hide and seek with her toys and chasing her frisbee. Could you be the right forever home for this sweet girl? read more

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