Adoptable Dogs

Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Barnabus
Barnabus hails from far East Texas. He was just a little too friendly with the dogs next door, and the neighbors threatened to shoot him!! He didn't mean any harm, he just wanted to play!! Nonetheless it was time to find a new home. Barnie was born approximately in 2017. He is getting used to the concept of being a city dog. He loves the house and his own bed, but still needs a little patience using a collar and a lead. With a little love and time he will be a great family dog! read more


Name: Bentley Reese
Bentley is an owner surrender from Lubbock. His family moved to an apartment and he is depressed and hasn't adjusted well. He was born on a farm about July 2018 and adopted to his previous family at 2 mos. After first moving into the apartment, there was a period he didn't eat or drink and suffered a seizure. That has been a one time incident; the seizure showed left damage to his hind legs, showing early signs of arthritis and/or hip dysplasia. he was brought to the vet to be checked out and it doesn't appear he is epilpetic.; he can still run and go up and down stairs, but at times can lose balance easilyHe has separation anxiety and would do best in a home with humans consistently present. If left alone for too long, he will give himself hot spots. He loves walks and is still playful like a puppy. It is believed he was the runt of the litter and is not an alpha He is neutered and up to date on shots. He is not food aggressive and is believed he would do well with other dogs, big and small. read more


Name: Bluebell of the Crayola Littter
One Mom, two different litters. These babies were found in a pasture. The momma was trying to fend a coyote from snagging one of her 8 charges. Once TGPR rescued them, it was realized quickly that 5 of the puppies were developmentaly older then the other 3. Bluebell is one of the older 5. Born approximately 4/27/2020, Bluebell will be ready for adoption by July 3rd. read more


Name: Buddy CoPilot
Buddy wa born in 2016 and originally was a guardian in the field. He is a lean Pyrenees with confirmed coyote kills...He has a small scar above his eye to prove it. He's more of a beta but still a wonderful hard-working dog. He is very friendly, he loves being petted and seeks out affection. He will come up to you to initiate loving touches. He will do well with other dogs as he tends to follow their lead. Regardless he is ready to be a great companion! read more


Name: Cash
Cash is part of a bonded pair that came from the Palestine As, with his buddy, Tango. We have little information on these boys. They are roughly two years of age, are quite shy but are slowly learning to trust humans. Tango is the friendlier of the two. Despite the shyness, they are beautiful easy dogs that need a place that will understand their special situation read more


Name: Drake
Meet the new TGPR lion, oops Pyr, Drake. Due to his current haircut, he could be mistaken for a lion. But looks are deceiving and he is far from that. Drake, born around 2013, is a very gentle pyr that within an hour of arrival at his foster home, was getting attention from families and showing off his loving demeanor. He is dog friendly, cat friendly, and great with livestock. He is a perfect gentleman that is getting use to being in a house. It appears that he lived his life outside, but is adapting well. He is also hard of hearing and needs a yard with a solid fence. If you are looking for an easy going dog that wants attention, Drake is your guy. read more


Name: Dutch
Meet Dutch, just the sweetest big baby boy ever! Born Approximately 03/19/20 he has short tan hair and may be part anatolian shepherd. Dutch is doing so well with his foster family, playing and wrestling all day with his 95 lb foster sister - he holds his own and follows her around everywhere. Dutch has been learning puppy manners, sharing toys, playing chase and is mastering sit. He's doing awesome with house training - using the bells to alert his need to go out. He is an absolute sweet heart - loves toys, loves people, loves other dogs, and is very interested in cats, but hasn't chased them. Dutch does have separation anxiety - his foster mom is working with him on it, but that will likely be something that his forever family will need to help him with as well. He loves to be near your side and will follow you from room to room, so someone who is home more often than not will be an ideal situation for him. He is also working on crate training. Dutch will thrive with an active family and a doggy sibling to play with - his size or larger would be best so he can play like he's the big dog that he thinks he is! If you are looking for a super sweet, smart, playful new family member - Dutch is your guy! read more


Name: Koda Leigh
Koda Leigh is a very sweet 3-year old! She absolutely loves people and is adjusting to having other dogs around her. She has lived outside most of her life, so we are training her on acceptable behavior in the house. Fortunately, she is very anxious to please and is learning the ropes quickly! She has not had a single accident in the house, so we would say she is house broken. Thunderstorms make her nervous and she will need a safe place to hang out in. She loves to go on walks and is learning how to walk on a leash. She is good with children, but we donít have any cats, so we donít know if she is cat-friendly. She likes water, so we bought a childrenís wading pool for her and she loves it when it is hot. She also loves to cuddle. Koda is heartworm positive and has started treatment. She should be cured by the July She weighs about 75 pounds, which looks to be a good weight for her. Stay tuned for updates as we get to know her personality. read more


Name: Mama Colores
Mama Colores is a very brave momma dog that was find trying to fend off a coyote attack on 8 puppies. The good Samaritan helped her find refuge for the babies and then called for help. What is most amazing with this story is that the puppies are two different ages which meant she was caring for puppies she did not deliver!! Nonetheless she has been a good momma and is so sweet and happy to be safe and secure. She will be ready for adoption after the younger puppies are weaned and she is fully vetted. (approximately July 8) read more


Name: Mary Ann
They call me Mary Ann and I was born about November 2019. Noone really knows cuz I just showed up one day with my sister Ginger at this lady's house. She took pity on since we were starving!! She called this thing called a rescue to get help and now we are living the life of luxury. Our tummies are full and they have given us medicine to help us feel better. We have to take daily baths right now cuz I have something icky called Mange, but the doctor said would go away pretty quick! We are a little shy, as life has not been too kind to us up till now but we make friends very quickly. Its ok if we go to different homes, just as long as they the humans understand the need for patience. read more


Name: Paislee
Paislee was found in East Tx having delivered puppies in a ditch. She looks to be a pyr aussie mix, approximately born January 2019. She is very calm, sweet and friendly. Paislee is heartworm positive and will require treatment. Nonetheless, she is on her way to a healthy happy life!! read more


Name: Patty Stone
Hello! I am Patty. I was born 3/27/2011. I was very faithful in guarding cattle, chicken and my property for years, but my owner and I have gotten a bit older and we are now both retired from farming. I am now a house pet girl! It has taken me several months to learn the art of just being a house dog. I have come a very long way since Sept 2019. I now interact with the other dogs and cats as well as a toddler who lives within the house. My kennel is my safe place and if I do get a little nervous due to a lot of activity, I will just go to my crate and watch it all. While I am a little slow to warm up to new people, it is "mountains" better than not coming to people at all. I am house trained but still learning the leash. My wish is to just relax with my new family who does not mind me watching a bit of TV with them. My new family will need patience so I can continue to fully enjoy the life of a house dog! Love Patty read more


Name: Sparkles
Oh let me tell you about our newest-your newest best friend, Sparkles. She was born approx 7/2018. Sparkles is a show stopper for sure... just look at that long silky hair. Yes, she is on the thin side but she does have the GP double dews and with a little TLC she is gonna be even more gorgeous. She is a pretty small girl, 48.5 lbs but I think she will probably get to 60 lbs but not much taller. She was found as a stray and brought to us by Golden Retriever Rescue because they knew we knew the Great Pyrenees! This little girl KNOWS the house and couch and is as smooth of a personality as her silky fur! She fit right in with our big pack! She is healthy but needs to be spayed and get over a small ear infection which is being treated. Sparkles is no doubt a true example of "it takes a village" to work rescue. Enjoy her pictures and I am here to tell you that she will not last long! read more


Name: Stella Ginger
A lady of mystery, the stellar Stella was found abandoned in Hermleigh with a Corgi friend and taken in by a kind stranger that called TGPR. Stella had obviously lived outside for quite a while, with lots of burrs and mats and a large gash on her side that required stitches, and underweight to boot. Estimating to 18 mos to two years ago, Stella still has some growing to do. 72 lbs at her last appointment, at full weight and with some additional height she will be around the 90+ range once full grown. The biggest part of her mystery is how anyone could abandon this lovely lady; good with dogs, good with cats, house-broken, doesnít bark, incredibly loving, and just the cutest! Her little underbite makes for the sweetest faces. She is not a fan of walking on a leash, but we are building trust and are working on the initial steps with that training. Stella should go to a home with at least one other dog to build her confidence and help with her knowing that itís okay to come back inside after being let out. She doesnít willingly go into her kennel by herself yet, but consistency and delicious treats should get her there! Stella LOVES being petted; in her opinion, her face should be by your face for optimal petting, so learning not to climb onto peopleís laps is on our to-do list. As a larger lady that loves to pyr paw, older kids might be best. While she hasnít officially been kid tested, Iím sure she would be great with them read more


Name: Tango
Tango is part of a bonded pair that came from the Palestine As, with his buddy, Cash. We have little information on these boys. They are roughly two years of age, are quite shy but are slowly learning to trust humans. Tango is the friendlier of the two. Despite the shyness, they are beautiful easy dogs that need a place that will understand their special situation read more


Name: Tex
Tex is a young pyr cross estimated at 3. He really loves to play and have room to run and would do best in a home with a large yard or land. He really likes toys and tends to hog them from the other dogs so making sure there are plenty for everyone will be perfect. He tends to be nervous around strangers and needs a family to help him gain his confidence. Once he has gained confidence he would make a great running partner. Because he is so nervous a home with older children would be best. He loves to put his head on your lap and really likes his tail scratches. He will make sure to remind you to pet him by using that famous Pyr paw to remind you that you have stopped and need to continue He is housebroken and does well with both other dogs and cats. read more

Discipline isn't about showing a dog who's boss; it's about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world.
--Cesar Millan.