Adoptable Dogs

Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Atticus
Atticus is a sweet boy born on 07/01/2012. Atticus is the Sheldon Cooper of the dog world. Poor boy was apparently not socialized well as a young dog and therefore is a tad awkward with other dogs. He can be fearful of new people, so introductions must proceed slowly. He responds well to food, so is very easy to train. Atticus loves his walks on the leash. He prefers his kennel as his safe space and will self place if he feels anxious. One he is secure, Attie is playful and very affectionate. Atticus would love nothing more than to have a sofa, or warm bed to stretch out on near his person. He gives the greatest snuffy kisses!! Its best if you keep your trash contained and soap up high in your shower, or else he will find it and it it!! Bazinga!!! Atticus is being fostered in Sherman, TX. read more


Name: Berg
Hey everyone I'm one of 3 puppies found dumped on the side of the road. A nice lady picked us up and we were lucky enough to go into a great foster home in the Dallas area. Berg loves the water, playing with toys and chasing balls! He is very playful and loves chewing on bully sticks and bones during his down time! He is good with all size dogs and cats. He loves getting attention from his humans and he is potty trained! read more


Name: Buddy Holly
They call me Buddy Holly because I was found in rodeo town, Mesquite Texas and I am full on a country boy!! I am friendly, curious and a lover at heart. "Its So Easy" to fall in love with me. "I'm looking for someone to love" and it doesn't have to be "Peggy Sue" I am told I have some nasty worms in my heart, but "That will be the Day" when they get me down!! "Maybe Baby" I am the boy for you!! PS, don't be turned off by my short hair. I came in kind of rugged, but before I was shaved by my rescuer, I had a "stick em up" helmet head and the beginning of a pretty decent Pyr mane read more


Name: Devin the Fluffy
This sweet young girl was dumped in this condition. A good samaritan took her in for a couple of days and contacted TGPR for help. TGPR stepped in and she is getting the treatment she needs and will be feeling good in no time. She loves to play with her fur siblings. She is crate trained and 95% housetrained. She has been around little humans( ages 1 - 11) and acted great. She does not walk on leash but we are working on that as well as working on basic manners. read more


Name: Gypsy Rose
My name is Gypsy Rose, born approximately 05/2018. I am still quite a pup. Therefore I am exuberant, love to play with other dogs both big and small. I will take an experienced dog lover because I am still learning not to jump and that I do not always have to bark loudly at another dog right off. I have been around cats most of my life, and they're fine; I just walk on looking for someone else to play with. I am well into my training for sitting and I do well on a lead. Other than me being a loving life young pup, I would be a great family dog. And by the way...those of you that don't want the big hairy dog, I have a wonderful smooth coat and the dominant trait, of the double dews. Come and see me at the monthly Denton meet and greet at Petsmart. read more


Name: Indie
MEDICAL HOLD My name is Indie and I am a little squirt! I was born in May of 2017 and I am being cared for in McKinney, TX. Turns out I have a little medical issue that TGPR is really working hard to cure!! The Doctors don't know why but my kidneys aren't working properly. While things are improving and I feel a LOT better, I am not out of the woods yet. My foster says that despite my health issues I am playful loving and sweet. Do you think you could take me on? I promise I am a good good girl. read more


Name: Ivory Bryn
Hi, my name is Ivory! I was born in January of 2016. I'm still trying to figure the world out... some things still cause me to be a little bit shy and afraid so I really thrive in a home on the quiet side but I am very gentle and loving. My favorite thing in the world is to have my human pet my head, it is FAB-U-LOUS. I guess I have this thing called heartworms and have just undergone treatment! I'll be available after I recover. I love to have dog friends and I don't mind cats. I prefer to stay outside, but I will come inside as well. Storms and fireworks are super scary, and someone treated me very badly before I came to rescue, so I really need an experienced owner who understands and can help me feel safe and loved. Want to be my furever home?! We can cuddle all the time! I am being fostered in Paradise, TX. read more


Name: KATO
Kato is a people-friendly, dog-friendly, and cat-friendly "gentle giant" whose family was not able take him when they moved out of state. Kato was born on 02/25/2011. He loves attention--especially belly rubs, but any kind of petting and loving--which he would much rather have than the finest food. If you stop too soon, he will reach out to you with a giant paw and encourage you to continue. Kato is neutered, chipped, and up to date on all shots and his ProHeart6 injection. Kato has a beautiful light and darker tan coat, and he has the classic Pyr double dew claws. More important, Kato is a lovely dog who wants and needs a loving family and will surely be a loving companion. Kato apparently has spent most of his life outside, though he would love to spend most of his time inside. We don't know if he is totally house-trained, but after being inside for several hours he always answered nature's calls outdoors. Kato is a 124-pound Gentle Giant who nuzzles our cat and is gentle with everyone, though he occasionally barks at people unexpectedly walking in the alley behind his house. He and his yard mate, a high energy black Labrakita, get along well. When he's not being petted Kato enjoys lying in the sun watching the birds and squirrels. Kato is being fostered in Lubbock. read more


Name: Leah
Hi, my name is Leah. I was born approximately 9/15/2017 and am a love bug! I came into the rescue from the shelter, along with my four pups. My foster says I look like an Akbash/Collie mix, but I'll never tell! I am extremely patient and walk well on a leash. I am an energetic girl who needs to have room to run, but I'm also content sleeping on the couch. I love swimming, so a pool or pond to play in would be a bonus! I'm friendly with other dogs, kids, and even kitties! Being somewhat young, I still sometimes play like a puppy, so make sure your shoes are put away! I'm sure I'll learn as I mature. I can't wait to find my home! read more


Name: Liberty Aka Libby
Hi, I am Liberty, Lady Liberty. I was born on 9/10/14. I've just come back into the rescue. I am very attached to my human but do well with cats and other dogs. I would really like a home where I am the special dog. Come see me! read more


Name: Louie aka Lou Lou
This sweet, not so little boy is Louie aka Lou Lou (DOB: 2015). Louie enjoys long walks, snuggles and being around his people. This boy can be either a couch potato or is happy to join you on a run. Louie is a smart boy too! He already knows sit and shake, and is working on lay down. Louie is good around dogs big and small, cats, and kiddos. Louie also likes going on adventures in the car and getting the occasional pup cup from Freddy’s. Louie can’t wait to meet you! He’s being fostered in the North Garland area. read more


Name: Lucas D
Hi, I'm Lucas! I was born 6/15/2018. I love to run around outside. I get along great with other dogs, cats and kids. I'm housebroken and crate trained. I'm currently being fostered in Whitney, TX. Come visit me and see if I'm the perfect dog for you! read more


Name: Mandy
Mandy is a super sweet and playful girl, born 4/1/2018. She is being currently attending obedience school in Little Elm. She looks to maybe have some Anatolian or maybe German Shepherd in her, and very likely chocolate lab. We can only guess, Mandy and her brother Doug were found running loose as a litter with a mama chocolate labrador as people nearby were trying to shoot at them to get rid of them. Mama and 2 siblings didn't make it, but luckily they found a sweet loving family to help them find forever homes they deserve. read more


Name: Mercy
Mercy is a sweet older lady, born in 6/2010. She is being fostered in Daingerfield, TX. Mercy is calm and laid back. She doesn't take no gruff from the young whipper snappers and will put them in their place, even if that means leaving her nice peaceful corner to get a little sassy with an over-exuberant fellow dog. She's great with male and female dogs as long as they are moderately chill. Some energy okay, but she's the kind of dog that would yell "Get off my lawn" while shaking her fists in the air. She came to TGPR after being found at an abandoned chicken house very sickly and hardly eating. She's perked up with antibiotics and eye drops and her true personality is showing. She's a sweet girl and good with kids (but given her age, kids shouldn't be allowed to rough house with her). She loves her 5 year old girl and greets her with a kiss before settling in her corner. She likes having a corner of cold floor for herself. Uses a doggie door just fine and does not use the furniture. She's PETITE...67 lbs...super fluffy on short legs with double dew claws. She lets you love on her but likes to spit out her pills (typical). If you're looking for a sweet AND grumpy girl who is well mannered and wants to prowl the house, she's your gal. Update from foster: Mercy has a touch of arthritis controlled by 1/2 a pill a day (cost $25 per month) and now has some pep in her step and is eating well. read more


Name: Naomi
Naomi and her four puppies came to TGPR scared and in need of a lot of TLC. Naomi stayed at a wonderful boarding facility where a kind trainer helped her with socialization and she then moved on to a foster home where she is doing very well. Naomi absolutely adores her furry foster brothers so it will be a requirement that she goes to a home with at least one other dog. She currently lives with three boy dogs and loves running, wrestling, and laying together with them. She has met many other dogs and always does fantastic with making new friends. Naomi has met her foster family’s cats as well as a friendly neighborhood kitty and doesn’t mind them at all. She has been around children and with instruction to approach slowly and calmly, she has done very well with them. She enjoys taking walks and moseying along while taking in the scenery and has discovered that splashing in water is one of her favorite activities! Noami is an independent gal and is more interested in hanging out with her dog pals than her humans. She’s still a bit shy and is not your typical cuddly dog. However, she does show love and appreciation to her foster family by excitedly greeting them and giving them licks on their hands. She's happy to have a comfy spot to sleep on, some bones to chew on, and is thrilled when she receives treats! She's honestly pretty easy to have around because she doesn't demand attention. This gorgeous girl is going to make a delightful addition to someone’s family! Naomi was born in February of 2019 and is being fostered in Midland, TX. read more


Name: Nicholas
Hi my name is Nicholas! I was born in December of 2016. I am being fostered in The Colony, TX. I am a very kind, loving boy! I get along with big and little dogs but my foster does not know how I would do with cats. They say I do well with men, women, and older children but I would be best suited in a home without young children. I might have some sight issues, but if so it does not hold me back! I am still learning this world and would do great with a patient owner that gives me time to adjust in new situations. Once I feel safe with a person or situation I will be a very happy camper! read more


Name: Pierce
Hi, my name is Pierce! I was born in January of 2018. This is what my foster mom has to say about me: "Pierce is a happy and loving fella. He’s spent his whole life outside and has happily taken up residence in our barn hanging out with horses, goats, and chickens. He’s learning his boundaries and manners and seems to be a quick learner. He is most happy to have snuggles, pets, and time to go exploring along the fence lines and woods." Think I would be a good fit for you and your family?! read more


Name: Sherlock DeWitt
Sherlock (DOB: 1/15/2019) is a Great Pyrenees mix who was brought into a shelter as a stray, looks very typical Pyr with the addition of tan spots on his white fur. He's still a bit on the thin side but gaining rapidly - the foster can see a big difference after just one week, he's probably up to at least 50 pounds. He's great in his crate at night and is starting to play with toys. He's a baby so he's still learning not to chew on everything but he's smart and wants to please so he's learning fast. Mostly housebroken with just a couple accidents when he "forgot" to go outside first, scared to get in the car but once he's in - will ride along patiently. He does slightly resource guard his food but seems to be getting more comfortable and less reactive over time. He's fine with the foster's cat and absolutely LOVES their other dogs, especially the 7 year old Pyr who he follows everywhere. Sherlock would do great in a house with other dogs, especially young dogs that want to wrestle and play with him. Hasn't been around other people much yet because he's recently vaccinated and came to us with kennel cough but if his reactions to the foster are any indication, he's very friendly and a total sweetheart! Sherlock is being fostered in Providence Village, TX. read more


Name: Trinity D
Trinity D, born approx 10/1/17, is a sweet little girl who loves to play with everyone, and snuggle with her humans. Trinity is being fostered in Forney, TX. She was found as a stray at just 14 wks old, and appears to have a slight unique gait when she walks and sometimes falls easily when trying to round corners on hard floors. We had x-rays done to rule out hip dysplasia, but she seems to be improving with time. She will wake you up to go outside and is doing so well on learning housetraining. She knew how to sit and shake hands and she goes and sits in her crate when it's time for her humans to leave the house. She is extremely smart, and loves to pick out all of the blue toys in the house to play with. She also loves her naps, and even fell asleep while playing with the doorstop once. She looks like a golden lab mix but her DNA test came back with so many good breeds: Rottweiler, herding breeds, Great Pyrenees & Labrador! read more


Name: Willie Nelson
***TGPR Heart Dog*** Heart Dogs have been in the rescue a long time, had several moves, or have special needs. There is a dog for every heart and a heart for every dog. Featured Heart Dogs need a little extra help finding their person. Hey ya'll!! I am "on the road again" in search of my forever family!! Born in October of 2013, I am a mature happy boy, fully vetted and ready for my new home! You can find me in Waxahachie, TX right now. I enjoy playing with other dogs, but I do need slow introductions to get to know them. I am not great at understanding social cues, so impatient or very dominant dogs are not for me! I need a sweet, laid back life of snuggles and adoration. I don't like to be crowded, but once we get used to each other I learn to trust quickly. I have been bounced around enough and need my forever family to find me and fall for me. My foster says I am a love sponge and a dream on leash. I just love being connected to my person in any way that I can. My foster said that a quiet home is what I really need, but I could be a city dog with regular leash walks. Please don't bring me to the dog park! I get so confused about what those other dogs are trying to tell me! read more

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