Adoptable Dogs

Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Aslan
Hello there! My name is Alsan. I am a male Great Pyrenees born approx 6/2018. I came to the rescue because a good Samaritan witnessed me being pushed out of a pickup truck. I have had a tooth extracted and am now neutered! While I had a bad experience my foster says I have overcome that experience very well. I know how to sit and shake! I Love playing with tug-a-war toys and balls! I ride very well in the car and I want to be wherever You are! I am now waiting for that wonderful family that will love me forever and ever. Waiting for you, Aslan read more


Name: Bella Lou
Bella is coming into TGPR because her owner has stage 3 cancer. She is good with dogs and cats, but is fearful of the loud noises children make. She would do best in an adult only home, where she can lounge around. More to come as we get to know her! read more


Name: Bucket of Fun
Hello my name is Bucket of Fun! I was born approx May 2019. I came from the shelter into this great program 1.19.20 so we are all learning together! I can tell you that I am a bucket of fun. I want to play with all the dogs, am not nervous being around new things. I won't be eligible for adoption until 1/29/2020 which is my evaluation period. My foster says I am great boy and any family that has kids or wants an active dog would LOVE me as much as I would LOVE them! Come on and have a Bucket of Fun with me! Looking forward to meeting you Bucket of Fun read more


Name: Chase Pommard
Chase Pommard 1.5 yo neutered male. Approximately 50# so will be more of a pocket pyr. All the best parts of a pyr just in a smaller size. While Chase is up to date on his shots he is starting Heartwork treatment this week. CHase Pommard was found as a stray so his history is unknown. Because of some of his insecurities he prefers to eat alone and can be protective of bones. He will need to be have training to work through his resource guarding. He should be fed alone and bones given while he is in his crate until he feels comfortable and learns that he will always be fed and have a safe home. He quickly kennel trained, and is house broken He is very active, he runs and plays with the fosters dog inside He will need a good fenced yard or a place that is secure for him to play in. He is not a barker. He tends to want to jump up and great people and counter surfs. His foster states that with consistency and understanding that he will be fed some of these habits will be broken. Cats are not an issue. He is interested, but not in a bad way. I have 6 cats of various personalities. There were no issues. Because of his jumping he would do best in a home with older children. He is very smart and sensitive. Once he has completed his Heartworm treatment he will be ready for his forever home. Could that be you? read more


Name: Dakota
Hello everyone, my name is Dakota, Dak for short, although I am still learning to respond to that name. I was picked up off the streets by a kind lady before coming to my foster mom from the rescue. Just in case you were wondering, I am super adorable. I really love playing with my doggy friends and am learning that cats are friends too. Sometimes I still chase and bark at them and my mom tells me that is naughty. Guess I have to learn. I am also learning the idea of doing my business outside, although I have impressed my mom so far. I really want to learn and do the right thing. I am a little scared of strangers and men, but Iím sure I will learn to like them. I like being outside, but do not prefer to guard livestock. My absolute favorite thing is water, so be ready for a messy dog. Boy would I enjoy a pool or pond to play in. If you are interested in making me apart of your family, please ask about me. read more


Name: Freedom
Meet Freedom. She was born 5/2/2019, She acclimated very well to her new foster home! She is a little spitfire! She played and ran and ran and played the whole time. Her background is that she is an owner surrendered 8 month girl due to the neighbors were not happy about the barking in the wee hours of the morning. The owners were told by the breeder she was a Great Pyrenees. I believe she is Kuvasz due to the small paws, curly hair, slender build and no double dews. This breed is also a livestock guard breed. She is smart as a whip because all she had to do was watch one of our dogs go through the dog and door and a couple of minutes later she went right through and back out a few minutes later. She got along great with all the dogs and loved riding in the car. She will be available for adoption around 1/29/20 at which time her evaluation time will be over. She is a cutie for sure! read more


Name: Griffin FKA: Victor
Hi! My name is Victor and I was born 2/26/2018. I'm a big boy (93 pounds) who loves to be pet! I have soulful eyes and a shorter coat. More to come as my foster gets to know me! I came into TGPR when they rescued my litter, along with my dad in 2018. Unfortunately, my mom passed away from seizures at the vet's office after we were dropped off at the shelter. I was adopted, but unfortunately I had to come back to TGPR because my adopted brother started attacking me when we played. It was pretty traumatic, but I'm starting to feel safe again with the rescue. I'm being fostered in Sanger, TX - I'd love to meet you! read more


Name: Heidi
Her original owner found her as a 6 week old puppy wandering the streets of Gainesville and has had her for the past two years. She is great with kids, house trained and is a "pocket sized" Great Pyrenees (mixed with another breed that makes her on the smaller side). She is good with small dogs, but slow introductions are needed for big dogs. She is a complete lover and just wants to please you. She is HW positive so she will need to undergo heartworm treatment. read more


Name: Maurice
My name is Maurice and I was born in 2017. I am a super sweet boy, that does not bark, and am good with dogs. I love to roll blankets up in my doggie bed... mostly cuz I never had any!! My foster says I need to gain some weight and she is doing her best to help me!! Do you have a place I can call home? read more


Name: Monkey Boy
This little guy, born in September 2019 came to us after suffering an unkown injury to his leg. He has a radial fracture and will be casted for until March. He is very sweet and friendly. As he continues to heal from his injury, we will share more of his personality. The owner was trying to use him as a guardian, so he will be tested once he is fully recovered. read more


Name: Naomi
Naomi and her four puppies came to TGPR in need of a lot of TLC. She currently lives with two other dogs and loves running, wrestling, and laying with them. She should go to a home where she has a fur-sibling to play with and teach her confidence. Naomi is good with cats too. She has been around children and with instruction to approach slowly and calmly, she has done very well with them. Her safe space is in her crate if she gets overwhelmed. Noami is still a bit shy and is not your typical cuddly dog. However, she does show love and appreciation to her foster family by excitedly greeting them and giving them licks on their hands. She's happy to have a comfy spot to sleep on, some bones to chew on, and is thrilled when she receives treats! Naomi was born in February of 2015 and is being fostered in Midland, TX. read more


Name: Nicholas
Come one, come all - fall in love with my ice blue eyes! Hi my name is Nicholas! I was born in approximately December of 2016. I am being fostered in The Colony, TX. I am a very kind, loving boy! I love to give hugs and tell you I love you! I get along with big and little dogs but my foster does not know how I would do with cats. They say I do well with men, women, and older children. I would be best suited in a home without young children. I donít mind little children but Iím not sure what to do with them so I just go off by myself when little ones are running around the house. I have some night vision issues, but it does not hold me back! I am still learning about the kindness of people in this world and would do great with a patient owner that gives me time to adjust in new situations. I need to be in a home where someone is home with me the majority of the day or another doggy playmate. I am a ladies man and prefer female companions but a non dominant male is fine also. Once I feel safe with a person or situation I am a very happy camper! read more


Name: Patty Stone
Hello! I am Patty. I was born 3/27/2011. I was very faithful in guarding cattle, chicken and my property for years, but my owner and I have gotten a bit older and we are now both retired from farming. I am now a house pet girl! It has taken me several months to learn the art of just being a house dog. I have come a very long way since Sept 2019. I now interact with the other dogs and cats as well as a toddler who lives within the house. My kennel is my safe place and if I do get a little nervous due to a lot of activity, I will just go to my crate and watch it all. While I a little slow to warm up to new people, it is "mountains" better than not coming to people at all. I am house trained but still learning the leash. My wish is to just relax with my new family who does not mind me watching a bit of TV with them. My new family will need patience so I can continue to fully enjoy the life of a house dog! Love Patty read more


Name: Stella
Stella is a very well behaved girl! She is 2.5 year old. She knows several command. Sit, down, shake and roll over! She has a little bit of storm and fireworks anxiety. When this happens, she just wants to be close to you and petted. Stella is great with male and female dogs of all sizes. She is good with cats! Loves to play tug-a-war and fetch! She loves kids, too! Stella would do best in a laid back home with children and a doggy friend to play with. She is a bit timid if you raise your voice according to previous owners. This girl is awesome and would need a family to continue her training. I think she would thrive best with an active, out doors-y type family. She was really abused before her last family rescued her from the shelter. Stella has come such a long ways. read more


Name: Tex
Tex is a young pyr cross estimated at 3. He really loves to play and have room to run and would do best in a home with a large yard or land. He really likes toys and tends to hog them from the other dogs so making sure there are plenty for everyone will be perfect. He tends to be nervous around strangers and needs a family to help him gain his confidence. Once he has gained confidence he would make a great running partner. Because he is so nervous a home with older children would be best. He loves to put his head on your lap and really likes his tail scratches. He will make sure to remind you to pet him by using that famous Pyr paw to remind you that you have stopped and need to continue He is housebroken and does well with both other dogs and cats. read more


Name: Trinity D
Trinity D, born approx 10/1/17, is a sweet little girl who loves to play with everyone, and snuggle with her humans. Trinity is being fostered in Forney, TX. She was found as a stray at just 14 wks old, and appears to have a slight unique gait when she walks and sometimes falls easily when trying to round corners on hard floors. We had x-rays done to rule out hip dysplasia, but she seems to be improving with time. She will wake you up to go outside and is doing so well on learning housetraining. She knew how to sit and shake hands and she goes and sits in her crate when it's time for her humans to leave the house. She is extremely smart, and loves to pick out all of the blue toys in the house to play with. She also loves her naps, and even fell asleep while playing with the doorstop once. She looks like a golden lab mix but her DNA test came back with so many good breeds: Rottweiler, herding breeds, Great Pyrenees & Labrador! read more

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