Adoptable Dogs

Austin and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Annie
House trained, crate trained, understands No and Sit. Very playful. Loves a tennis ball and thinks ice cubes are a treat. Does well on a leash. Has been great around kids of all ages. Will try and sneak on the couch when youíre not looking but gets down as soon as she is busted! Typical Pyr in that she wants to be with her people as much as possible. read more


Name: Coco
Coco nicknamed "Odie" is a 1.5 year old, 95 pound Pyrenees mix looking for his forever best friend! His favorite thing to do is cuddle & look up adoringly at you with his big, brown eyes. You will never feel alone with this loyal companion. He knows all his basic commands, does well on a leash, and loves walks around his neighborhood. He can be left unattended in the house for around 6-8 hours no problem, as long as heís had some activity in the morning and is left with toys in the house. He does amazing with other dogs and would love to have another dog to live with!!! Kids under 13 are not the best for him - it's hard for him to calm down around them. He would be so happy with a house that has a good sized yard thatís securely fenced so he canít get out, and big enough so he can run around. Coco had a rough start - he was tied to a tree outside for the first year of his life, but he has come so far with his foster family over the last 6 months. He has learned to be calm, to trust, and has become a loving, goofy, silly, and happy young pup. He is looking for a loving, patient family or person to keep learning, growing, and to spend the rest of his life with. read more


Name: Indy
Indy is a sweet loving girl. She loves to snuggle and take long walks. She loves to be outside patrolling the perimeter of the backyard. She is a great playmate to our golden retriever but does not always get along with all dogs. She was rescued from Hurricane Harvey so she had a tough start. She needs a compassionate and calm new home as she tends to startle easily and too has some fear of the dark. She would thrive in an environment with a large yard, no cats, and no young children. read more


Name: Leo
Leo is just a complete love. He is a little shy when he meets you, but can be quickly won over by treats and pets. Leo had a hip surgery, that may need to be redone so he has a little bit different of a walk, but this doesn't slow him down. Leo is also heartworm positive and will be starting treatment soon. If you're interested in becoming Leo's forever family, he will need a family that loves him and a place to lay his head as he's recovering. read more


Name: Maggie Moo
Maggie Moo is an older girl who we've been lucky enough to get our hands on. She is blind and heartworm positive, but she's looking for a wonderful home to live out her golden years. She loves her people and uses her humans leg to help guide her once she trusts you. Maggie is so sweet, quite, and loving. There is no way you couldn't fall in love with this senior. read more


Name: Olive
Olive is the sweetest girl. She came to TGPR with a severe leg/wrist injury and open wound. The break in her wrist had already started to heal, but improperly. She will need a wrist fusion in 2021 which TGPR will cover. For now she is in no pain and the silliest, most playful, 9 month old puppy ever. She's very smart, potty trained, learning to walk on a leash and just loves to be loved. read more


Name: Princess Leia
Check out this glorious example of floof! 7 years old. Leash, house and crate trained. She is s sweet girl looking for her forever home. Her ideal home would have experienced GP people, who understand the breed. She has a strong personality - super sweet and snuggly, but needs a leader to show her the boundaries. I suspect she is the type who will take over the house if she's allowed the space to do so. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body!! Likes to play with other dogs. NOT cat safe. read more


Name: Sadie
Sadie is a loveable ďbig white polar bear,Ē just keep petting or that huge paw will give you a wack. She is a 94 pound 7 years old female and was an original rescue from LA in 2013; adopted 5 years ago with another rescue dog, Sage. Sadie stays indoors most of the time, with a dog door to go outside and has recently been up to her old tricks, of climbing the chain link fence, to ďgo for a run,Ē with no concern for traffic or where she ends up. Owner had to make a difficult decision to put safety of dogs above their love and companionship. Needs lots of lovin! Would love it if Sadie could be adopted with her best buddy Sage, but not a requirement. read more


Name: Sage
Sage was an original rescue from Bastrop in 2013; adopted 5 years ago with another rescue Sadie. Sage is maybe 7 years old and 74 pounds, but she still runs around like a puppy playing tag. Sage likes to keep an eye on ownerís whereabouts and wants to be the first one petted upon return, even if owner has only been outside for a few minutes. Recently she has been up to her old tricks of climbing the chain link fence, to ďgo for a run.Ē Owner had to make a difficult decision to put safety of dogs above their love and companionship and re-home them. Would love it if Sage could be adopted with her best buddy Sadie, but is not a requirement. NO CATS please. read more


Name: Samson
My name is Samson because I have great strength. Iím a big boy at 110 pounds and full of sweetness. I love taking walks and to play in bushes. I even like taking a run when itís not too hot in the Texas heat. I do great with dogs when I am in public but I donít do so well with dogs or cats in my own space. I tend to get a bit territorial. I love humans and am extremely sweet and handsome. Iím a big lug who just wants love and affection in a steady home. Iím two years old and was found as a stray. I am now looking for a forever home. read more


Name: YETI Spaghetti fka Whiskey
Yeti originally came to TGPR with a sister at 10 weeks old. For reasons outside his control his family wasn't able to keep him so he's back with TGPR. His DOB is estimated Feb 2018, so he's just over 2 1/2 years old. SWEET snuggly boy. Leash, house, crate and place trained. Yeti enjoys having a doggy friend to play with. He also enjoys chilling out on your lap while you read or watch TV. Like most of us in Central TX, hes got some allergies, currently being managed with zyrtec and Apoquel. His allergies present as regular ear infections, so they need to be managed to keep that under control. Hes a big boy, around 100lbs. Floofly and silly and great! Ready to find his forever home! read more

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