Adoptable Dogs

Austin and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Archie Bear
Bear is one big ole love. He comes to us from country living where he was having a little too much fun with the chickens and rabbits. Bear is great with Humans, Kids, and other animals. Unknown if he is cat friendly or not. Bear is currently working on getting warmed up to a city lifestyle and becoming trusting of lease walks and car rides. More to come on Bear! read more


Name: Daisy Rae
Daisy Rae was pulled from an EU shelter but has settled into her foster home quickly! She is as sweet as can be and keeps trying to play with her foster corgi siblings who aren't so sure of her yet! She is a big fluffy love bug and gets along great with her human siblings as well! read more


Name: Darlin
Training Hold: Darlin is about 1 year and 6 months old and such a beautiful girl. She is house and crate trained, but does not like to go into her crate at night. She is working on basic commands and leash manners. She has had several bad experiences with other dogs, so would likely do best as an only dog. Would you give her the time, patience and training she needs to be the best girl? read more


Name: Mimi
Mimi is the sweetest 2 year old girl! She’s deaf and quite shy, but is getting more comfortable with new things every day. Very small for a pyr at only 56 lbs, she’s got beautiful markings and loves long walks. She’s very cuddly once she’s comfortable with you, and will happily snuggle up next to you on the sofa. She does well with other dogs and will run and play for a bit and then is happy to curl up on her dog bed/relax for a while. She needs a little time but adjusts to new environments fairly well and is starting to come out of her shell! read more


Name: Mozzie James
Mozzie James is a fun loving 9 week old little man that loves to be outside and is very playful. Mozzie loves playing with the leaves outside and is an overall sweetheart. He is doing really well with crate training at his foster home while he is being treated for mange. His hair will grow in nicely, but for now he is rocking the pig ear look. Stay tuned for updates on Mozzie as he continues to improve medically. read more


Name: Mystique
Meet Mystique! She was found stray,out in the country, with a litter of brand new babies. A good samaritan delivered her to a no kill shelter, where TGPR came across her. She was extremely underweight and terrified. It took MONTHS for her to begin to feel secure enough in the world to walk on a leash without collapsing in a puddle on the ground. Fast forward five months, and she is doing much better. She is still very shy and unsure, but she is progressing daily. The ideal home for this girl will be a patient family that doesn't have a ton of noise or chaos. She's going to need some more exposure work in order to be confident and comfortable in public settings such as restaurants or pet stores, but she will get there with the right support. She is SUPER sweet and cuddly. She does lick a LOT but we are working on that. We initially thought she would only ever tolerate other dogs, but one day she started playing with the resident dogs in her foster home, and now she doesn't stop! We do think she will be more successful in a home with another confident dog - both to assist in her own confidence, but also because she LOVES playing so much. Warning: She is a GP - she has found her voice and now barks in the yard. Note: Her happy place is digging. Her new family needs to be willing to build her a sandbox, and/or allow her to dig in the yard. She LIGHTS UP when she has somewhere to get dirty. read more


Name: Piper
This sweet girl had a rough life before TGPR came to the rescue. She was “the mama dog” for a bad, backyard breeder and at 18 months old had birthed at least two litters that we know of. When she came to us, she was scared of everything - going belly up or cowering if you even glanced her way. In foster for the past two months she has been slowly building her confidence and learning that life can be good and people kind. Though playful with her foster “brothers”, she is still scared of most other dogs. Happy receiving affection from a new person or two at a time, she still quivers with anxiety in larger social settings. Patience, kindness and slow exposure to new experiences will be the magic for building her up more. She would do best in a calm household as either an only dog or a second to a gentle alpha. Fine with cats, not much exposure to young children. She is set to be spayed in February. read more


Name: Sadie
Sadie is a loveable “big white polar bear,” just keep petting or that huge paw will give you a wack. She is a 94 pound 7 years old female and was an original rescue from LA in 2013; adopted 5 years ago with another rescue dog, Sage. Sadie stays indoors most of the time, with a dog door to go outside and has recently been up to her old tricks, of climbing the chain link fence, to “go for a run,” with no concern for traffic or where she ends up. Owner had to make a difficult decision to put safety of dogs above their love and companionship. Needs lots of lovin! Would love it if Sadie could be adopted with her best buddy Sage, but not a requirement. read more


Name: Sage
Sage was an original rescue from Bastrop in 2013; adopted 5 years ago with another rescue Sadie. Sage is maybe 7 years old and 74 pounds, but she still runs around like a puppy playing tag. Sage likes to keep an eye on owner’s whereabouts and wants to be the first one petted upon return, even if owner has only been outside for a few minutes. Recently she has been up to her old tricks of climbing the chain link fence, to “go for a run.” Owner had to make a difficult decision to put safety of dogs above their love and companionship and re-home them. Would love it if Sage could be adopted with her best buddy Sadie, but is not a requirement. NO CATS please. read more

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