Adoptable Dogs

Austin and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Big Momma -Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Big Momma came to us from a shelter where she was surrendered with 8 adorable floofy, mixed breed puppies who had terrible injuries. We weren't sure if the puppies would make it, and didn't have any info about mom at the time. Turns out Big Momma is AH-MAZING. She did her very best to keep those babies alive until help could be found, and they are doing well! This girl is FRIENDLY. She's so sweet. Loves a good, soft bed. Walks nicely on leash, house trained. She's calm and trusting. We are SO GLAD to have been able to help her and her little family. She will be available after her spay, which should be in mid to late Feb, 2020. read more


Name: Charleston Stone
Charleston is such a cuddler and likes to follow his humans around! He has a playful side and likes to run around with the big dogs, but can relax on the bed too. He is good with cats and loves tearing up his rope. He is good on a leash and doesn't pull. He loves meal time and will go around to every dog bowl in the house in between meals looking for a hidden kibble to snack on! He is a little weary if you come at him too quickly still or go to reach for his collar, but he is learning to trust people and has nothing but love for them! He listens to "come" and "sit" and is very treat motivated. He is house trained and crate trained with only a couple of accidents in the beginning that he has seemed to grow out of! He would love to have to have a fur sibling to play with, but either way he will be a fabulous family dog! Charleston was found stray and transferred to TGPR from an animal shelter. They noticed he had a limp, and assumed he had a leg injury. Turns out he has an old pelvic bone injury, which has caused unnatural alteration to his colon. He will need extra supervision and there is a potential for higher than average medical attention. According to our ortho, seconded by A&M vets, there isn't a fix for this, as the break in his pelvic bone has healed already. read more


Name: Cody
Hi! My name is Cody! I'm a sweet, loveable guy who just had a run of back luck. My brother Maxwell and I had it pretty good; you can see we didn't miss any meals! Our new vet doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. A couple of years ago, our mom got sick and passed away. We were pretty sad about it, but her daughter was amazing and brought us home with her. She can't keep us forever, but wanted to be sure we got good "forever" homes with families who understand the needs of bigger guys like us. If you think a big, fluffy love-bug might be missing from your life, please fill out the application! We'd love to meet you! P.S. as a bonus, my adoption fee is only $100! read more


Name: Daisy Rae
Daisy Rae was pulled from an EU shelter but has settled into her foster home quickly! She is as sweet as can be and keeps trying to play with her foster corgi siblings who aren't so sure of her yet! She is a big fluffy love bug and gets along great with her human siblings as well! read more


Name: Echo of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Echo and her siblings came to us with major medical issues... worms, open wounds, infection. Poor Echo is one of the worst off. Surgery scheduled for 1/23 Available for adoption once cleared by her vet read more


Name: Felicie
This sweet girl came from a high kill shelter and was a bit shy but is starting to warm up quickly to her new foster family. They have introduced her to the cats and she's interested but is friendly towards them. She is great with kids and will be available for adoption soon! Stay tuned for more details. read more


Name: India of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
India, her mom (Big Momma) and siblings came to us with extremely significant medical issues/injuries. The cause is unknown, but they are in good hands now! This gorgeous, fluffy, red girl will be available for adoption once her vet clears her, medically. Surgery is scheduled for 1/23 Stay tuned to FB for progress updates! read more


Name: Kilo of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Kilo and his siblings came to us from a shelter where he was dropped off with serious wounds and infection. No one was sure he was going to make it. Thankfully, with amazing care from our partner vets, he's doing well! He will need some reconstructive surgery, scheduled 1/23, and will be available for adoption once cleared medically. read more


Name: Kuma
Kuma came from a backyard breeder situation. She is ~10 months old. She didn’t have the very best start in life yet somehow she is just the sweetest girl. I'm serious. She's a doll baby. She is so kind and gentle and doesn't seem to want any part of being alpha. She lets those punk puppy siblings boss her around. However, she is all about the weird naked children hugging her neck and giving kisses. She's HW negative, but is being treated for hookworms. Only one more round to go. She has no idea what a leash is and to say she has bad table manners is ludicrous. Puh-leeeeze. She has NO manners. We're working on that and she’s catching on quickly. Oh, one big step for her, she has finally started to play with our resident dog. It took a couple weeks to feel safe in this very loud home. Here she is in all her gentle glory. Oh, the most awesome thing about her is this barely audible squeak that comes out of her. It is the tiniest whimper. She sounds like Wheezy from Toy Story. It is so charming. read more


Name: Luke
Luke and his brother Walker were brought in from a backyard breeding situation in West Texas. It is believed that they didn't have much human socialization. Upon arriving at his new foster home he has shown his true colors and gets along with the resident dogs great and within a couple of days had learned to use the doggy door without training. If he could have it his way he would love a home where he has room to play and someone to give him all kinds of attention. He is the cuddler of the two! read more


Name: Luna Rae
Meet Luna! She is a Great Pyrenees Mix around 4 years old. She is a “Pocket Pyr” as she is just under 50 pounds and will most likely not be as big as a traditional Great Pyrenees. I found her wandering around our neighborhood and after 2 weeks, finally found the owners. Unfortunately, she decided to take herself on another walk about less than 24 hours after being returned and the owners asked me to foster her if I found her again Of course I said yes! She is a beautiful soul. She loves playing around outside with my resident dog, sleeping at our feet while we watch TV, chewing on tennis balls and antler chew toys, and going on walks. She loves to be outside and has access to the outdoors most of the day through the doggy door. I often find her napping in the grass in the yard after a full day of playing. She is great with other dogs, kids, and cats! She is very loving and snuggly. She loves to rest her head on my legs while I sit on the couch or lay her head on my feet while I watch TV. She is looking for her forever home full of loving owners who love to snuggle and plenty of outdoor access. read more


Name: Miles Davis
TRAINING HOLD Miles came from a shelter where he had been adopted and returned twice, for classic Pyr behaviors. During his vetting, he was checked for UTI due to straining. Xrays were done and it turns out our new boy has bullet fragments in his thigh!! While we work out his medical issues, he will remain on hold. Updates to come! read more


Name: Mimi
Mimi is the sweetest 2 year old girl! She’s deaf and quite shy, but is getting more comfortable with new things every day. Very small for a pyr at only 56 lbs, she’s got beautiful markings and loves long walks. She’s very cuddly once she’s comfortable with you, and will happily snuggle up next to you on the sofa. She does well with other dogs and will run and play for a bit and then is happy to curl up on her dog bed/relax for a while. She needs a little time but adjusts to new environments fairly well and is starting to come out of her shell! read more


Name: Mystique
ON HOLD Mystique came to us from an overflowing shelter. She had the puppies out in the country, and the landowner dropped her and the babies at the shelter because he didnt want anything bad to happen to them. This litter was originally ELEVEN puppies!! One didn't make it, and the other 10 are happy and healthy, and now off doing their own thing. Mystique is a shy girl, who was terrified of the whole world when she came to us. She's come a long way! Her foster is currently working with her on getting comfortable being inside, developing confidence and working on getting her to walk on leash. She's also crate training, and working on understanding how much fun a car ride can be. She's a work in progress, who will be available once she's more comfortable in the world, and after she recovers from spay surgery. Stay tuned in our FB group for ongoing updates and progress! read more


Name: Piper
Piper is the momma to Luke and Walker. She was brought in from a backyard breeding situation from West Texas. She doesn't seem to have been socialized with humans very much and is still pretty shy. She is slowly warming up to her foster mom and her dogs but still has some confidence building to do. Unless an experienced adopter comes along, this girl will be with us while she builds some confidence and adjusts to being a companion dog after a life without much affection. read more


Name: Richie of The Loser's Club
Richie is part of "The Loser's Club" as her foster has named them. They were brought in from a backyard breeder situation in Fort Stockton at around 8 weeks old. All of his siblings have been adopted out so he has started to entertain himself and learn new things. He has started to bolt down the stairs and use the momentum to jump into his foster mom's lap. He is sweet and cuddly and will adjust well into his new family's home. read more


Name: Sadie
Sadie is a loveable “big white polar bear,” just keep petting or that huge paw will give you a wack. She is a 94 pound 7 years old female and was an original rescue from LA in 2013; adopted 5 years ago with another rescue dog, Sage. Sadie stays indoors most of the time, with a dog door to go outside and has recently been up to her old tricks, of climbing the chain link fence, to “go for a run,” with no concern for traffic or where she ends up. Owner had to make a difficult decision to put safety of dogs above their love and companionship. Needs lots of lovin! Would love it if Sadie could be adopted with her best buddy Sage, but not a requirement. read more


Name: Sage
Sage was an original rescue from Bastrop in 2013; adopted 5 years ago with another rescue Sadie. Sage is maybe 7 years old and 74 pounds, but she still runs around like a puppy playing tag. Sage likes to keep an eye on owner’s whereabouts and wants to be the first one petted upon return, even if owner has only been outside for a few minutes. Recently she has been up to her old tricks of climbing the chain link fence, to “go for a run.” Owner had to make a difficult decision to put safety of dogs above their love and companionship and re-home them. Would love it if Sage could be adopted with her best buddy Sadie, but is not a requirement. NO CATS please. read more


Name: Sansa
Sansa is a year old spayed female who has multiple fur-siblings in her foster home of all sizes. She ABSOLUTELY adored the children that came to visit! She had never been an indoor dog or experienced the life of a loving home until she came to TGPR from a backyard breeder. She has since learned to become crate trained, walk on a leash and learned to be a dog. She is the sweetest pup and has picked up on all of these things quickly with her foster and is eager to please. Her foster reports that she is still very much a puppy, although a big girl. She regularly "rolls" her Huskies when they are playing in the yard. She would never hurt a creature on purpose, but like young Pyrs, doesn't know her own strength. This lovely gir is ready for her forever home! read more


Name: Tango of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Tango and her siblings came to us with major medical issues. Open wounds, infection, worms... you name it! They're in good hands now, and are doing well. Available for adoption once cleared by their vet. read more


Name: VIPER of Junkyard litter
This ADORABLE fluffy girl is called "Viper", although her personality is just the opposite. What a sweetheart! Born in a junkyard in January 2019 to Mom (Chevelle) is a Great Pyrenees. A DNA test on one of her siblings indicates dad was Am Staff or some other bully breed. Regardless of her parentage, this sweet, fluffy girl is just a doll! She was adopted when she was younger, but to due circumstances beyond her control, she was returned to us. She's since been in foster with a trainer/volunteer and has proven to be just amazing! The first thing people notice about her, after her shiny, shiny coat, is her adorable underbite! It is pretty extreme, but does not interfere with her ability to eat or play. It just gives her more character! And when she's happy to see you? Her top lip curls a little and she SMILES!! We don't see that ability often, but hers is legit! Friendly, smart, trainable, social, playful. All words that describe her. She has the SOFTEST fur, to which almost NOTHING sticks. Even after a romp through brush recently, she only came out with 4 burs! This goofball loves to wrestle with other dogs, so a home with a doggy friend would be best. She's one year old, so still has some of that puppy energy and is still learning about life, so any interactions with small kids should be supervised - not because she's mean AT ALL - but because she has no idea how big she is! Good on leash, house trained, crate trained. Spayed, microchipped and current on vaccinations. She's the full package and she's ready for her forever home! read more


Name: Walker
Walker was brought in with his brother Luke from a backyard breeder in West Texas. It is believed that they didn't have much human interaction before arriving in Austin with TGPR. Upon arriving at his foster home though he has shown that he certainly is a love bug but is the more energetic and playful pup of the two. He has also learned how to use the dog door without training a couple days into living with his foster and has befriended the resident dogs. He also has some extra eyelashes that don't seem to bother him and shouldn't become an issue in the future. read more


Name: Whiskey of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Whiskey and his litter came to us with major medical issues. His amazing mom, Big Momma, managed to keep them all alive until help could be found! This adorable, fluffy RED boy will be available for adoption once he is cleared by his vet. Surgery is scheduled for 1/23 read more


Name: Wilbur
Wilbur is the sweetest gentle giant! He is as low key as they come. Wilbur enjoys sleeping on any soft surface, traipsing around the yard smelling the air and the grass, and loves a good chicken flavored treat. He gets along great with dogs and cats. He is very affectionate and will nudge you for extra pets. Wilbur’s arthritis is getting better every day and he’s ripe for a major transformation. Wilbur will being a calm, sweet energy to his forever home. read more


Name: Xray of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
This adorable baby came to us with her litter and mom (Big Momma) with severe medical issues. We have not been able to determine how it happened, but they are in good hands now! Our partner vets have cleaned them up, and they will be having surgery on 1/23 to help them along more. Available for adoption once medically cleared. read more


Name: Zulu of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Zulu and her sisters came to us with major medical issues. Thankfully, our partner vets are amazing and have been able to save their lives! They will need significant medical support for a while and will be available for adoption once their vet clears them. Surgery to close wounds is scheduled for 1/23 read more

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