Adoptable Dogs

Austin and Surrounding Counties

All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Badger BBT
He's super chill and easy going. He loves walks and does well on a leash. He loves to play with tennis balls and rope toys. I think he would be good with kids but all stuffed animals need to be kept out of his reach because this boy loves soft things to chew on. In times of stress, he may be a bit destructive and chew on things like furniture. Belly rubs and ear scratches are still his favorite. He greets me every morning with a smile and then flops down for a belly rub. He is reluctant to get in the car but once he does he doesn't have any issues. He seems to be ok loose in the house but he will try to bolt through the door when you come home. We are keeping an eye on his medical situation to make sure he's healed up well and doesn't have any other issues but he's been such a good dog so far for everything he's been through! read more


Name: Buzz
Fuzzy Buzz! He is a young, rambunctious boy. He came to us with an eye issue which has been corrected. His left eye will always look a little different, being a bit droopier than his right, and a part of his 3rd eyelid will always be visible. Buzz is a rough and tumble guy, who will need to be in a home with other big dogs with similar play style. After spending most of his life outside, he does seem to prefer to be indoors. Even if the other dogs are out, he gets tired of being outside quickly and will search at the door to be let back in. He can be intimidating to small dogs, and could accidentally knock over small kids, so we recommend a home with children over 10. We have not seen him exposed to cats. He loves every person he meets! He excels at finding ways to push himself into your lap for hugs and love. Now that his eye doctor has released him crate rest, we will start working on leash walking. He is still learning that chewing the couch cushions is not okay. Crate trained. House trained (finally). We just love his perpetual bed head and just how happy he is all of the time! read more


Name: Coco
Coco started his puppy life being chained up in a backyard and after a concerned neighbor stopped by and asked about him the family offered to let her take him home. She then reached out to TGPR for help! Coco is learning that being inside isn't as scary as it seems and picks up on learning commands quickly. He loves to play with other dogs and would do best in a home where he has a pup sibling to show him the ropes and give him some company inside. He loves to cuddle and will bury his bones to come back and get them later. read more


Name: Layla
This sweet girl is under a training hold currently and is not available for adoption. This will be updated once she becomes available. Layla is a sweet Akbash puppy who was picked up by the Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center as a stray. We suspect that she was born a stray and are currently working on building her trust and confidence around people. read more


Name: Leo
This sweet guy needs to have hip surgery before he is ready for adoption. Stay tuned for more information! read more


Name: Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae is a young energetic lady who loves to PLAY! She has the bark and double dews of a pyr, but looks like she may also have some hound, shepherd, and sighthound in her. Maggie Mae has a very strong prey drive so she would probably do best in a home without small animals to chase. She is food motivated and would love to learn some new tricks. Maggie Mae would love to be a part of an active family with another young dog to play with. If going for a hike and then snuggling on the couch watching Netflix is your definition of a perfect day, then check out Maggie Mae! read more


Name: Maggie Moo
Maggie Moo is an older girl who we've been lucky enough to get our hands on. She is blind and heartworm positive, but she's looking for a wonderful home to live out her golden years. She loves her people and uses her humans leg to help guide her once she trusts you. Maggie is so sweet, quite, and loving. There is no way you couldn't fall in love with this senior. read more


Name: Sadie
Sadie is a loveable big white polar bear, just keep petting or that huge paw will give you a wack. She is a 94 pound 7 years old female and was an original rescue from LA in 2013; adopted 5 years ago with another rescue dog, Sage. Sadie stays indoors most of the time, with a dog door to go outside and has recently been up to her old tricks, of climbing the chain link fence, to go for a run, with no concern for traffic or where she ends up. Owner had to make a difficult decision to put safety of dogs above their love and companionship. Needs lots of lovin! Would love it if Sadie could be adopted with her best buddy Sage, but not a requirement. read more


Name: Sage
Sage was an original rescue from Bastrop in 2013; adopted 5 years ago with another rescue Sadie. Sage is maybe 7 years old and 74 pounds, but she still runs around like a puppy playing tag. Sage likes to keep an eye on owners whereabouts and wants to be the first one petted upon return, even if owner has only been outside for a few minutes. Recently she has been up to her old tricks of climbing the chain link fence, to go for a run. Owner had to make a difficult decision to put safety of dogs above their love and companionship and re-home them. Would love it if Sage could be adopted with her best buddy Sadie, but is not a requirement. NO CATS please. read more


Name: Samson
My name is Samson because I have great strength. Im a big boy at 110 pounds and full of sweetness. I love taking walks and to play in bushes. I even like taking a run when its not too hot in the Texas heat. I do great with dogs when I am in public but I dont do so well with dogs or cats in my own space. I tend to get a bit territorial. I love humans and am extremely sweet and handsome. Im a big lug who just wants love and affection in a steady home. Im two years old and was found as a stray. I am now looking for a forever home. read more


Name: Tulip of Springling Litter
Born on Memorial Day (5/27/2019), Tulip was adopted as a 10 week old puppy and recently returned since she and her sister weren't getting along. She does have resource guarding issues, so she needs to be fed and given treats in her own space. She was diagnosed with Immuno-mediated Poly-arthritis and has been taking medications to remedy it. She is doing well now, but it is possible it could reoccur. Tulip LOVES people and is happy to cuddle with you every chance she gets. She is anxious in new situations and will need some time to adjust in a new home (like any dog!). She is a Pyr/German Shepherd/Husky mix. She has the long nose of a GSD, and the Pyr double dews. Her coat is shorter than that of a Pyr and has light tan spots in places. She would do best in a home where her people are home more often than not and as an only dog, or with a calmer dog. Could Tulip be the one for you? read more


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