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All of the dogs shown on this page are available for adoption through the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.


Name: Amaya
Amaya was picked up as a stray and was rescued from a shelter. She is very sweet, loves to play, and knows the command "sit". More to come as we get to know her better. read more


Name: Annie Sky
This gentle spayed five year old German Shepherd/Pyr mix is very shy...but coming out of her shell at her foster home.Little by little, she is learning that life can be happy and people are kind. She is a beautiful girl and has no fear around the other dogs at her foster home. No aggression...just she simply runs and hides from new people. Annie just wans to be loved, and she has found that in her current home! read more


Name: Argentina of the Country Litter
Sweet, badger faced bottle baby with double dews and a sense of adventure. read more


Name: Asher
This cute 4 month old little boy is so well mannered and laid back. He walks well on a leash already and is house and kennel trained. He gets along with everyone: other dogs, cats, kids and adults! Hurry, this sweetie won't last long. read more


Name: Atticus
Atticus is a sweet boy born on 07/01/2012. Atticus is the Sheldon Cooper of the dog world. Poor boy was apparently not socialized well as a young dog and therefore is a tad awkward with other dogs. He can be fearful of new people, so introductions must proceed slowly. He responds well to food, so is very easy to train. Atticus loves his walks on the leash. He prefers his kennel as his safe space and will self place if he feels anxious. One he is secure, Attie is playful and very affectionate. Atticus would love nothing more than to have a sofa, or warm bed to stretch out on near his person. He gives the greatest snuffy kisses!! Its best if you keep your trash contained and soap up high in your shower, or else he will find it and it it!! Bazinga!!! Atticus is being fostered in Sherman, TX. read more


Name: Barry
Barry has the absolute most dreamiest eyes you have ever seen 😍 At only about a year old, he is very well mannered given his age. He gets along with other dogs, is house trained, loves to play, and nap. read more


Name: Basil
Basil is an amazing, energetic girl who wants to give and get all the love that she can. Basil is up to date on all of her shots, and has done wonderfully with meeting new dogs, new people, and is a champion grasshopper catcher. At her foster home, Basil has been learning how to walk on a leash, how to wait patiently for her food, how to be sweet with cats (even when she wants to play), how to “sit”, “leave it”, “go to bed”, and “wait”, how to sleep quietly in a kennel (she does great, and has behaved when left out at night during test runs) and how to have all the zoomies in the backyard (and sometimes in the house – the couch does make a good launch pad, after all). She does great in the car once you get her in (she’s still learning that most trips involve treats), and she LOVES to snuggle on the couch with any humans or animals that are willing to share. Basil is amazing with kids, and she is learning that jumping up is bad, but kisses are good (and she’s an excellent alarm clock for small humans). Basil would be great in a home with similarly sized dogs that have similar energy levels, or an active family – she loves to play! She is great with cats, kids, other dogs, and she is very food-motivated, so positive reinforcement training will be perfect for her. read more


Name: Bernie
Bernie is a 2-3 year old male Pyr whose foster named him Bernie because his coloring reminded her of a St. Bernard. She rescued him after his owner moved away, leaving this good dog alone in the neighborhood. He is doing very well with her two senior toy Poodles and a lively smaller dog. He loves to run and play in the backyard, but is also content to chill with the family in the house. What a handsome, happy dog! read more


Name: Bichon of the Tribute Litter
Bichon (DOB: 3/18/2018) is a super sweet girl and protective of her humans. Her favorite thing is food time. She finds her crate to be her safe place and sleeps in it at night and uses it for naps during the day. Plays well with other dogs, but is wary when approached while with one of her human family members. Fill out your application so you can come meet her! read more


Name: Big Bear
I'm a mellow hunk of burning love.... Brand new - more to come! read more


Name: Blue HFD
Blue does great with friendly dogs of all sizes and loves people. He is living with goats,chickens, a buddy dog, and a pony. Blue is fearful of dominant males and aggressive dogs. Blue will need a partner in order to be be successful. read more


Name: Bruno
Bruno is a male Great Pyr puppy who came to us in rough shape in mid-September. It appeared he had been hit by a car and left. Bruno had many cuts on his little body as well as mange, and worms. But this spunky pup has responded beautifully to life in a safe and happy foster home. He is already running and playing with the big dogs, and we know he will be strong and ready for his forever home very soon. What a little life warrior! read more


Name: Buddy Boy
Buddy is a 1.5 year old Pyrenees border collie cross. He was found by his current foster dodging cars on Highway 290 this past Christmas Eve. He had apparently strayed from his home and had no collar, no chip and after multiple attempts and a post to a lost and found site no one claimed him. It has become apparent that he is very eager and willing to learn and knows commands such as sit and down. He comes to the sound of a whistle as well as his name. He loves to be near people and is an extremely good companion dog. He currently lives on a small farm with other dogs that he gets along well with and he also loves swimming in ponds and being amongst the other livestock such as cows and horses. It is unknown if he is good with cats but his current foster feels that if things don't run from him or act scared then he would be far less likely to go after them. He is a very sweet and loving dog and eager to please. He is good on a leash and he eats in his kennel if he is around other dogs. It's just a safety measure since when he first came to his foster he was very protective of his food. He is very loyal and energetic. He loves to chase the frisbee and will play tug of war with ropes as well. He loves kids and has not shown any aggression towards people. He has been inside the house and has not been destructive nor has he had an accident. His foster feels that he is extremely adaptable and as long as he can get outside and play in the yard and have companionship with people and even other animals, if there are others in the home, he would be happy regardless of whether he was on a large property or not. Being young he does like to get the bulk of the attention if there is another dog around, but in a very short time he settles down and realizes that he doesn't have to be the center of attention. He would do best with an active family, and would not be a good fit for an apartment. read more


Name: Buddy Holly
They call me Buddy Holly because I was found in rodeo town, Mesquite Texas and I am full on a country boy!! I am friendly, curious and a lover at heart. "Its So Easy" to fall in love with me. "I'm looking for someone to love" and it doesn't have to be "Peggy Sue" I am told I have some nasty worms in my heart, but "That will be the Day" when they get me down!! "Maybe Baby" I am the boy for you!! PS, don't be turned off by my short hair. I came in kind of rugged, but before I was shaved by my rescuer, I had a "stick em up" helmet head and the beginning of a pretty decent Pyr mane read more


Name: Charleston Stone
Charleston was found stray and transferred to TGPR from an animal shelter. They noticed he had a limp, and assumed he had a leg injury. Turns out he has an old pelvic bone injury, which has caused unnatural alteration to his colon. He will need extra supervision and there is a potential for higher than average medical attention. According to our ortho, seconded by A&M vets, there isn't a fix for this, as the break in his pelvic bone has healed already. It's likely he won't make it to old age, which is just heartbreaking. Regardless of this medical issue, Charleston is the HAPPIEST and friendliest puppy you'll ever meet. The injury isn't slowing him down much. He's good with dogs, cats and kids. Given his medical issue, he will need a special home where his activity can be monitored, and he can't get into the big dog body-slam play that is common to this breed. read more


Name: Charlie Brown
Charlie was found with his siblings in a cardboard box outside of an animal shelter covered in fleas and ticks. He is a sweetheart and just wants to please his people. He loves people and wants to love and be loved. He plays well with dogs of all sizes and is cat friendly. He is eating well and has come to realize that food will always be available. He likes to sit back and watch his foster humans with the most soulful eyes I have ever seen. He doesn't want you out of his sight. He wants to find his forever home. read more


Name: Chevelle
Chevelle and her daughter TGPR Addie, were abandoned in a junkyard. Shortly after we got them safe, they both had puppies! Chevelle is doing well. After nursing NINE puppies, she is a bit thin, but gaining weight now. She is heart worm + and is undergoing treatment. She will need to be spayed in the coming weeks as well. This girl is SUPER people friendly, and very social. She would be great in a home with other quiet adult dogs, or as an only child where she can be spoiled. She is house trained, decent on a leash. One of the sweetest dogs we have had come through our Austin program! read more


Name: Cody
Hi! My name is Cody! I'm a sweet, loveable guy who just had a run of back luck. My brother Maxwell and I had it pretty good... you can see we didn't miss any meals! Our new vet doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. A couple of months ago, our mom got sick and passed away. We are pretty sad about it, but her daughter was amazing and brought us home with her. She can't keep us forever, but wanted to be sure we got good "forever" homes with families who understand the needs of bigger guys like us. If you think a big, fluffy love-bug might be missing from your life, please fill out the application! We'd love to meet you! P.S. as a bonus, my adoption fee is only $200! read more


Name: Cotton
Brand new - more to come! read more


Name: Cue Ball
Brand new more to come! Check out my puppies too - the Country Litter. read more


Name: Darlin
Darlin is about 8 months old and such a beautiful girl. She is house and crate trained, but does not like to go into her crate at night. She is working on basic commands and leash manners. She has had several bad experiences with other dogs, so would likely do best as an only dog. Would you give her the time, patience and training she needs to be the best girl? read more


Name: Devin the Fluffy
Devin the Fluffy is a sweet, young girl (DOB: 11/2018) who was dumped with mange and needing groceries. She loves a good game of bitey face or wrestling with her fur siblings. She is crate trained and housetrained. She has been around little humans (ages 1-11) and acted perfect. Although she does okay on a leash we are continuing to practice and learning good manners. Now that she has gotten rid of the mange, current on vaccinations and been spayed she is ready to find her perfect home. She is being fostered in Idalou, TX. read more


Name: Donner
Donner is a sweet, healthy, and very handsome young Anatolian Shepherd Great Pyrenees mix. He is just over a year old and has been neutered and is up to date on vaccinations. He has a lot of love to give and enjoys lots of attention. He is currently being fostered in the Houston area in a family with 3 children and 3 other dogs. His ideal new forever home would have another dog to rough house/ romp/ play tug o war with and or some children to play with him. He would do best in a very active family. He has a lot of energy being such a young dog and if he doesn’t get enough attention and exercise tends to misbehave and create “fun” for himself in the form of chewing or taking himself for a walk. Donner loves to be with his people and gets a little nervous when they leave the house. His ideal family would be home most of the the time and take him with them on outings. He does ok when left for a few hours in the house if food is not left out on counters and he is secured inside with the doggie door closed and he has something great to chew on. He also enjoys listening to music or TV to keep him from getting lonely. Someone is almost always at home with him. Donner has not been crate trained but he knows how to use the doggie door well. He currently goes for a long walk with his pack early every morning. He has not been to a dog park but would probably love it and get some great exercise there. Donner has gotten better about riding in the car and last time he willingly jumped in and did great! He prefers to sleep in bed with his people but would be fine on the floor next to the bed. He likes to lay on the tile floor. Donner likes the outdoors and watching squirrels. His most recent hobby is chasing little lizards around the yard. Donner is a sweetheart that will appreciate your love. He is around 95 pounds but so gentle! Apply today for this sweet snuggle boy. read more


Name: Duke HFD
Duke is a big, handsome boy who has lived with goats, horses, chickens, and dogs. He is friendly and sweet. Although he is used to living outdoors, he would not mind coming in for a visit! Duke has been doing a little chicken chasing at his foster home, but his foster is trying to work with that to help him become the well rounded farm dog we know he can be! read more


Name: Duke S
Meet Duke. This gentle giant (although on the smaller side for a Pyr) is a total charmer just looking for someone to love. His swaggering gait, twinkling eyes and easy going personality will totally melt your heart. He would be a devoted member of your neighborhood watch and also the welcoming committee. He needs daily exercise and enjoys morning walks, dog wrestling and galloping after a ball. He's housebroken, crate trained, good on a leash, dog friendly and cat curious. He needs to have hip replacement surgery, but can go to his forever home on a foster-to-adopt basis while that happens. Do you have room in your heart to give this guy a forever home? read more


Name: Duke Snider
Duke is a pyrfect mix of playful and sweet. He loves to snuggle and is very curious. He love bath time, and of course food. He and his siblings were dropped off at a shelter covered in fleas and ticks and were very hungry. He is still learning that food will always be available. He is 3 months old and ready to go to his forever family. read more


Name: Ella - fka Saige Meadow
Ella (saige) is a beautiful shy young girl with a beautiful soft white and carmel coat and amazing lashes to accent her big brown eyes.  She knows “sit, “shake” and “outside”.  She walks nicely on a leash as well as the tandem with her foster sister Lucy. She is shy and takes time to warm up to new people (treats help) but she is happy to watch the activity from her safe spot.  She enjoys playing outside with her foster sister Lucy as well as chilling inside and chewing on toys. She is housebroken and will let you know when she needs to go outside with that giant pry paw or nudge of the nose.  She only barks when someone is at the door or when they come in. She is very cautious around men and other people she does not know, but once you gain her trust she is very happy for you to return home and jumps around with a happy dance and a good butt nudge.  She isn’t overly confident with a car ride, she prefers to sit in the middle and not hang her head out the window.  She would do well in a calm family that isn’t very active and has a nice fenced back yard.  Once this shy sweet girl knows you are her person she will become your shadow.  read more


Name: Evian
Evian was found during tropical storm Imelda and was covered in fleas, ticks and had a severely matted coat. She had to be shaved, but her coat will grow back soon enough and be gorgeous. She is very sweet and likes to play with the other dogs at her foster home. She is great with cats and likes to cuddle with her foster's kitten. She loves people and can't wait to be with her forever family. read more


Name: Fiona
Fiona is ready to move on to her permanent people! SPREAD THE WORD: With silky soft fur, weighing 55 lbs at 8-10 months Fiona is a dainty lady for a Pyr. Fostered first as a potential LGD, Fiona made it clear she’d rather play with the goats than calmly guard them. She’s been very happy as a “house Pyr”, spending her days running outside to chase and play with her two foster brothers, then back inside to chew on a bone and take a long nap in the AC. She is definitely a lively girl who would be happiest with another dog (or three) to tussle with. While calmly friendly with adults, children and other dogs, she’s a little too “interested” in her foster’s cats but has never harmed them. Some maturation should chill out that enthusiasm. This pup is smart as a whip. She learned “sit” from watching her two brothers for a day, before her foster even started working to train her. And within 3 minutes on her first leash walk, she was a champ at loose leash walking, needing only minor and occasional corrections. Fiona would do best with an adopter who has patience and a sense of humor, for this curious, mischievous pup will follow the letter of the law but not necessarily its spirit. For example, she will relinquish the newspaper you don’t want her to chew on, only to pull your junk mail out of the trashcan 15 minutes later! While she will thrive with a forever family of her own, Fiona is cautious and slow to trust, so you’ll need to move slowly until you’ve won Fiona’s snuggles and smiles – her love is well worth the wait! read more


Name: Foxie LGD aka Jill
Foxie (her call name is Jill) is ready to go! She is a gorgeous guardian that has been part of a pack of females that patrol a working goat ranch in the San Marcos area. "Jill" came in with her sibling, but he decided the indoor home life is for him. Not this girl! She has embraced her working lines and is ready to find her forever home and herd. Jill will need a partner LGD in her adoptive home. If you guardians already, she would be a nice addition. Pictures soon! read more


Name: Ghandi of the Rogue Litter
Ghandi is one of the smaller of the litter. An adorable coffee brown, with lighter brown and white markings. He has BIG personality and loves to play hard. He's a wrestler and a talker. Such an adorable boy! Rogue Litter details: Born 4/26/2019 read more


Name: Giorgio
My name is Giorgio; born 08/2015! I am debonair and unbelievably handsome. Unfortunately, my human dad passed away and my momma isn't able to care for me anymore, so I'm coming back to the rescue. I am great wit dogs, cats and children. I'm super sweet and would love to impress you with my sit and shake skills. I am fully potty trained, walk well on a leash and ride well in the car. Can you help me out with a new home?! I'm currently being fostered in Dennison. read more


Name: Grace of the Joshua Litter
Hi, I'm Grace of the Joshua Litter. I was born on 8/4/2019 and have 6 siblings. We are all looking for our forever homes - can you help us? read more


Name: Gypsy Rose
My name is Gypsy Rose, born approximately 05/2018. I am still quite a pup. Therefore I am exuberant, love to play with other dogs both big and small. I will take an experienced dog lover because I am still learning not to jump and that I do not always have to bark loudly at another dog right off. I have been around cats most of my life, and they're fine; I just walk on looking for someone else to play with. I am well into my training for sitting and I do well on a lead. Other than me being a loving life young pup, I would be a great family dog. And by the way...those of you that don't want the big hairy dog, I have a wonderful smooth coat and the dominant trait, of the double dews. Come and see me at the monthly Denton meet and greet at Petsmart. read more


Name: Harlan (now Harley)
Harley was adopted as a very young puppy, but recently returned due to an aggressive dog at his adopter's home. He is 10 months old and such a great boy! We think he is a Pyr/Dalmation mix. He is neutered, completely potty trained, and has completed 6 weeks of obedience training. He goes to doggie day care and socializes well with other dogs. He will stand up for himself with aggressive dogs. He is good with cats but likes to chase them for fun. He is really chill and prefers to be inside. He would love to find a calm and loving home! read more


Name: Honey Belle
Honey Belle is an approximately 1.5 year old sweetie. She gets along with other dogs, but is still learning how to play and understand body language. She would probably do well as an only dog, or with other dogs with proper introductions. She loves people of all ages. She asks for pets, but is not demanding. We believe her skin condition was hormonal and having her spayed seems to have fixed the issue as she is getting fuzzy now! She is almost finished with heartworm treatment and is ready for her forever home! read more


Name: Ivory Bryn
Hi, my name is Ivory! I was born in January of 2016. I'm still trying to figure the world out... some things still cause me to be a little bit shy and afraid so I really thrive in a home on the quiet side but I am very gentle and loving. My favorite thing in the world is to have my human pet my head, it is FAB-U-LOUS. I guess I have this thing called heartworms and have just undergone treatment! I'll be available after I recover. I love to have dog friends and I don't mind cats. I prefer to stay outside, but I will come inside as well. Storms and fireworks are super scary, and someone treated me very badly before I came to rescue, so I really need an experienced owner who understands and can help me feel safe and loved. Want to be my furever home?! We can cuddle all the time! I am being fostered in Paradise, TX. read more


Name: Jimma HFD
Jimma is a chicken friendly, pretty petite Pyr. Born on or around Christmas of 2017, she was a very loved pet before being surrendered to TGPR. She is better as a HFD than an LGD. Jimma is currently fostered south of Houston. More to come as we learn more about her. She will need a spay before she is available to adopt. read more


Name: Kasey
This handsome boy is so calm and sweet! He gets along with other dogs and loves people. He is very thin now, but with some good groceries and love, he will start filling out quickly. He's currently on medical hold, but will be available for adoption soon. read more


Name: Kirby
This poor boy has spent his entire life on a chain in someone's yard. His owner signed him over to a shelter, and TGPR's amazing volunteers stepped in. Full, they donated funds to cover boarding so we could keep him out of a shelter. Kirby is a playful, goofy boy. He is approximately a year old. Fluffy, with adorable tan markings on his face. His foster mom has been working with him on a leash and he's picked up on not pulling on the leash within a week. He does not know his size and still has some growing left to do and would thrive in a house with other dogs closer to his size to play with. He is a hoot and is happy to curl up on the couch and snuggle but don't stop or he'll give you the pyr-paw swat. read more


Name: Lacey Hope
Lacey Hope is a lovely mature Pyr female who has only been with us a short time. However, she has made herself right at home at her foster's home, even fitting in right away with her much younger foster Pyr buddy, Titan. We think this beautiful girl had a sad life, but she is so full of hope for a happily-ever-after future. In the short term, she will be treated for heartworms. But we she will be ready to go to her new home this fall. If you are looking for a calm and gentle companion, look no farther! Lacey Hope is ready to share her life with you. read more


Name: Lady B
This girl was companion to someone in financial straits who surrendered her to us so Lady B could have a better life. Dog friendly. Suuuper sweet. Beautiful. This girl has had it rough up until now. No vet history or anything. Looking for her forever home! read more


Name: Leah
Hi, my name is Leah. I was born approximately 9/15/2017 and am a love bug! I came into the rescue from the shelter, along with my four pups. My foster says I look like an Akbash/Collie mix, but I'll never tell! I am extremely patient and walk well on a leash. I am an energetic girl who needs to have room to run, but I'm also content sleeping on the couch. I love swimming, so a pool or pond to play in would be a bonus! I'm friendly with other dogs, kids, and even kitties! Being somewhat young, I still sometimes play like a puppy, so make sure your shoes are put away! I'm sure I'll learn as I mature. I can't wait to find my home! read more


Name: Leo G
Leo is a shy, sensitive guy looking for his forever family. He is on the smaller side. He loves people and other dogs, has not been tested with cats. His favorite thing to do is play with his fosters other dogs in the yard. He really loves feet. He will cuddle them, play with them, and run between them if you let him. He enjoys being inside in the cool A/C. He enjoys chewing on cow hooves and is working on leash walking. Could you be his forever family? read more


Name: Levi
Levi is the sweetest puppy ever and desperately wants her forever home. She is house trained and gets along great with other dogs. Spayed 09/19/2019 read more


Name: Liberty Aka Libby
Libby is an 80-lb, 5-year old magical ball of floof. She’s calm 95% of the time and the other 5% has the zoomies, especially right as you get home. She has the sweetest disposition and would love nothing more than to rest her entire body on your lap for pets. She’s house-trained but would probably do best in a home with a yard so she can get her 5% activity out easily. She takes a little bit to adjust to new places, and can be spooked by sudden noises. For example, she was afraid of the fire hydrant for a couple weeks because as she was sniffing it a loud noise sounded behind her. She can run after a squirrel with the best of them and would do best being walked by someone who can handle quick changes of direction when necessary. She needs to be in a home where she can be the only dog, as she prefers her own space. Experienced Pyrenees owners could do slow intros and separate spaces when not home, but she’s had disagreements with other animals in the home indicating a solitary lifestyle with her as the center of attention would be ideal. Libby will be finishing her heartworm treatment and rest period approx. 10/15 and will be ready for her furever home! read more


Name: Loki Dokey
Loki is a fun-loving 6-month-old male Pyrenees. He is also known as "Puppy Stuff," "Little Brother," "Loki-Dokey," and "Party In A Puppy." We took Loki in after a former co-worker contacted me saying they knew of Loki and that his situation at that time was uncertain and they were not sure what would become of him. Although we have a full pack of dogs and cats, we couldn't let Loki just go by the wayside. Loki is a happy goofy pup who has never met a stranger. He is vivacious and social, and wants to meet everyone he sets his eyes on. He loves kids and adults alike. He is very affectionate, loves to give kisses, loves to receive all over body rubs. Everyone is a potential new friend. He is friendly with dogs and cats alike. Loki's interests and hobbies are expansive and include long walks, short walks, tug-of-war, squeaky toys, rope toys, balls, fetch, chew bones, tattling on the cats, cheese, and zoomies. Loki will be a dynamic addition to any household, particularly to a home that understands and appreciates this wonderful breed. He is a big boy and is guessed to top out at around 120 pounds. read more


Name: Louie
Dog friendly and very peopley. Louie was found stray and went unclaimed by owners. The shelter employees were super worried about him, with a free adoption weekend coming up, so TGPR worked a miracle ans got him safe in a matter of hours. Louie was completely shut down initially, but is learning fast that people are okay. He will need a patient family who will allow him time to build confidence and figure out that the world isnt so scary after all. Good with dogs, but he definitely prefers to stand his time attached to your leg. He ignored the cat when confronted with one. Easy going and quiet. Does not do well in a crate. Learning to walk nicely on a leash. Hes a super sweet boy who he a rough start. Update: 05/06/19 Louie continues to relax and learn to trust people. Available for adoption to a patient family who will give him time to adjust and learn to trust. He's GORGEOUS and so so sweet! read more


Name: Lucy - fka Nori
Lucy (nori) big playful goofball with fabulous eyeliner to accent her big brown eyes. She is great with kids and other dogs. She is crate trained but prefers to lounge on the living room couch or a bed on top of all the pillows or the cool tile floor.  She loves to play and sunbath outside with her foster sister Ella. Chewing on bones and toys are her favorite indoor activities as well as plenty of beauty rest.  She will be as active or as lazy as you want her to be. She walks nicely on a leash and also on the tandem on with her foster sister Ella. She is a snuggle bug and is by your side ready to hangout or have a bite of whatever you are eating or ready for a good ole head scratch or tummy rub.  She knows “sit”, “shake” “crate” and the sound of the refrigerator opening. She will bark when someone is at the door or coming in. She is housebroken.  She does need supervision because she is young and will chew things other than her toys. She rides well in the car but can be a little dare devil and stick more than just her head read more


Name: Luna Bear Rollins
Luna Bear is a sweet, beautiful lady we think is 7 years old (born in 2012). She was left behind on a farm when the owner moved, but luckily a Realtor rescued her. She was an outdoor dog but now loves to be inside with her people. She is an extremely affectionate lady and loves attention. She does really well on a leash and is learning to love car rides. She has short bursts of energy and will explore the scents and sounds of her property but comes right back to door and wants inside. She loves to be where you are. A couple of pets and kisses and she lays down to rest. She is dog and cat friendly and has shown excellent manners around young children. She is spayed, is current on all shots and is a very easy keeper. She would love to find her forever family who will spoil her with lots of love and attention. Luna is being fostered in Royse City. read more


Name: Luna Marie
Training hold. Luna Marie is a timid girl and needs some time to warm up to new people. She is not aggressive, just nervous. She is learning to walk on a leash and is house trained. She had some bad experiences with little dogs, so would likely do better as an only dog or possibly with another large dog with proper introductions. More to come as she settles into her new foster home. read more


Name: Macey
Macey is a very friendly 1 year old girl weighing in at only 62 pounds. She is heartworm positive but don’t let that deter you from scooping up this steal. She is not a fan of her kennel and will try to bust out of it if left alone. Macey has gotten along great with all of the dogs she has met so far, even the small ones that growl at her. Macey gets along well with little kids and adults alike. She can get a little excited when she is first leashed up but walks very well after she is settled. Macey prefers not to use the restroom while on a leash, so having a backyard or a dog park close by for her to do her business in is important. Overall, Macey is a pretty chill girl who just likes to lay around a get belly rubs. read more


Name: Magnolia HFD
Magnolia Mae is a bombshell blond who was rescued from a farm where she was neglected. She has been living in the suburbs with a family and is feeling bored with out a job! She has guardian instincts without a lot of property to patrol. She will come inside but would mostly prefer to be outdoors. Magnolia loves people and forms a very tight bond to her immediate family. She will bark at strangers. She has been tested with goats since her stint as a suburbanite and was non-reactive. She mainly ignored them. The perfect home for Magnolia would be homestead with at least few well fenced acres to patrol - livestock is optional but we think she might adjust well to a hobby farm setting. This is a pooch who walks the line between pet and farm dog. She wouldn't do well in a very busy home with lots of visitors in and out. We do not know much about her exposure to chickens if any. We think Magnolia would like to have a buddy dog in her life, she currently lives with a smaller, older dog and does well. read more


Name: Magnuss
Magnuss is a silly boy who likes to chew on his toys and play. He is higher energy and would likely do well as someone's jogging buddy. He is working on proper dog interactions as he has a tendency to be a bit forward. His foster said he should have been named "Tigger" as he likes to bounce when he plays. For this reason, he will need an adopter with a 6 foot fence. He is so excited to meet his forever family! Could it be you? read more


Name: Marley Mae
Found as a stray, no one claimed this gorgeous girl. She came in with Maximus III, who is likely her son. She's dog friendly, and working on house training. Working on leash walking. Would do best in a home with other dogs to help her confidence. She's learning that people are not all bad. She's wonderful! read more


Name: Marty
Marty is ready to find his forever home! He's been through a LOT, and we will be looking for just the right fit for him. He has struggled to find his place in the world. After some much needed TLC, he's looking for love! Marty is a big sweet goofball. Loves to go on walks (carrying his stuffed toy), chases around with toys in the yard, and snuggles! He's a leaner - leaning into you for pets and butt rubs. He doesn't bark much, which is a benefit over your usual Pyr. He's big for a golden mix (90lbs or so) and we really don't know what exactly he's mixed with, but he is SO CUTE and SMART - it doesn't really matter! He's fantastic on a leash - he doesn't pull at all! He's had a bunch of training while he's been in foster, so he's very well behaved in the home. His ideal home will be active (a tired dog is a happy dog) and consistent. We envision regular walks/runs at Town Lake (or any park), and weekend patio brunches for him. His new family must be open to continuing his training. We think he'll be happiest with a larger female companion or as an only child. BONUS: Marty comes with free training commitment from one of our partner trainers! He's a local favorite! read more


Name: Max of the Joshua Litter
Hi, I'm Max of the Joshua Litter. I was born on 8/4/2019 and have 6 siblings. We are all looking for our forever homes - can you help us? read more


Name: Maxwell
Hi guys! My name is Maxwell. My brother Cody and I had a good life in north Texas, but then our mom got sick and passed away. We are pretty broken up about it. Her amazing daughter came and got us, though, and brought us home with her. She was really worried we would end up in a bad, scary shelter! We are so grateful to her for that. We are easy going, loveable, fluffy guys who are looking for a home where we can lay around, maybe play a little, and go for walks. As you can tell, we didn't miss any meals, and need a bit of a diet. Our doctor doesn't think it's "thyroid", whatever that means. I think that's a good thing? Anyway, if you are looking for a laid back companion (or two?), all you need to do is fill out the application and someone will be in touch! P.S. My adoption fee is only $250! read more


Name: Meeker aka BIngo
HI!! I go by Bingo now but I was originally adopted as Meeker. I was born in 2017 and have been living with a nice family in the woodlands. I am a big active boy that doesn't always remember my boundaries. I would do best with a family of older children, and someone who can help me understand who is in charge. I get along ok with other dogs but like to take those introductions slow. If you work with me, I am a BIG love bug, weighing over 100 pounds at 18 mos!! Starting the 8th of January he will be moved to Kathliene Anderson for private training in the home read more


Name: Mercy
Mercy is a sweet older lady, born in 6/2010. She is being fostered in Sanger, TX. Mercy is calm and laid back. She doesn't take no gruff from the young whipper snappers and will put them in their place, even if that means leaving her nice peaceful corner to get a little sassy with an over-exuberant fellow dog. She's great with male and female dogs as long as they are moderately chill. Some energy okay, but she's the kind of dog that would yell "Get off my lawn" while shaking her fists in the air. She came to TGPR after being found at an abandoned chicken house very sickly and hardly eating. She's perked up with antibiotics and eye drops and her true personality is showing. She's a sweet girl and good with kids (but given her age, kids shouldn't be allowed to rough house with her). She loves her 5 year old girl and greets her with a kiss before settling in her corner. She likes having a corner of cold floor for herself. Uses a doggie door just fine and does not use the furniture. She's PETITE...67 lbs...super fluffy on short legs with double dew claws. She lets you love on her but likes to spit out her pills (typical). If you're looking for a sweet AND grumpy girl who is well mannered and wants to prowl the house, she's your gal. Update from foster: Mercy has a touch of arthritis controlled by 1/2 a pill a day (cost $25 per month) and now has some pep in her step and is eating well. read more


Name: Miles Davis
Miles came from a shelter where he had been adopted and returned twice, for classic Pyr behaviors. During his vetting, he was checked for UTI due to straining. Xrays were done and it turns out our new boy has bullet fragments in his thigh!! While we work out his medical issues, he will remain on hold. Updates to come! read more


Name: Mint
Mint and his siblings came to us with a skin condition (likely Demodex) and was very afraid of people. He is completely healed and growing like a puppy weed! We think he may be a Pyr/Lab mix as his coat is shorter. He loves to play with his sister and foster brother. He is a little vocal when he wants something and will talk to you. He is very affectionate and loves to be hugged. If you give him a kiss on the forehead, you can see him smile. He is well mannered, has good listening skills, and is very eager to please and learn. He is leash, house and kennel trained. He knows where the toy basket is located and will go looking for a favorite toy to play with. Bath time is not his favorite, but he tolerates it. Mint is an affectionate puppy that needs a loving forever home. read more


Name: Moby
Details coming soon read more


Name: Momma Rogue
This gorgeous female wandered up to a house outside of Waco, and gave birth to NINE puppies a day later. The owner of the home reached out two the Humane Society, but they were too full. Same story with the animal shelter. She posted fliers, posted online, but no owner could be found. When the puppies reached 3 weeks of age, it became too much and with the help of the shelter, located a TGPR volunteer, who took care of the family until intake opened up. Rogue is a young adult, mix. She has the double dew claws. She was a MESS, and didn't appear to have ever been inside before. She house trained immediately! She doesn't love the crate unless theres another dog crated next to her. She is good on leash and LOVES KIDS!! Shes great with toddlers! This lovely lady has had it rough and is ready to start the next chapter in life. read more


Name: Nala
This sweet senior girl was found running the streets and no one claimed her. She is not a barker or digger, and walks well on a leash. She is house trained and likes to ride in the car. She gets along with other dogs with proper introductions as well as cats. She is looking for someone to love her in her golden years. read more


Name: Nanuck of Christmas Litter
Returning to TGPR - more to come after I go through training! read more


Name: Naomi
Naomi and her four puppies came to TGPR in need of a lot of TLC. She currently lives with two other dogs and loves running, wrestling, and laying with them. She should go to a home where she has a fur-sibling to play with and teach her confidence. Naomi is good with cats too. She has been around children and with instruction to approach slowly and calmly, she has done very well with them. Her safe space is in her crate if she gets overwhelmed. Noami is still a bit shy and is not your typical cuddly dog. However, she does show love and appreciation to her foster family by excitedly greeting them and giving them licks on their hands. She's happy to have a comfy spot to sleep on, some bones to chew on, and is thrilled when she receives treats! Naomi was born in February of 2015 and is being fostered in Midland, TX. read more


Name: Nelson
Nelson was pulled from a kill shelter in the last hours; this big, gorgeous boy is safely fostered near Houston, Texas with TGPR now! His foster reports, "Nelson is a sweetheart, he loves to be loved and petted. He wants to be with his person or persons. He is crate trained but I don’t put him in his crate at night he is free to roam the house but he mostly sleeps right beside my bed. Nelson is good with other dogs, (not cat tested) but would also be happy as an only dog as long as he gets to spend lots of time with his human. He loves being brushed. I don’t think Nelson is done growing / filling out he is still a pup at about 1 1/2 years old." read more


Name: Nicholas
Come one, come all - fall in love with my ice blue eyes! Hi my name is Nicholas! I was born in approximately December of 2016. I am being fostered in The Colony, TX. I am a very kind, loving boy! I love to give hugs and tell you I love you! I get along with big and little dogs but my foster does not know how I would do with cats. They say I do well with men, women, and older children. I would be best suited in a home without young children. I don’t mind little children but I’m not sure what to do with them so I just go off by myself when little ones are running around the house. I have some night vision issues, but it does not hold me back! I am still learning about the kindness of people in this world and would do great with a patient owner that gives me time to adjust in new situations. I need to be in a home where someone is home with me the majority of the day or another doggy playmate. I am a ladies man and prefer female companions but a non dominant male is fine also. Once I feel safe with a person or situation I am a very happy camper! read more


Name: Oona
Oona (pronounced Una) is Celtic for "lamb". This sweet girl came to us with a fungal infection on her skin. She is healing nicely and will be fluffy in no time! She gets along with large and small dogs, cats and loves people. read more


Name: Paloma
Paloma (aka LoLo) is an estimated 4 year old female Pyr. She was recently spayed and has quite a playful personality despite being heartworm positive. Fully potty trained, but not a fan of bath time. She has a beautiful trot and walks perfectly on a leash. She is vocal when playing with other dogs, and can be selective about who she plays with. She likes bigger dogs and is cautious around puppies/smaller dogs. She is very treat motivated but never aggressive or guarding of her food. She knows sit and is working on basic commands. She is not interested in toys, only snuggles and lots of head scratches. She likes kids, too! LoLo would be a great addition to any family or a home with other Pyrs. read more


Name: Patch
Brand new - more to come! read more


Name: Patty Stone
Patty is brand new to TGPR! This old gal was born in 2011 and is being fostered in Denton, TX. She guarded cattle, chicken and a property for many years, but has since retired. At her foster's home she is learning what it's like to be a house dog and is quite shy. Her kennel is her safe place and she's starting to wag her tail when people come to visit. Patty will be slow to warm up, but once she finds her person - she'll be living her best retirement life! read more


Name: Percy
Percy is a neutered male under a year old. He was found as a stray in San Marcos and is in need of some good food, exercise, and lovin'... all of which he is certainly getting at his foster home in San Antonio. He has already made friends with the two large adult dogs who live there. Percy arrived just in time to get ready for Halloween. read more


Name: Pippin
Brand new - more to come! read more


Name: Ponder Baby
My name is Ponder Baby. I was born approx Feb 2019. I am a little female but big on personality! I am great with lots of dogs or people. I enjoy the house as well as outside. If you are interested in me, fill out an application at Gotta go play with the big white dogs! Ponder Baby read more


Name: Remington (FKA Turner)
Remington was adopted from us when he was a puppy (twice), but was recently returned because his owner's fiance is allergic. He is a very sweet boy and loves kids. He gets along with dogs of all sizes as well as cats. He would like to have a dog buddy to keep him company. He walks well on a leash and is very gentle. He just had hip replacement surgery (9/6/2019), and has existing pet insurance that can be transferred to his new owners. This guy is the total package! read more


Name: Rocky
Rocky is a stunningly handsome neutered year old boy with a gorgeous black and white coat... almost like a Newfoundland Landseer! Rocky has always been raised with love and in the company of other dogs and children. He is a big kid who loves to run and play with the other Pyrs at his foster family. He is crate trained, but his favorite place to relax is on the family room couch with friends. We would like to place Rocky in a house where he will have a female canine friend to play with and humans who enjoy an spending time with their dogs. Rocky just loves being part of things and is devoted to his family. read more


Name: Sadie
Sadie is a loveable “big white polar bear,” just keep petting or that huge paw will give you a wack. She is a 94 pound 7 years old female and was an original rescue from LA in 2013; adopted 5 years ago with another rescue dog, Sage. Sadie stays indoors most of the time, with a dog door to go outside and has recently been up to her old tricks, of climbing the chain link fence, to “go for a run,” with no concern for traffic or where she ends up. Owner had to make a difficult decision to put safety of dogs above their love and companionship. Needs lots of lovin! Would love it if Sadie could be adopted with her best buddy Sage, but not a requirement. read more


Name: Sage
Sage was an original rescue from Bastrop in 2013; adopted 5 years ago with another rescue Sadie. Sage is maybe 7 years old and 74 pounds, but she still runs around like a puppy playing tag. Sage likes to keep an eye on owner’s whereabouts and wants to be the first one petted upon return, even if owner has only been outside for a few minutes. Recently she has been up to her old tricks of climbing the chain link fence, to “go for a run.” Owner had to make a difficult decision to put safety of dogs above their love and companionship and re-home them. Would love it if Sage could be adopted with her best buddy Sadie, but is not a requirement. NO CATS please. read more


Name: Sage Rose
Sage Rose was taken into the shelter with her 2 siblings. All of them had Demodex and were very afraid of people. She is completely healed and loves attention. She has the typical Pyr double dew claws, but we think she may be a Pyr/Lab mix as her coat is shorter. She is very sweet and listens pretty well for a Great Pyrenees. She gets along with other dogs and enjoys playing with her brother and foster brother. She does well with children and does not jump on you. She does love to play in the mud, and tolerates baths. She is leash, house and kennel trained. Sage Rose would make a wonderful addition to any family. read more


Name: Sandy
Sandy is an 8-month-old fun loving girl. She’s always down for an adventure, a hike, a trip to the dog park, or just a quick car ride. Being that she’s usually on the go she would love an active home and plenty of space to play in. Sandy loves every dog and person she meets and will greet you to the best of her ability every time you walk through the door. There’s no doubt she’ll keep you entertained with all her prominent facial expressions and her smarts. She picks up new tricks in no time. So far, the skills she can show you are “sit”, “shake”, “lay down”, “roll-over”, and how she rings her bell when she needs to use the restroom. Her parents were Pyrenees and Labradoodle which gives this girl a fun style. Some might say she is "pocket-sized" at 40 lbs. and shouldn't get much bigger. Will you be Sandy's furever family? read more


Name: Shiloh Smiley
Shiloh is smaller male Pyr between 12 and 18 months old, who was found so weak from starvation in mid-July that he could hardly walk. However, he is doing really well and has gained weight now that he has good food and shelter. What a happy guy! Shiloh did have heartworms, but has been treated and is doing great. He is up to date on his vetting and fostered in the San Antonio area. Shiloh loves to play with the big male Pyr/Akbash at his foster home. In fact, he wants to be friends with everyone! We know he will be an outgoing and very social companion for a lucky owner! read more


Name: Shirley Temple
Meet Shirley Temple! Originally adopted as a puppy, shes back with us again. Her family couldn't care for her any longer and asked us to find a forever family. This sweet girl is 2 years old, house trained, crate trained, good with kids and cats. It takes her a minute to warm up to new dogs. She does resource guard food (shes a Pyr!), so she'll need to be fed separately or in a crate. This lovely girl is looking for a home where she can have plenty of exercise and lots of snuggles! Shes smart and quick to learn. Shes currently in boarding, learning some basic obedience/leash manners. Shes going to make a fantastic family dog! PS... turns out shes a big water baby! UPDATE: She attended a public event recently and did WONDERFULLY! Great with kids and other dogs. Let everyone pet her, and seemed to really enjoy herself! read more


Name: Squirt
Squirt looks like he fits his name, but, though he is small, he is mighty! Born in fall 2017, this Great Pyrenees x Anatolian Shepherd has resigned the working life to become a pet. He is a very well balanced dog. He was surrendered only because the farm where he was born had a dog population problem. Squirt is playful and puppy-like with other dogs. He has been in multiple large packs of dogs and has not started any trouble. He is very loving and happy to be around his people. He would be a fantastic hobby farm pet dog, because he is sweet and social with everyone he meets, including children. Squirt rides in a vehicle well and walks very calmly on a leash. He is very versatile and adaptable. He would even do very well as an apartment dog due to his smaller size. Squirt's only flaw is that he is not safe with free range chickens, however, he is not a coop marauder. Squirt is neutered, UTD on vaccinations, and ready to adopt. He is currently in Kingsville. Come and meet him! read more


Name: Teddy Bear aka Jack (Companion)
Jack came to TGPR as a LGD, but has turned out to prefer more time with his people. Jack loves to be indoors and with his people as much as possible. He is available for adoption now! Jack gets along with dogs, and ignores barn cats. Goat, horse, and cattle safe as a bonus! read more


Name: Teton
He is lovable, loyal, and a beautiful Pyr. Teton enjoys being outdoors and indoors and is great with children. He enjoys running and then sleeping! We enjoy having him and hope to find a hope that values and cares for him like we do. read more


Name: Tex
Brand new - more to come! read more


Name: Thompson
After a death in the family, his people requested assistance finding a forever family for Thompson. We brought him into our program and straight to the vet for exam and initial vaccinations. It was discovered that he has a grade 6 heart murmur. Thompson is recovering well from his surgery which repaired his heart murmur and is ready to move on to the next stage! He is very affectionate and playful, and loves to run in the yard. He's making some progress on house training, doing his business outside with very little prompting. He is very smart but also energetic so he will definitely benefit from walking and play time. read more


Name: Titan
Titan is a neutered year-old male Pyr who has lived with a young family (including a toddler, a cat, and a canine buddy) since he was a baby. Sadly, his family split up and felt a new home would be best for this sweet boy. He came to TGPR after a battle with fleas, so his usually full coat is thin right now. But that will soon change! Titan has all the attributes that Pyr-lovers want: a gentle soul, a friendly nature, handsome appearance, and a happy start to his life. Who could ask for more? read more


Name: Tobias
Tobias (Toby) is a sweet 2 year old Pyr/Lab mix. He gets along with other dogs, cats and even donkeys and horses. He is very friendly to people and children. He has the short coat of a Lab, but is the size of a Pyr (~120 pounds). He is on medical hold until we figure out why he is walking strangely. read more


Name: Trinity D
Trinity D, born approx 10/1/17, is a sweet little girl who loves to play with everyone, and snuggle with her humans. Trinity is being fostered in Forney, TX. She was found as a stray at just 14 wks old, and appears to have a slight unique gait when she walks and sometimes falls easily when trying to round corners on hard floors. We had x-rays done to rule out hip dysplasia, but she seems to be improving with time. She will wake you up to go outside and is doing so well on learning housetraining. She knew how to sit and shake hands and she goes and sits in her crate when it's time for her humans to leave the house. She is extremely smart, and loves to pick out all of the blue toys in the house to play with. She also loves her naps, and even fell asleep while playing with the doorstop once. She looks like a golden lab mix but her DNA test came back with so many good breeds: Rottweiler, herding breeds, Great Pyrenees & Labrador! read more


Name: Turko
Meet Turko, born 4/26/2013. Lover of Goats and ready to defend!! Needs a new flock to care for. read more


Name: Wilbur
On Medical Hold while we sort through his various medical issues. Significant arthritis in his back end and his teeth are in desperate need of cleaning. Stay tuned! read more


Name: Willie Nelson
***TGPR Heart Dog*** Heart Dogs have been in the rescue a long time, had several moves, or have special needs. There is a dog for every heart and a heart for every dog. Featured Heart Dogs need a little extra help finding their person. Hey ya'll!! I am "on the road again" in search of my forever family!! Born in October of 2013, I am a mature happy boy, fully vetted and ready for my new home! You can find me in Waxahachie, TX right now. I enjoy playing with other dogs, but I do need slow introductions to get to know them. I am not great at understanding social cues, so impatient or very dominant dogs are not for me! I need a sweet, laid back life of snuggles and adoration. I don't like to be crowded, but once we get used to each other I learn to trust quickly. I have been bounced around enough and need my forever family to find me and fall for me. My foster says I am a love sponge and a dream on leash. I just love being connected to my person in any way that I can. My foster said that a quiet home is what I really need, but I could be a city dog with regular leash walks. Please don't bring me to the dog park! I get so confused about what those other dogs are trying to tell me! read more


Name: Zander
Zander was adopted as a puppy (twice) and just recently returned again due to his adopter's fiance having allergies. He is a laid back guy, but can be dog selective. He walks very well on a leash, is house trained and knows basic commands. He would do well as an only dog or with another large dog, but will need proper introductions. He is not a fan of small or dark colored dogs. He is a big, handsome boy and really wants to be with his forever (for real) family. read more


Name: Zena
I'm Zena...the pretty white one on the left. My brother Zion is on the right. read more


Name: Zion
Hi! I am Zion...the pretty boy on the right with the striking mask. My sister is Zena (on the left). read more

Discipline isn't about showing a dog who's boss; it's about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world.
--Cesar Millan.