About Sara Cinnamon Sugar

Date of Birth: 03/24/2018

Child Friendly: Yes

Dog Friendly: Some

Cat Friendly: Yes

Miss Sara Cinnamon Sugar is a sweet, loving girl who likes to be with her humans and would love to have a couple of kids to run around a backyard with her. She loves cats and chewing on her bones. She will announce someone walking down "her" sidewalk and can be a little food possessive if another dog is in the house, but humans can move her food bowl and feed her snacks with no problems. She would prefer to be an only dog, or have the company of a male dog. Since fostering her, she has learned how to use a dog door and loves to keep you warm at night. When company comes to the house, she is right there to tell them hello and let them know that she is available for kisses and pets. A competent counter surfer, the top of your fridge may get a little crowded, but she will hopefully grow out of that as she is still just over a year old. Could you be her forever family?

The poor dog, in life the firmest friend. The first to welcome, foremost to defend.
--Lord Byron