About Wilder

Date of Birth: 02/09/2018

Child Friendly: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: Some

What can be said about Wilder? This young boy came to TGPR because a very nice Good Samaritan couple saw this skeletal, sad, mostly bald dog, wander into their neighborhood. He was so very sweet, but clearly desperately in need of help. This wonderful young couple did not just call rescue - they put Wilder in their car and took him to the vet, starting his treatment for significant skin infections, fleas, ticks and ear infections. Thus, when TGPR took him in, Wilder was already starting his road to recovery. Wilder is currently in a foster home, and is being fed wholesome food, snacks and receiving baths every other day for his skin. Want to know how Wilder responded to being saved? Within twenty four hours, this poor guy, so thin every rib and spinal vertebrae were visible, stood on his hind legs and gifted his foster family with the brightest smile. It was truly a gift and epitomizes his personality. Wilder is not an LGD. While he loves to go outside, sniff, walk the fence line, like any other member of his breed, he prefers to live inside, with his human present and close. Wilder gives delicate kisses, and pushes his body against you - his favorite spot is standing right behind your knees and leaning. Wilder gets along very well with other dogs, and is very playful - he is a puppy. He has nice dog/dog manners, and appears to have been socialized in his early weeks of life. Wilder has not responded negatively to cats walking through the yard or in the veterinarian's office. He met children in the vet's office and was very excited to see them, did not jump. Basically, everyone is Wilder's friend. Are you looking for a Pyr family member? Well, then look no further than Wilder. However, since he is still just a puppy - albeit a huge puppy - Wilder needs continued socialization and training. His foster family has already started his training, including basic commands and leash work.

The poor dog, in life the firmest friend. The first to welcome, foremost to defend.
--Lord Byron