About McKinley

Date of Birth: 11/01/2007

Child Friendly: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: Yes

Adoption Pending WT McKinley has spent the last 8 or so years at a pet sanctuary in Iola. The owner passed away a few months ago and they needed to find homes for all these older and/or hard to adopt dogs. McKinley lived in an old empty house with a few other dogs. She has a running buddy Heidi and we couldn't leave her behind. These girls are super friendly and sweet. McKinley will not leave you alone for pets even climbing in your lap to get closer. She isn't worried about other animals at all. We had to shave a few places as she was so matted, she looks a little ragged. She is also a little wobbly but still gets around fine. Heidi does like to stalk the cats, but just looks at them sternly. She did grumble at two of my other dogs, but that was all talk. She is 100 pounds of moose and her tail doesn't stop wagging. If you would like to help these girls acclimate back to love and pets and soft beds and maybe an adventure or two, fill out your application now.

The poor dog, in life the firmest friend. The first to welcome, foremost to defend.
--Lord Byron