About Lana

Date of Birth: 08/25/2015

Child Friendly: Yes

Dog Friendly: Some

Cat Friendly: Yes

Lana is a beautiful 3-3 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix. She is current on her shots, flea and heartworm preventatives, in good general heath, and is heartworm negative and is spayed. Lana is smart, playful, and affectionate with both adults and children. She especially seems to like men. Lana can be ok with other pets, but occasionally will become growly at them if she thinks they are trespassing her space when she doesn't want them near. Lana is observant and knows how to use the doggy door. She is not a fence jumper, but can open a chain-link gate with her nose. She walks calmly on leash, loves cuddling, a good tummy rub, being brushed, and will readily load up into the car for a good ride. She would do well with either a family, a single adult, or couple who will love and pamper her.

The poor dog, in life the firmest friend. The first to welcome, foremost to defend.
--Lord Byron